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Maverick Creek

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Mar 2019: This apartment complex does not value the safety of there tenants. My roommate was caught stealing from me resulting in me involving the police. Both the police and maverick creek refused to have her room searched for my stolen things when I have evidence of her stealing from me. I don’t feel safe in my apartment anymore and communicated this with the apartment manager whom gave me the only option of paying 450$ to move into another unit. I think it’s extremely ridiculous that would charge me to move to another unit when it is in regards to my safety. Maverick creek does not care mostly likely because they assume since they are dealing with students they don’t have to withhold the same standards that non-student housing upholds. Do not move here if safety is a priority to you. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Renew at this apartment complex because I feel heard whenever there was any issues and also there is effective communication. Rent is affordable and I like the closeness to campus
Feb 2019: This will be my fourth year living here, great rates, and friendly staff. I've never had a problem in my three years living here.
Feb 2019: Made me review in exchange for free rent (maybe). EDIT: Honestly, don't live here. Yeah it is cheap and not very bad at first sight, but stuff is breaking all the time (One time I slammed the front door and half our outlets stopped working). Management is horrible, which sucks since the rest of the staff is great. Maintenance does not fix all the things they say they will (been waiting on a hole on my ceiling to get fixed for a year now). They tried to charge me for having milk crates and coolers out on my patio (MY PATIO) because they were "unsightly", without a warning. When talking to management about these issues, she made up that I was giving her attitude and decided to end the conversation there. Also, they don't correctly clean the rooms when you move in.
Jan 2019: Maverick creek is a great complex with a relaxed vibe. Managed to find a great spot and won’t be leaving till I finish school Review from Google
Jan 2019: Great environment, very nice staff, made everything very easy. Put me with roommates that I actually like and are very helpful with any problems you have. 10/10 would recommend. Review from Google
Jan 2019: It’s my second time renewing at Maverick Creek Villas because I love it here! The staff is really nice, we get nice amenities at a great price! It’s also really close to UTSA and other cool places like La Cantera and Six Flags. I would recommend to every college student to live here. Review from Google
Jan 2019: It has some awesome rates and very friendly and attentive staff. Also there's a lot of raffles and free food every month, so you get your money's worth. definitely recommend it. Review from Google
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Nov 2018: Probably the best student housing I’ve ever lived at. They’re always hosting events and attending to their residents. It’s close to the school and you get to meet a lot of people with the amenities provided. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Affordable student living walking distance to UTSA campus. Great space and layout in apartments and rooms, as well as amenities (laundry, courts, gym, pool). I was able to keep my current rate on renewing and fees waived. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Maverick creek is pretty great place; the cheapest price and great living space area. I will recommend it to a friend for sure. Nice and affordable. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I renewed because I was able to keep my current rate and my fees were waived. Maintenance is amazing! The Staff knows what there doing and the front office is always willing to help if you just ask. They are quick to respond and have now become pet friendly!!!! Review from Google
Oct 2018: I decided to renew with maverick creek because it’s affordable, friendly and a convenient place to live while being a student. I haven’t had any little to no trouble with the apartment and the complex staff is friendly and helpful. Glad to be a resident! Review from Google
Oct 2018: I decided to renew my lease because I find the rent fee affordable. So far, the overall environment has been safe, peaceful, and friendly. And most importantly, I prefer to not go through the hassle of moving my belongings to a different apartment all over again, therefore I’m renewing my lease. Review from Google
Jun 2018: If you like to get towed, have your bikes stolen, shower in moldy bathrooms, and have bugs running rampant in your apartment, then this is the place for you! Come on by and witness the great Maverick Creek Villas, where you feel like you can get robbed any time of day. These were all things that happened to me while visiting my friend's apartment every other weekend. I am just so glad I did not make the same mistake my friend did. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I absolutely cannot wait to move out of this place. Management has gotten worse by the year. The employees do not give f*** about their residents. I have heard that they will charge us for inspection fees or something when we move out, even if the unit is unharmed in any way. There has not been one person that has moved out that has not been charged for "damage" reasons. They all tell me that MCV makes stuff up to make extra money. I am looking forward to never spending another dime at this place. I cannot wait until my second lease is over here next month. Renewing at this place has been one of the biggest mistakes of my life. One extra year wasted at this horrible place. If I am charged for any damages to the non-existent carpet that was replaced by vinyl, I am going to lose it. If anything, we have been making this place better by cleaning Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have lived at Maverick Creek for two years (2014-2016) and did myself a favor and moved out due to their poor management which has changed after my first year of staying at this complex. Never left a review as a resident while I had to deal with fire ants infestation and laundry issues. My other friends had other issues such as molded apartment which they never even let her change the apartment and even they didn't fixed the problem during her stay, other friends who got bedbugs and their poor management has never been able to address any of those issues. All these problems aside, they have charged me and my other roommates more than $800. No matter what, you will be charged when you move out. Seems it's a tradition to charge residents for their apartment's renovation but as a to be called move out/inspection fee! Just had a visit yesterda Review from Google
May 2018: Apartment space itself is alright for the price (very worn down from being decades old) but management is very poor. They did NOTHING when I lost property in the laundry room ie. they didn't even let us look at the camera footage (what are the cameras even there for??)!! They enter your apartment every other week without fail for whatever reason they please which is FAR too often in my book. Also, the WiFi has been shutting down very often. UPDATE: The WiFi situation has since been resolved. However, the property management has come after me and my cat. The apartment has a no pet policy but my cat is registered as an emotional support animal which I have provided documentation of. They claim to have lost said documentation and is charging me for keeping my emotional support animal at my unit. I beg everyone to STAY AWAY from this property! Th Review from Google
Apr 2018: Be ready to get robbed in this place. Towing cars are desperately searching to find cars without permit here. You need to park the car without permit for two minutes and see how your car disappear. They have done this thing three times to people who I know. It costs more than $300 to take the car out. I guess manager is earning money by having more cars towed!! They have 10 visitor parking for 250 residents though :) They enter your apartment every two or three weeks with the excuse of upgrading wifi or TV cable or alarm check or something. There is no point of doing such kind of things while you have 20 days gap between your move in and move-out days. Honestly, the only reason that I can think of is they want to check out to see whether you have guest or you have damaged something to charge an additional fee or not. Yes if you have guest like Review from Google
Apr 2018: I used to live there last year with my friend but it's such a bad experience so I moved out. But my friend still live there. To be honest, the thing bother me the most is not loud noise or bug or bad A/C but the new management group. They really really really like to enter your unit. And they always can find a reason to. First it was wifi update which last forever, then check alarm system, followed by bring in a new TV (btw this "fancy" TV resulting in increasing rent) and now just informed by my friend, renew kitchen. And yes, they do informed you before they enter, however, you don't get to say no. Whether you like it or not, feel comfortable or not, they gonna enter anyway and they never took off their shoes. For someone really want some privacy, it is a nightmare. Frankly, I feel these renew and update should be done when the current res Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've been living here for two years, I don't love it. It will save you some bucks. But that is the trick, they do not have consideration for their residents it feels like they only care for the money. Management is really bad, you will never find them unless you insist way too hard. Then you'll talk to the manager and she will tell you what they have been telling you all along, NO FLEXIBILITY!! I was recently in a car crash accident and needed a place to leave my sisters car, visitors slots are not enough there is a lot of people living there and they do not have enough. I asked if they could help me with my situation. but they seem not to care. then i have been parking my car outside but recently I got my sisters car scratched. I asked for a visitors slip but they told me no that i had to pay for a new sticker, but i will return my sisters ca Review from Google
Jan 2018: I renewed with Maverick Creek today!!! Super exciting!!! I moved to Texas last June specifically for school and I needed a place to stay ASAP! Upon coming into Maverick Creek I was greeted and welcomed with such warmth. I was given a tour by Bishop and knew right after that MCV is where I wanted to live. From the amenities to the ready to move-in units the transition was a smooth process. I’m renewing because the Maverick Creek community has become my home away from home. Review from Google
Jan 2018: A decent place to live! They're nice and always have some kind of event to meet other residents. The only thing is about the towing. don't park in there even if you have an overnight parking pass. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The best place to live. Get to live in a nice side of town and paying almost half of rent then I would any other. Plus great amenities and love the free food they give out, seems like once a week. Love that they communicate in different ways to make sure you are informed. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I've been living here for 3 years now, the staff in the office is wonderful and kind. The events are always entertaining and well planed. The price is great for a college student and they have everything you need. Review from Google

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