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Mar 2019: I lived here 3 years. Have had roache infestation basically the whole time, hot water would keep going out until they finally replaced it, there is no working ethernet (not just my building) and the wifi provider they switched to asks for your information to use it and is absolutely awful, have been asking the office and tech support to fix ethernet for over a month, the hottubs have never worked the whole time i have been here, and with all this they keep really raising the rent
Mar 2019: This place is horrible, if you don't feel like reading the moral of this review is "DO NOT LIVE HERE" 1. noise complains do not get taken care of, I am pretty sure the people that are suppose to be working at night are at the parties because it's almost impossible to get a hold of them. My roommates and I have had to call in noise complaints at least once a month. 2. When first signing the lease we were told that there will be security patrolling the property, and I have only seen once security car once in the 7 months that I have lived here. 3. The apartment we support to be "newly remodeled" and when we arrived my roommate's desk chair was ripped, the door to the laundry was off the rails, the walls and ceiling were dirty and had marks on them, the walls had sings of water damage, we had mold in multiple rooms. 4. the gate closest to my apartment constant breaks down and they leave the gate closed instead of leaving it open Review from Google
Dec 2018: When attending a university with stressful classes the last thing you want to experience is a stressful experience at your housing complex, and this semester that is the only thing I've experienced. If you are debating if you should stay here, please do yourself a favor and avoid the outpost. They will take advantage of you and load you with unnamed fees and charges which you will have to jump through hoops to find out what they are about. The matinence workers respond to work orders quickly, but do a lackluster job and in most cases will be back to do the same job in a week or two. The staff in the office are friendly but are basically useless to help with any issues and will just redirect you to the manager or bookkeeper, both of which are usually not available, and the bookkeeper being exceptionally rude. The internet here was only good my Review from Google
Oct 2018: Hands down to the best apartment complex that I lived during my college years. I felt so comfortable and I loved my room (it was probably the biggest one in the 4 bedroom). The only inconvenience was the renovation period but even then they didn’t take that long to work on the apts. Overall my former roommates and I enjoyed the stay and the ultimate best renovation was the pool and it’s ammenities ❤️ Also, I’m glad they got a security guard that gave rounds through the night because at times it’s get a little crazy close to my building. GREAT JOB! Review from Google
Sep 2018: This is the most disgusting apartment I have ever seen. I just moved here for the fall semester and thinking it would be nice because of the renovations. I was wrong. There are holes in the walls, ceilings, and my ceiling is mushy from water damage. ROACHES EVERYWHERE. I have had to throw my groceries away and spend so much money on pesticide. We just moved our fridge and there are holes in the walls with an infestation of cockroaches running out. We called the manager and she kept trying to change the subject. I call about water damage and she wanted to change the subject and ask about the blinds??? Do not waste your money here. Review from Google
Jul 2018: The outpost was a very great place to live. I was near my friends and it was affordable. But lately, they did renovations and replaced stuff that didn't need replacing, thus it would have raised up our rent even more. Is why one of my roommates isn't here and a friend and her three roommates aren't was a great place, i might return some day.... Review from Google
Jul 2018: My daughter stayed in this apartment complex several years ago while attending college. When she left they kept all of her deposit. When she moved she provided them with her number and forwarding address. Neither she nor I, have changed our phone numbers. Now, this weekend I received in the mail a bill for $181.00. I called the collecting agency, they told me that The Outpost charged her for a crack mirror and carpet cleaning (what happened with the deposit? and is a crack mirror and carpet cleaning cost this much?) She had 3 other roommates so I guess they are charging for one room. This is truly OUTRAGEOUS! They try to take advantage! Review from Google
Jun 2018: No No No (we Talk To Jessica Manger) very very lie big lie we call for available 3 bed 3 bath for 3 ladies dedicated room my twin daughter and one of there Friend before drive to San Antonio they say yes we put them together we pay 40x3=$120 after pay thy send lease now they say they not guarantee for put them all 3 in same room they cloud let us know before drive to San Antonio and paid them for $120 just that apartment i told them we Paid $120 App Fee for dedicated 3 bed for 3 ladies now we need refund because you trick then they Call back now they say they will put all 3 in same room but they will nowt put that in lease now they want Connie to lie and sign lease by mistake my daughter friend sign lease now stuck very bad now way easy out they raise all kind hell for her So Please Read My Experience with them and deal according to th Review from Google
Apr 2018: Great student-friendly apartments. The staff are very supportive. The UTSA shuttle services are available. Very good opinion. I am glad I chose The Outpost. I thank God I made this decision. Review from Google
Feb 2018: If you're looking for somewhere to live, GO ELSEWHERE! This place is honestly the biggest mistake I've ever made. Rent is overpriced, the community isn't safe at all, and the staff doesn't do anything about complaints. I got stuck with a horrible roommate last minute even though I submitted my application and lease agreement the summer before I moved in. I was charged a CPS bill about 15 days after I moved in from the previous roommates and then I was charged a second time for what I actually owed. I complained and they said they would fix it and now they're constantly emailing me saying that I owe the full amount which is BS! Apartment always smells like smoke and there's parties every weekend. The walls are very thin and you can hear every stomp from the occupants above. There have been break-ins, gunshots, and a non-working gate where anyo Review from Google
Jan 2018: So far The Outpost has been great place to live and a good student environment. The club house is really nice, they gym, and the pool are great as well. Maintenance is always available and has come to address the problem quickly. As a student its also great that there's shuttle services to take you to campus everyday. Also, the staff is amazing! Review from Google
Jan 2018: The Outpost has changed a lot throughout the years. I remember being a freshman and reading the reviews in horror, now as a junior I have been living here for a year and it is excellent. Customer service at the front desk is a breath of fresh air. My maintenance request get done in a reasonable time, unlike some of the other properties I've lived at. I really enjoy it. Definitely check it out in person before you judge off of reviews. Review from Google
Jan 2018: It’s a really great place to stay if you’re a college student. I have my own room and bathroom and it’s pretty spacious. The living room and kitchen is also pretty big it’s a great place to hang out. And there’s a balcony to sit outside. All of my neighbors are really nice and the office people are also really nice and helpful. Overall this is a great place to live. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I’ve lived here for 3 years now and I love it. Everyone is always super helpful in the office. I use the gym and pool regularly and they are both very well kept at all times. I never have to wait more than a day if I place a work order. There’s a lot of parking for residents and guests as well. Overall it is a great place to live and it’s close to campus. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The Outpost is a pretty nice place to stay. Compared to where I lived last year, it is a huge step up from campus housing. I actually have decent sized room. I'm in a four bedroom apartment, it has plenty of space (for me), I have my own bathroom, and we have a washer and dryer in the unit. Overall, I think it's nice. There are a few things they could improve, which from what I understand they will with renovations. Maintenance needs work, my water heater started leaking (for the second time) on New Year's and I had no one to contact. The hot water doesn't stay very hot either. However, those are things I hope will be fixed by fall of 2018. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I have been living at The Outpost for 2 years now and I have never really had any problems. I really enjoy living here- the location is great, I like that parking is free because I know some other places charges for parking. I also like that all utilities (except electric) are included with the rent so you aren't worrying about paying water, internet etc. I also like that there is a pool, gym and sports courts! The new updates they are adding really enhance the apartments now and the prices for the rooms are really good prices! It's a great place to live!
May 2017: I have been living here for 6 months now and have good and bad things to say. This place is a great place to live because of the amenities such as; the computer room, the gym, the resort style pool, the bball court and vball court. Also the apartments have W/D within them and rent includes water, internet and cable. The computer lab, pool and gym are open until midnight. The downside is that the electric IS NOT included with the rent, which can cause problems. The electric has to be in 'someone's' name and they ARE NOT clear about this when moving in or when asking for general information. Review from 5/27/17 on Google
May 2017: I am completely disgusted with The Outposts living conditions as well as management. I contacted the General Manager XXXX on April 11th via email stating the following: "My name is xxx and I've been a resident of The Outpost since Summer 2014. I transferred to a building 4 as of Spring 2016 and ever since my experience at The Outpost has gone downhill. Quick story line leading to purpose of this email. August move in date- Noticed traces of bugs: roommate submitted work order. September 4th- Pest control request. September 27th- Pest control request (outside sewer roach) November 9th- Pest control request (roaches)-- Keep in mind that these last few are not including the few other request that my roommate placed. Review from 5/2/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Be very careful! I had a friend that her son had lease back in 2014 and paid his rent on time and almost four years later they are trying to charge him for a CPS bill that was not under his name. It was under one of the other three roommates and he paid his portion of bill every month to one of the roommates. I am thinking they cannot get a hold of someone else so they are trying to collect for anyone they can. Also there is a statue of limitations to collect. I don't understand how they are charging him for rent he paid and said they used that for unpaid utility bill. Review from 4/18/17 on Google
Mar 2017: This place is horrible. Disregard the "positive" reviews. They are paid reviews. Just click on the name of the person and you will only ever see one review in their history, which, of course, is done "great" and detailed review. Suspicious.... mmmm Review from 3/14/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Living at the outpost is great, the apartments come pre-furnished for a reasonable rate. The outpost also come with a pool and a weight lifting center where you can exercise and stay fit. The feeling of living at the apartment when you first walk in gives you a warm home feeling and living here you continue to feel the warm home feeling. Review from 2/3/17 on Google
Feb 2017: This is my first year living at the outpost and it's really nice. The rooms are a nice size and so is everything else in the unit. Of course I ran into a few issues, only minor ones, but the maintaince workers made sure they got taken care of. Also I love the location, it's so convenient for me to get to and from campus. Overall I love it and plan on renewing my lease and staying here for a while. Review from 2/3/17 on Google
Dec 2016: This apt is not safe. Gates stand open. Maintenance on broken door lock never done after several reports. Specified nonsmoking roommates. They smoke in the room. One roomate is belligerent and threatens the other roommates..."watch yourself" and "you better be careful when you are out". This roommate also calls and text the others when they are in class demanding that they come home immediately or she will post lies on Facebook. This was reported to management and nothing was done. DO NOT MOVE HERE! Review from 12/4/16 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2016: would i recommend living here? H*LL NO. Maintenance is super slow, the people who work at the front are rude (with an exception of a few), the water in the shower runs cold after 5 min, the gate doesn't close at the entrance, my washer machine has broke down twice, did i mention that maintenance is slow? the only good thing about living here is that its really close to campus and the rent is cheap. i guess you get what you pay for. Also, I ordered an iPhone from At&t but as soon as i went to the office to get it, no one in the office can seem to find it. like are you kidding me??? As soon as my lease is up I'm getting out of here. Do not, i repeat DO NOT waste your time looking at this complex. Review from 10/5/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: Coming to UTSA without knowing anyone was scary and after reading all the reviews about Outpost I was hesitant to sign a lease here, but they're all rumors. The staff here at Outpost are amazing and very helpful and friendly to its residents. I have no complaints and feel very safe here at this complex. The complex has a lot to offer especially the amount of visitor parking available. I have no issues with resident parking and am glad I don't have to pay a monthly fee to park like other complexes around the UTSA campus. Review from 5/18/16 on Google

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