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Tetro Student Village

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May 2019: This place is terrible. I tried calling today and no one was even in the office. 3 times. I commented on a post asking a question on Instagram, they deleted it. The apartments are worn down and maintenance does nothing to fix it. Not enough guest spots. The employees are rude. There are so many other places to live in and around campus that will actually have working AC units, dish washers, and proper advertising. They say they have a dog park but all it is is poop covered grass. Literally dog poop is everywhere through out the complex. Save your money. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have enjoyed living at these apartments for 3 out of the 4 years since I have been in college. I like how close it is to UTSA and how easy it is to get to and from campus. Krystal had helped me tremendously throughout my stay at Tetro. Review from Google
Mar 2019: My daughter had not been moved in 1 hour and her car was towed as well as her friends who was helping her move. Terrible way to welcome new residents. The tour was convincing but if this is how things will be for the remainder of the lease, it’s not looking good. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I did a tour with "Tiffany" and she was absolutely amazing, very informative. She answered all my questions and concerns about the property. I am so excited to move into Tetro.
Mar 2019: I can’t wait to sign my lease! I went on a tour and the place was just amazing. The staff was so welcoming, they made me feel like I already leave there. I love the fact they offer so much it gives the students a chance to get out mingle.
Feb 2019: Do not live here! Save your time and money. There are MUCH better apartments for student living near UTSA. Where to begin? Well how about getting assaulted in your own home by a roommate and having the property manager scold you and move you out of your unit? I was told that the police aided in this decision but I later found out this was all the doings of the property manager. She lied to me, multiple times so she wouldn’t be to blame. After the attack, I was never asked if I was okay. She instead accused me of smoking in the unit and asked me where was my roommates personal belongings. I was told that I may be evicted soon even though she said multiple times that she had not heard both sides of the story. That was also later proven to be a lie because I heard her talking to the roommate in our garage long before we met in the office. DO no Review from Google
Feb 2019: I would never live here again. The staff is super rude and not helpful at all. I would like to say the maintenance people just hang out around the front of my apartment specifically being loud, cursing, not even doing their job while I’m trying to sleep early mornings. Also they come into your apartment without any warning and unlocking your apartment door which i think is an invansion of privacy. We also had an incident when a random girl from an apartment 3 doors down literally unlocked our door with HER OWN KEY. she tried unlocking my other roommates room thinking it was hers, until she realized she was in the wrong apartment. How does she have a key to open her door and ours?? Basically tetro probably uses the same locks because they don’t want to spend money which is super unsafe because who knows who can enter your apartment to steal Review from Google
Jan 2019: Worst experience! House had a spider problem. Moved into a very dirty home with broken furniture. Asked multiple times to have counter top repaired overheard manager say “that’s not our priority”. Air conditioner didn’t work when moved in, management kept telling us to try this and that. Realized after 5 days the air conditioner was broken still took maintence a whole day to come fix it. Managment is awful and very rude. Multiple occasions where front desk workers spoke to me unprofessionally. Constantly losing packages took an hour to find. Wouldn’t recommend this nightmare to anyone. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: Went on a tour this past weekend and absolutely loved it! So many things are offered along with a gorgeous living space for a reasonable price. Definitely looking forward to leasing! Review from Google
Nov 2018: This place is awful. I pay a ridiculous amount of money for a very mediocre apartment. There's always dead bugs in the living room, they give you the most uncomfortable furniture, they assign you with roommates you're not compatible with. I moved in with slobs and we don't get along at all. They told me they could do a roommate intervention kind of set up if it gets really bad, but I'd rather just move into a new unit. They didn't tell us they would start combining rent with utilities, they didn't do that till 2 months after I moved in. It's getting inconvenient. It doesn't say in the contract that they would do that, but it doesn't say they won't combine it. It's an extra expense rather than having it at a different date. For $642+ a month, I shouldn't have a horrible mattress, crappy couches, bar stools that are wobbly and could fall apart a Review from Google
Oct 2018: I can’t even begin to say anything nice about this place. I don’t even want to acknowledge the one star, but google will only post if you click on a star. Please research before you sign anything. This company has young employees that will lie to you and make you believe one thing just so they can get you to sign a contract, then not deliver on their promises. They let my son sign a contract and he wasn’t even of age to sign. I’m now stuck with a full year of payments and my daughter didn’t even step into the apartment they assigned her, which by the way, wasn’t the apartment they said she had. I’ve never been taken like this by a company. It’s a huge corporation that is only in it for themselves. good luck to anyone who would want to resolve anything with this place. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I’m very disappointed in these student apartments. This is my child’s first time living in off-campus apartments and I was not impressed with the shape the apartment was in upon him moving in. The plumbing is not working correctly, he’s missing blinds, there was paint splatter on the floor, there was no shower head, and the garage was filthy and needs to be pressure washed and cleaned out properly. My child gave the leasing office the move-in paperwork documenting all the deficiencies in the apartment and maintenance has yet to come by and rectify and handle these issues. Considering Tetro expected the kids to pay for a full month of rent considering they were only going to be occupying the apartment only half of the month of August I feel is unacceptable to have these kids move move in and these apartments were in this type of shape. Ma Review from Google
Jun 2018: I currently live in the 2 bedroom apartment and I love the amount of cabinet space. I also love the view from our balcony... we can see the pool. I roomed with a random and did their roommate matching thing and it was very accurate. My roommate is clean and we get along very well. I loved living at Tetro this year and am resigning my lease for Fall 19'. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Honestly love living here! My building was very clean, spacious, and had everything that I had hoped for when I moved into my first apartment. I love the enthusiasm of the staff and their willingness to help me work though any apartment/roommate issues. I especially like that this is one of the few student apartments that have garages. It definitely makes me feel safe/protected & offerd extra storage space. You also can't beat the occasional free food & the beautiful pool :) Review from Google
Jun 2018: This was my first year living here at Tetro and I absolutely loved it! I loved it so much that I actually renewed my lease to stay here. The apartments are really nice and offer a good amount of living space so you don’t feel so crammed. The amenities are also a major plus! The pool is beautiful and the gym is super convenient and has everything you would need. I love the atmosphere of the people here and how friendly everyone is. This is also a super pet friendly place which I love. The staff is very nice and not to mention fun people. They always make sure to plan fun things for their residents such as FREE food, games, grocery bingo, pool parties, etc. Whenever I have a concern, I’m always able to call Tetro and get assistance right away. Angelica has been especially helpful and nice! If there has ever been a matienence issue, they have Review from Google
Jun 2018: I came down to visit my sister for the weekend and immediately noticed how well kept the apartments are. Being that I provided my own transportation, I really appreciated the visitor parking spots that were available. I also liked the car garage option as well as an alternative to additional parking. The apartments from inside are so nice and have such a modern appeal to them. I enjoyed all the great and super convenient appliances, really made me feel right at home! The walk-in closet in my sister room was probably my favorite thing about the whole place! Has a lot of wide-open space and room which makes me feel comfortable when I visit. I look forward to my Tetro visits!! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I’ve had no problem living here! I love the grocery bingo!!!! And all the free food they offer occasionally 🙂 Tetro’s maintenance staff is quick to respond which I love. It gets done within two days! You should also get to know the staff in the office. They are so nice and willing to help all the time!! Review from Google
May 2018: Do NOT move to Tetro. This place is Hell on earth. Do not be fooled by the kind smiles of the people in the front office... the management team here is completely useless, and tries to nickel and dime every single resident here for money they don't have. The parking situation here is AWFUL, with very little guest parking and rampant towing taking the cars away from visitors as well as longtime residents like myself. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! Take your hard earned money somewhere else and do not give it to these criminals.
May 2018: This dump loves to nickel and dime you for any tiny infraction they can find. Management here does not care about the well-being of their residents, only their bottom line and how much money they can squeeze out of every resident here. If you like overpriced apartments with no guest accommodations, pompous management, and loud pool parties playing terrible music, you might like it here. Otherwise, take your hard-earned money somewhere else. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Zero guest parking so forget about having anybody over. They are extremely strict on parking so prepare to get towed. They will charge huge fees for anything out of place, like a broken blind, or leaving a broom outside on the balcony. You can fire the management if you want, but I'm already taking my overly priced $700 a month rent somewhere else. (Which by the way they advertise it as $599, but thats before the fees). Review from Google
Apr 2018: Don’t waste your money living here. Their parking and towing system is complete trash. This apartment complex will try to do anything to get money from you and that’s all they care about. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Beautiful property, great staff, love to visit my friend who resides at this property when I’m in town. Fun resident events Review from Google
Mar 2018: I have lived at Tetro for two years and I would never request for any student to live here. When I first moved in there was still paint tape in my bathroom and a broken showerhead, along with serious damage left from the previous resident in the bedroom I put in request and with in the two year still have the damage in my apartment. Also if you have guest they must be in guest parking but if they are in the space for more than two days they will be towed costing you $350+ dollars and they signs do not specify that and they never emailed me or put it in their guest parking that that is the tow companies policy. Also even though they say they put you with your best match roommate they don't my first year I was put with someone who was 26 at a different university and enjoyed to party when I complained they said they match due to gender not by pe Review from Google
Mar 2018: Tetro is a great place to live! The staff is amazing, really friendly. Great amenities, dog friendly, each room has it own walk-in closet!! The staff is always doing promotions for free food or items. Short distance from UTSA if you attend the university, there is also a bus that picks up directly from the front. I would highly recommend living there!!! Review from Google
Feb 2018: Staff is friendly as ever, Crystal especially is someone great to keep in contact with if you have any issues. Complex is clean and orderly always. The club house is a great place to hangout with friends and play pool. Review from Google

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