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Mar 2019: DONT LIVE HERE! They will charge you for anything and everything. My car was keyed, nothing was done. I'm sure the video surveillance was not looked at, but it sure got looked at when our other car was STOLEN and the POLICE made them look. Office wasn't sorry for not having the gate fixed though. It's just trashy here and they expect us to treat them with respect when we get no respect at all. Review from Google
Mar 2019: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE LIVE HERE! This place is the worst!! They do not send emails, I was locked out my apartment for two days because they changed the locks and didn’t notify my roomate or myself. I have lived here since August and I still do not have a mailbox. I have already lost 2 packages from this apartment complex and had to purchase a different mailbox away from the apartment. Upon moving in we had ZERO of our appliance working including our washer and dryer and our microwave and It took them a MONTH to fix It . They constantly over charge electricity and tried to evict my roomate for not paying her rent when she had a receipt of payment. We have been as nice as possible to them and they stuff refuse to help us in anyway. Their desk line and emergency after house line does not work It will hang up upon calling.
Mar 2019: My girlfriend lived here for a year and couldnt stand it more than that. The apartments never set up her mail box and told her to go to the post office to fix it herself. They had her switched to a new location when moving in and didnt have a bed for her until the day after. The worst of all on a friday in the school semester they changed her front door lock and she didnt have a key to get in. They did not email her about this changing and there main line, that's on the front page of Google and their only line, wasnt working. They didnt have a hotline for emergency calls and the front office didnt open until monday. This is a nightmare apartment complex.
Dec 2018: The apartment itself is pretty standard for student housing in the area. It's a good location and great pricing which is why I renewed after a year of living there. This year however management has been awful at handling the new roommates they placed in the apartment. don't move in unless you are going to be with people you know you can live with because management won't help. My roommate and I begged to be moved in September. It's now December and the living situation has gotten worst and management hasn't even helped. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I’ve had nothing but a terrible experience with the staff. All they do is make promises about stuff they can’t keep. When I signed and referred a friend to sign Kendra told me I’d be getting a $300 gift card around September. This was also promised verbally by the property manger Rebecca and Angie. It’s November and I go to ask in person after months and months of calling and getting told to call back. They tell me they can’t do anything because it’s not in my lease and corporate won’t let them. CORPORATE YOU SUCK AND SO DOES YOUR STAFF! I was so excited to move in here after another nightmare complex and you guys are just the same. Maintenance is garbage! They have two guys for the entire complex. Windows and patio doesn’t even lock it’s so dangerous! And they won’t fix it! I feel bad because Rebecca is a sweet lady, but i Review from Google
Aug 2018: Staff sucks. Don’t get anything done. Just want your money. Choose wisely in apartment complexes. Review from Google
Jul 2018: TERRIBLE MANAGEMENT/ STAFF ! Had nothing but trouble this past year. Charge you for any and everything, anyone can call and say something about your apartment and they’ll charge you without asking questions, ridiculous!! Stay far away from these apartments!! Nothing but a stressful experience Review from Google
Mar 2018: They suckkkkk. Maintance is always extremely rude! They always make stupid irrelevant comments whenever they come to inspect the apartment. They are so judge mental about everything even though the apartment is always clean when they come. They’ll charge you for anything and everything. During Halloween we had carved pumpkins outside (and they were fresh, not moldy) and they gave us a note saying that if we didn’t remove our “litter” we would get fined. Our freezer was missing the little ice bin that it came with, we still had it and we knew where it was at, but we simply took it out because we wanted more space for our groceries.. AND they tried to charge us for that as well. There’s also not enough visitor parking outside for those who come at night time. Back to maintance, they do a horrible job fixing and replacing things. A new Review from Google
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Mar 2018: Mangaer is hostile, and doesn't know how to keep a cool head when something goes awry. The repairmen do a half ass job and say theyll be back to finish the job, only to not return. The walkways and stair wells are horrible to look at and are completely unsanitary. Instead of charging for electricity per apartment unit, they charge the average of all the apartments. My apartment was empty for more than half the month of December, and I was still charged $120. My roommate moved out last month, but apparently I still use $100 of electricity per month. This doesnt even make sense as I am on campus all day, 5 days a week. I'd live somewhere else if I were you, they only want you here for your money. If not, get ready for random charges to your account. The pool is kind of nice though I guess. I will not be signing here again. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Mangaer is hostile, and doesn't know how to keep a cool head when something goes awry. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Incredible staff, beautiful apartments, many gorgeous dogs and great prices. WiFi, TV and water are included and staff told me energy will be included on my next lease as well as a new TV for renewing. Incredible place over all! The only problem is the parking lot has one huge batch but, it's not a big deal. Review from Google
Oct 2017: good luck to whoever moves out of these apartments. I had no issues with these apartments until I tried getting a portion of my deposit back. Getting your deposit back is nearly impossible! There are many discrepancies between bills. I was billed for electric chargeback and contacted Madera asking why was I the only one billed for this explaining to them my roommate was not billed for the electric chargeback fee. I was told I would only be credited half of the fee since I was responsible for the other half. I tried to explain to them I had seen my roommates bill and was told bills from other tenants could not be discussed nor would be and the electric chargeback was a valid fee. I sent them my roommates moveout bill showing there was no fee relating to electricity and was emailed “You were both charged your potion of electricity. I will no Review from Google
Sep 2017: Terrible place to live. The shuttle to school is very unreliable and at many times was late/missed class because of it. Highly recommend living in closer student housing to school. Management is very rude and are not inclined to helping you in anyway after you sign your lease. Review from Google
Jul 2017: A girl got mugged in the parking lot and they did nothing about it. The whole unit was so gross on move in day. Broken glass and paint stains everywhere and holes in couch. Visitor parking sucks, hope your guests like walking or getting towed. Moral of the review don't let the model they have in the office fool you, the actual rooms are not nearly as nice. Review from Google
Jul 2017: The management here is absolutely awful. They have raised their voice at me on the phone multiple times when I asked a simple question. They messed up my lease and have not apologized once. The employees are not knowledgeable about anything. When I was in the office signing my lease, a girl who lived there came in to speak to the manager. They were yelling at each other for about 10 minutes (the whole leasing building could hear it) and then the girl stormed out and slammed the door. The whole thing was super unprofessional. Do not waste your time here.
Jun 2017: I have been living in Madera for the last 15 months and the experience has been a complete disappointment due to a combination of my roommates and the management. When I informed management of their reckless, but also illegally smoking behavior, I was told there was nothing they could do more besides fine them for the smoking. However, all the residents would be responsible for damages one person caused. When it comes to maintenance, they half ass repair things. So you have to put in multiple work orders for the same thing. They break their promises to the residents about the deals they offer. When I subleased to stay here last summer, I was verbally promised I would get an $100 gift card. When I moved in and went to redeem my gift, they told me that none of their staff signed off on my lease for that. The shuttle service that they offered us Review from Google
Jun 2017: Management is horrible, my apartment has flooded twice in the last month and they have done noting about it; seem unconcerned about residents needs and only want your money. Review from 6/1/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Madera is a very nice place. The amenities and extra little things the office provides is great! The fact that it's gated makes me feel safe and the location is really good! I have had a lot of questions since I have moved in and everyone in the office is willing to help!
Feb 2017: They will try and overcharge you when you move out or for anything at that point. They tried to charge me for a chair they claimed was there's being on the balcony. It was an old camping chair of mine I had to go argue that it was mine to avoid paying the fee. Then after I moved out they tried to charge me an extra month of rent and the only reason I was able to convince them was by telling them i had all the paper work of all of my payments. Another thing that happened was they were supposed to replace the carpet before we moved in to the apartment. Review from 2/10/17 on Google
Oct 2016: Madera is so trashy and an awful place to live! They will try to nickel and dime you out of everything and they will charge you random fines without any warning. They have horrible maintenance and management. Their managers only care about money and have no consideration for people and for how they treat their tenants. They are rude to customers and don't care about your problems. We have had a broken ac unit that leaks and is growing mold and we have asked them to fixed it several times and they have done nothing about it. They are awful student housing and their apartments are ------. Review from 10/20/16 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2016: The living space is nice, but corporate doesn't care much about the wants and needs of the residents. We have been in need of a new shuttle for years, but still have not gotten one. Also, once you move out, they try to charge you for EVERYTHING. Even if you leave the apartment cleaner than it was when you arrived. And if you dispute the charge (which can only be done by email), don't expect them to get back to you. Ever. Review from 2/21/16 on Google
Feb 2016: I couldn't have moved in to a nicer place. I feel right at home. Such friendly and caring staff. Our manager Carlos makes sure everyone is living comfortably and is incredibly helpful. It's an amazing price for an amazing apartment. definitely recommend to all students! Review from 2/18/16 on Google
Feb 2016: I love the amenities! Love the area it is located at! I really do enjoy living here. Staff is great. Especially Carlos & Jasmine who are extremely helpful in answering all your questions.. Definitely renewing my lease & living here for another year. CHOOSE MADERA! Review from 2/17/16 on Google
Sep 2015: Moved in to Bed Bugs. I was told to " handle it myself". Not only was the place not cleaned before move in but bed bugs. Seriously. Whoever runs this pace needs to be fired. Also, do not pay your rent online. I logged in to pay my rent and there was a $0 balance...3 days later I get a notice saying I failed to pay and my new rent for the month is $975 was $465. This place is run by a slum lord. How are you still in business. Oh I know you screw over college students and charge premium prices and put little to nothing back into the buildings. Review from 9/25/15 on Google
Jun 2015: Loved Madera, the rooms are spacious and beautiful! Rates are perfect! & the front office staff is very friendly and approachable especially xx. would recommend over many of the off-campus student living complexes for UTSA area! 10/10 Review from 6/9/2015

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