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The Parq on the Boulevard

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May 2019: The Parq is a fabulous place to live. The apartments are well maintained and the staff is extremely nice and accommodating. I highly recommend living here. Review from Google
May 2019: My daughter moved into the community. Excellent staff and maintenance team who is very responsive. I couldn't be happier that she is in good hands. Review from Google
Mar 2019: We have lived here for several years and the since Erik started working here it truly has been a fantastic experience. Ransom and Patricia and very professional and super nice and sweet. The staff are kind, friendly, professional, and caring. The apts are close to great restaurants and UTSA is very close. I highly recommend you live here. The maintenance staff are phenomenal and are fast and quick to respond to requests. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I am thrilled with the property so far. Management has been super friendly. So far, all promises have been fulfilled and the location is perfect. I’ve referred so many friends, I should ask for a job! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I moved in the Fall of 2018 and read some negative reviews but I highly recommend these apartments. The staff has been very gracious and helpful. The maintenance department has fixed every issue that I have had. It is very peaceful and quiet. I have no complaints at all. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I am very happy and feel safe living at the Parq!! The office staff is very professional and always willing to help my needs. The maintenance staff are amazing my work orders are always done right and in a timely matter. I absolutely love the location! The amenities are great and I can say the Management team goes beyond for residents. I would definitely recommend the Parq for anyone looking for a place to call home!!! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I've live here for 3 years and this has been the best property I have ever lived at. The office staff and maintenance are great. I told my family about the property and they ended up leasing and the office gave me a resident referral which was a great surprise on my account. Review from Google
Jan 2019: On Saturday I called and spoke with Ms. Patricia Oakley( pardon their phone lines as they sound like there is a lot of background noise), I was informed that they had availability for the floor plan i was looking into and was also within my budget. Patricia was very friendly and knowledgeable as she notified me about the great special going on, took me to tour the floor plan i was interested in, and even assisted me in my application for the apartment that same day! I would give my experience five stars as it is a very cute complex with friendly staff but the five star will come once i move in and get the full resident experience. I have already recommended this complex to a colleague of mine as I am hopeful for a great experience. The apartment I'm moving out of right now was HORRIBLE to say the least, I am eager for move in!!!! Review from Google
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Nov 2018: Screw this place ! Always lose our money orders and always charge us more than they’re supposed to. I can’t wait until this damn lease is up. They haven’t even paid my apartments realtor they’re commissions. They’re just ripped offs. DONT MOVE IN HERE. ALL THEY DO IS CAUSE STRESS & TROUBLE. They honestly don’t care what you have to say or your troubles at all. Management sucks & they’re always new people. Review from Google
Sep 2018: If I could give this place 0 stars I definitely would. Do not move here. I’ve lived here for two months, and within that 2 month time frame the hot water has gone out at LEAST 10 times. The maintenance staff will come put a bandaid on it never really fixing the problem, and 10 days later it’s out again. About a month ago we were told that the hot water heater would be replaced. No surprise that it hasn’t been replaced. Today I went into the front office to speak to the manager about the situation. Again, I was told the maintenance staff would come by to “fix it” and see if it needed to be replaced, which isn’t enough for me. I don’t know what else needs to be done to see if the hot water heater needs to be replaced if it keeps going out every 10 days. I will be calling the health department to complain further because this is Review from Google
Jul 2018: I can’t stress enough, DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! Building 9 has ROACHES AND RATS. New management is much better than old one, but there is only so much Eric can do. Review from Google
Jul 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. YOU WILL REGRET IT. Management changes every 4 months. You never find the same staff in the leasing center after a few months. This place is so bad that even the staff don't want to work here. I feel sorry if you sign up here without looking at everyone's review at this place. don't be like me and forget to look at the reviews for this place. The apartments themselves are really nice but the staff is a night mare. Run as fast as you can if you read this review. I stayed here for over 2 years and didn't have the same management for more than 5 months top. Should have rented my own house instead. This place is way over priced for what you get. don't waste your money here. You will get screwed over by management in any way possible. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Do NOT move here. The office staff keep changing and the people in office do not answer phone or open office. They rude and do not want to help you. I can't wait to move. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Although I love living here it’s next to impossible to communicate with most of the front office staff. They are constantly changing the people working there and hardly ever answer their phone. I don’t understand why any office lets their entire staff go to lunch at the same time leaving the middle of the day unable to help any residents. Maintenance here is so sweet and always fast and helpful, but the rest of the staff could really take a lesson from them. There is also a overwhelming number of wasps and bees, especially around the pool area. On top of everything else, our apartment was promoted as being a fully renovated and upgraded unit but we don’t even have the backsplash in our kitchen that is in the unit below us. Overall, I enjoyed the bus and the size for the price, but I avoid contacting the front at all due to negligence. Review from Google
May 2018: My brother in law went to tell them they had a vacuum valve that needed to be sealed and the lady at the front desk accused him of being drunk, and then a maintenance man bowed up to him and tried to fight him. The faucet to my tub has been leaking since I moved in and they refuse to fix it. They are rude and unhelpful people. Stay away like the plague. They will treat as poorly as they possibly can and then charge you more than the place is even close to worth. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Do not live here!!!!! The new manager who has red hair is extremely rude and disorganized. I was charged late fees and I had already paid my rent. I brought the issue up and was called a liar and disrespected. After showing proof that I had paid by their signature on the money order the front office staff made more rude remarks. The manager finally credited my account for the incorrect fees but not the full amount I was owed. On top of that when you need something nobody answers the phone. They are not good with maintenance request since the management change. I'm very disappointed and will not renewing. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I’ve lived her for almost 2 years and I’ve been around for 3 different property managers and countless changes in staff for the front office. There’s no argument that the reviews posted in the past were accurate about how bad/overpriced it used to be here. But, there was just another staff overhaul in the front office and things are already changing so much. They’ve removed all the broken furniture, appliances, and trash from the property as well as hired new landscapers and a maintenance crew that are both doing an amazing job at cleaning up the property and fixing the apartments. I had maintenance requests that I’d submitted months ago that have been addressed with the new staff as well as one I put in a few days ago that was responded to the following day. It’s a work in progress because as you can see by the old reviews this pl Review from Google
Nov 2017: The gym was always sweaty and messy, parking was a mess. They do not have cameras or reliable security 24/7. Unsafe apartments, loud college student tenants. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Worst Place I have ever lived!!! Neighbors are inconsiderate with loud music withbass so high it pounds on my ceiling!! Corridors are filthy, people place piled of garbage bags in front of their doors and it sits there for weeks. Looks like they are so desperate to rent that they are allowing shady looking tenants live here!!! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! After a long day of work I like to come home to some peace and quite but lately I have been afraid to even take my garbage out at night!!! Review from Google
Aug 2017: I cannot believe that I am saying this but I miss the Marquise, but over the past couple years, the Parq has improved more than I expected. The Parq has solved one main critical issue of parking space for the residents, which I am very proud of. Also the maintenance staff has improved significantly with their service and sense of urgency. The leasing office staff seemed to need more knowledge and intensive training to improve the customer satisfaction. The Parq is surviving because of its location. PERIOD. The Parq is EXTREMELY pet friendly. Most of the residents own pets and the Parq stays pet friendly by not enforcing the rules stated in the contract; no pets out on the patio, especially during the sleeping hour. The water bill is outrageous here. The Parq will not disclose any information regarding the water bill. We pay what the Parq charg Review from Google
Mar 2017: Do you have pets? Read this review all the way through, trust me, you won't regret it. don't say I didn't warn you. If I could rate this property less than 1 star, I would. I moved in in April. From the time I was there there were three changes in management. And I can't even make this up. I moved out at the end of January. Not only is there an excessive amount of dog poop which the current property manager threatens to fine residents for, but as other people have said the front office staff is exquisitely rude. Honestly I'm a polite person. However when I am paying someone money for a service I expect this service to be provided. To begin with we were told mail that would not fit in the mailbox would be delivered to the front office. Review from 3/1/17 on Google
Jan 2017: RUN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!! The community areas are DIRTY and DISGUSTING. I moved out a couple months ago. The pool was never clean, there was dog feces everywhere, the laundry room was a mess, and stuff was constantly missing/ broken in the gym. The management picks and chooses what it decides to take seriously in your lease. For example, my brand new car was peed on by a dog from the balcony above my parking spot and nothing was done about it even though pet agreements were signed. They took days to fix my air condition in August (and I was not the only resident this happened to). We went without apartment maintenance, including emergency maintenance (which is illegal) for weeks at a time. The gates were constantly broken, which was annoying considering we paid to live in a gated community. I had stuff stolen from my car. There was a Review from Google
Jan 2017: I have lived in 2 different apartments here in 2 years. The first apartment was 815 and it was a nice, semi quiet place to stay. The 2nd apartment has been nothing sort of a constant headache. Our A/C and heater has had issues since we moved in. There has been MULTIPLE work orders placed to get it to function properly starting in June when we moved in. There have been temporary fixes but the main issue is an animal that is eating through the insulation that is resulting in extremely high electric bills, poor heating and cooling and general discomfort. I have placed 4 work orders in the past 30 days and NOTHING was actually completed until I called upset. Naturally they said "This is the first that I am hearing of this let me figure something out and call you back." The pest control guy came out and didn't bring a ladder and didn't do a thoroug Review from Google
Dec 2016: I truly regret moving out of this property. The location was ideal to reach the main commercial areas as well as bike trails; also, it was very accessible to all highways giving you the fastest route to any part of the city. Management: Although there was management changes during my stay, they were both proactive in creating a community and conscious of the property conditions. Maintenance: I never had an issue with service requests nor did I have to wait more than 24 hours for my issues to be addressed. Parking: This was an minor issue in the beginning, but parking permits were later issued and any vehicle without a permit was towed- guaranteed! Amenities: The gym was always clean, never messy to the extremes and had the basic equipment and tranquility for a daily workout. The pool area was always taken care of and was apt for a good read a Review from Google
Dec 2016: I've lived here for two year's and just renewed for my third year! I really like living here. The location is fantastic, my floor plan is perfect and the manager Theresa is super nice and helpful. I'll be honest nothing is perfect in this world and there are minor flaws like parking and towing but just like anywhere else you would experience But I'm satisfied and that's all it matters. Oh and the upgraded floor plans are awesome compared to the one I'm in but I'm still happy lol oldie but goodie! Review from 12/16/16 on Google

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