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Sep 2019: Stay away from Prado! The new management that took over in Aug. 2019 is incompetent. We set up automatic payments in person at the office before my son could get his keys at move in. We began receiving daily late fees for the following month with a delinquent rent payment notice. It took 2 weeks to actually get the manager on the phone to discuss. She requested bank statement proof of payment. I was shocked to find out no payment had been deducted. It appears the office personnel at the leasing office did not set up the reoccurring payments, even though all bank routing/account information was given. Therefore, we were responsible for payment the excessive accrued late fees. Prado took no responsibility on their end of not performing their duties. You will regret it if you move here and it will cost you!
Jun 2019: Prado was a fantastic place for my daughter. Office staff was always helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend Prado. The few tiny maintenance issues were resolved almost immediately upon communicating with staff. Very happy with our experience. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Anyone reading this, parent or student, stay away. They claim about having fast internet and a nice safe property, but that simply isn't the case. In the past year the apartments themselves have been bought and sold 3 times shutting down the payment portal and having to change websites to where you pay. With the current company, they now charge you $1.95 just to pay rent... Fees continue to go up while the property itself is in shambles. I even pay for a reserved parking spot for my truck so I know I always have someplace to park, and the 'gated garage' didn't stop someone from breaking into it and taking anything of value I had inside. Furthermore, the 'new' and 'faster' internet is even slower and more unreliable than the Spectrum they had before. The internet was great beforehand, but it seems they are trying to cut costs. Prado is half full right now being that it is summertime and the internet still goes out about every 30 minutes Review from Google
May 2019: TL;DR: Avoid leasing here. Had an ant infestation, falling ceiling, water damage, disconnected internet (due to the rat in the kitchen eating up the wire), bills from Spectrum, broken washer, unsafe electric work (every lightbulb is over the wattage capacity and can cause a fire) and I'm honestly scared the list will continue while I'm still here. The management doesn't even seem to care about anything or anyone. That includes the first management, the second management, and the third management, since they sold the apartment TWICE this year, which is a giant red flag. Instead of trying to fix any problems, such as the disgusting hallways or strange water damage (the first floor and elevators flood every time it rains), we get grocery bingo and free slushies. For paying $649 a month, I'd at least like someone to look or even care about the problems i've had here rather than a simple "sorry that happened Review from Google
Apr 2019: Materials were cheap and they have outrageously priced "fines" for all kinds of things. Trash service is unreliable. Management proved next to useless in solving any problems I had. The only redeemable quality about the overpriced "luxury" living Prado is supposed to provide is the maintenance staff. They solve problems relatively quickly and are really friendly. There are many alternatives to Prado and almost all of them should be heavily considered Review from Google
Mar 2019: Best student housing in all of Texas! Staff is super helpful when going through the process of finding the best living space, rates are very low and a beautiful place to live. Overall, best student housing I have ever experienced! 5/5. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Dogs defecate in the hallways here - the property NEEDS to provide poop stations for the hallways ASAP. The smell is unbearable in the summer and I stepped in soft warm dog feces twice when I walked out of my apartment. I simply do not understand how the property allowed this.
Dec 2018: Okay place to live, place was a mess with paint all over the furniture. Also the floor of your room will shake just from people walking down the hall. Avoid at all cost. The employees are definitely ignorant and blunt even has the audacity to lie. Basically I am paying to rent a place with leaking roof the whole semester repaired repeatedly throughout (doesnt take a whole semester to try and fix a leak lmao and I'm not obligated to endure it and pay for what I did not sign for). This place rents out damaged rooms just to profit Review from Google
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Nov 2018: I have had a wonderful experience here at Prado thus far! The staff is amazing and the people here are so friendly. The apartments are spacious and the rooms a big! The events they host here and effort they put in to them is so amazing because you can tell when something comes together they enjoy seeing all of the residents happy. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Girl at the desk with the messy bun is rude. Asked a simple request and she swings the computer away from me and stomps away to get the manager. But what do you expect when a place is run by college students right? Lol I honestly never write reviews, I think they are stupid and I usually can keep my opinion to myself. But every student living has been hell. Don’t move into any of them. Unless you posses a high tolerance for rude children who give attitude the second they have to actually get up and work. Review from Google
Oct 2018: If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I lived here for two years and every single staff member I have interacted with has been extremely rude. Every employee acts very pretentious like they’re better than everyone else. On top of that, the apartments are very expensive. Granted it’s one of the nicer student apartments, it’s just not worth the money to me. I would never recommend this place to anyone. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Okay place to live, place was a mess with paint all over the furniture. Also the floor of your room will shake just from people walking down the hall. When contacting office was told to figure out myself when the system notified me to visit office by one of the employees. In addition, the employees are unable to solve simple tasks such as putting in maintainance requests and providing access to your own account when issues arise. Furthermore, I received a call and called them right away only to hear a smart remark of "didn't you listen to the voicemail?" When you are paid to work which is funded by the residents that live at the complex, you are supposed to help the resident when being reasonable. Basically the employees are incompetent kids that have no level of professionalism to any degree. Also read the contract there are additional hidden Review from Google
Aug 2018: By far the best UTSA student living. Hana is extremely helpful made the signing and move in process a breeze (ask for her if you're looking to sign a lease). Rooms were very clean and well-maintained upon move in! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Prado is a good student living complex. Lived here for 3 years and no real complaints. When you sign up for student living you know what you’re getting yourself into (Late night noise, Messy common areas, dumb policies, etc...) that being said, Prado is the best student living complex. Nicest stuff by far compared to the other student living complexes. If you don’t want to deal with the negatives consider somewhere else that’s not student living. All in all Prado is one of the best places you can live without getting a normal apartment/leasing a house. Review from Google
May 2018: all the positive reviews here are fake. just go to Prado during the week and see how disgusting it is. Review from Google
May 2018: Best apartments for UTSA students. Just signed on for my 3rd year! can't wait. Review from Google
Mar 2018: don't get me wrong. If you have money to spend, and you're smart about negotiating prices and reading contracts, it's a good place to live. However, the leasing staff uses predatory practices to squeeze as much money out of the residents as possible. They falsely advertise the amount of rooms left for your preferred apartment space so you're more likely to sign sooner, they don't tell anybody to read the terms of agreement before signing, and once you sign, there's no way to cancel after 48 hours, even if it's months before your lease officially begins. That being said, most of the staff are courteous and kind, the internet is fast, and it has great furnishings. My advice? Sign here if you want a good living experience (minus the incredibly dirty hallways & stairwells) and you have a lot of money you'd like to spend. Otherwise, seek somewher Review from Google
Jan 2018: I spent my freshman year of college at Prado Student Living. I heard from many of my friends that this was the best apartment complex to stay at. I had very high expectations coming into my stay, and needless to say they were exceeded. The staff here is impeccable in every aspect of management. From mail service to maintenance, they outperformed their competitors. They even impressed my parents due to the affordable cost of living and amenities. If anyone is trying to stay at an apartment close to UTSA, this is the place to stay. Review from Google
Jan 2018: So glad we chose our daughter to live here, after seeing all the things they do for the kids it really makes me feel at ease knowing she is safe. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I wish I could give a 0 Star. I have never seen such horrible apartment conditions. Water constantly running, it is so dirty that your shoes literally become black after a walk from your car to the hallway, the staff is not helpful at all and if you have concerns or questions you are guaranteed to not get a response. They have no idea how to clean or manage cleaning my apartment was so disgusting when I walked in the door my parents were mortified by the disgust. There was trash everywhere, drug paraphernalia, the carpets are absolutely disgusting, and also used alcohol bottles everywhere. I cannot express enough my advice to not live here. They also have several issues with parking and have no idea the difference between reserved and not reserved, either way you’ll probably have a chance of getting towed. In addition, there is barely hot wa Review from Google
Oct 2017: Let me start of by saying...DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This place is run by students who just parrot what the one adult in charge of the place tells them. I signed my lease for this year because I was told that my rent would go up significantly if I waited. Come to find out from my roommates that they waited until a month before their leases ended and their rent got reduced! They got a price reduction because there was a special that if 3 students in the apartment resigned their leases their rent would go down, and they were told that I had already resigned and we would all 3 get the deal. I go down to talk to Hana and she refuses to give me the deal because I didn't sign during the special, even though my roommates would not have gotten the discount without me! Prado operates using sneaky tactics and I strongly recommen Review from Google
Sep 2017: Good student living granite countertops, large rooms. Usually noisy at night. Close to campus and food. Does not have a shuttle service to school so you have to walk across 2 busy roads. Management is good and will take care of you well if there happens to be any issues. I had a few issues but were all resolved quickly. Review from Google
May 2017: If I could, I would give prado negative stars. There is always dog feces everywhere. Many of the residents don't have their dogs on a leash which can be very dangerous, someone was already bitten by a dog that was off its leash. The hallways are always dirty (vomit, beer bottles, trash) and no one cleans them. There aren't many fire extinguishers on the 3rd floor. Management will look for a reason to fine you. No one cleans up after themselves when going to the pool. There is no security, if you get locked out of your apartment good luck if the office isn't open the curtsey officer takes hours to respond to your call. Review from 5/14/17 on Google
Mar 2017: This is scam place for young college and innocent student. All of young friends, you have to take care and watch out. I was the one of victim scam, since I didn’t sign any contract or live in this place. I’m not a student too. Last month Jan-17, I came to San Antonio to help my young sister friend for moving out her personal stuff and check for the cancel contract fee since her visa had some troubles and issues, she couldn’t come to US anymore. This things I already told and explained with the Leasing Manager- his name XXXX, he wanted to trap and game me like guarantor, I told him that I was the sister friend for emergency contact in US only and mentioned I didn’t sign any contract with this apt or cosign anything with her (as knew she was over 21) and I’m not her guarantor, just friend. Review from 3/8/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I've been a resident for 3 years now, going back to the construction days, Its been amazing to see the placed finished and bustling. The maintenance guys are beyond cool and are quick to fix anything (I probably owe those guys a beer or two), Management is really understanding and is helpful with literally EVERYTHING. The furniture is great and TV programming is great enough to where you're never bored. Weight room is one of the best of all the student living complexes, and you'll thank Jesus, Mary and Joseph you signed with Prado next time it HAILS! Review from 2/17/17 on Google

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