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High View Place

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Jul 2019: This is absolutely one of the most worst student living I have ever seen at UTSA. From day one since I moved in, it was always something wrong. The very first day we moved in the place was so dusty it didn't even look like they cleaned anything from the previous resident and then they just moved it over to the next resident. In addition to this there was a fruit fly infestation (mind you we took out the trash every other day) and there was no dishes in the sink but yet they populated the entire area from the kitchen to our own personal bathroom. Even up until today we always find a new creature somewhere in the apartment at least once a week if its not a roach its a cricket if its not a cricket is a poisonous centipede, it is always something and other people I know that live here experience this same problem. In addition to this water droplets would form in clusters on the ceiling of my bathroom and drip down as i took a shower Review from Google
Jul 2019: This is the WORSE apartment complex I've ever lived at. I have lived here for two years. I've seen property management come and go and I've seen improvement and areas that highview lacks. Throughout the two years I've lived here highview was rated 2 stars with less than 60 reviews and within the past two weeks highview jumped up to a 4-5 star apartment complex. Most of the reviews are FAKE. DO NOT TRUST THIS APARTMENT COMPLEX. They will not care about you as an individual they will only care about the money they take from you. They will ingore your phone calls, maintenance request, and anything else besides your billing. Save your self time and do not sign here. I would rate this complex less than 1 star. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Lived here for 3 years. Best student housing there is near UTSA! Management is awesome and very responsive! Views are amazing and the events are pretty great too. Loved the proximity to the university. Review from Google
Jun 2019: I made multiple requests to get my bedroom lock fixed since I couldn't unlock it once locked. I have been locked out of my room twice and the person on call never came to help and second time I was charged $50. The second time the maintenance crew saw that there was nothing wrong with my lock and proceeded to lock me out of my room hence I was locked out again. I was then charged with the a key charge since all along my key was the issue so in total I was charged $60 and was late to work since the front office opened up later. The people there have no empathy or understanding and are quick to charge. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Update: The complex never actually contacted me. I had to track them down and they basically held my credit hostage. Also, after paying it is still showing up....It has been a whole year! TLDR: This place is a lawsuit waiting to happen. don't move here! Run Fast and run Far!!!! I don't want to write a "negative ranty" review. The office is notorious for blaming their ratings on the fact that "People only leave reviews if they are upset. They never talk about the good things". I should start off by saying the price for this place is great! Just to clear any misgivings. They did let me move in at a weird time, which I appreciated. It was on the first floor, which I asked for. My first year there was comparatively peacefully. Compared to a lot of other apartments, this place is probably the cheapest especially if Fido is coming to college with you. They even have ONE doggy clean up area for the entire complex Review from Google
Apr 2019: -I have been here for about 7 months and resigned a new lease. -I would say that this is probably the quietest apartment "complex" I have lived in minus the upstairs neighbors who make so much noise at night. -You wont have to worry about wild, out of control,crazy parties like they have at the Luxx and Prado -I absolutely love the office staff, they are always so kind and helpful. -The price of the apartment is affordable compare to other one bedrooms student apartments. -I wouldn't call the apartment luxurious as advertised on the website. -I do dislike that dogs are not kept on their leashes and occasionally you have to hear dogs bark all day long probably because poor animals are left by themselves for most part during the day or night. -I saw two people trying to break into cars and they had already made it to my car, (they were only able to steal change) because that is all I had in my car. These are decent apartments. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Quiet and friendly office staff. The floor plans are great as well. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Complex is OK for student living but has a lot to improve on. I'll start out with the positive: They have a really convenient shuttle that takes you to UTSA. Decent size and price for student living close to campus. The office staff have always been super nice and friendly! Now for what they could improve on: MAINTENANCE IS UNRELIABLE!!!! I had to wait a month for my broken deadbolt to be replaced... not a good thing especially when you're concerned about your safety. I'm not too sure what went wrong on their end up. View the attached photo showing you my initial work order. I had to leave them a voice mail and show up at the office multiple times to be heard. Also if you're reading this please come fix our ice maker... the "part was ordered" months ago!!! The place is always trashed with litter and dog poop (make sure to watch where you step). Some of the people never have their dogs on a leash which is a safety concern (for the dogs: i hope they don't get hit by a car :/ and for the humans: besides unfriendly dogs, i watched some poor dude get peed on cause the dog wasn't leashed and ran up to him and was excited) Review from Google
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Sep 2018: My daughter's move into her apartment was a nightmare. She was assigned one unit, but when we got there to move in, it had been reassigned to another tenant. She was then given another apartment, but the power was not turned on. We had to move her belongings into the apartment with no air conditioning. Since power was not turned on for two days, she had to stay in a hotel. When we moved her stuff in, the apartment was filthy. We had to clean it with no air conditioning and the temperature was 85 degrees in the apartment. Since that time, she has made several maintenance requests (and checked up daily) to no avail. The maintenance requests have never been addressed. Furthermore, I have called numerous times and left messages, asking for the manager to return my calls. I have never received any response. At this point, I could not in Review from Google
Sep 2018: I've been here for a few weeks and the only issue I have had is how fast people drive through the parking lot. The front office staff is extremely personable have have helped me with some minor issues. My building is pretty quiet so far, there doesn't seem to be too big of a party scene here. I love the convince of the shuttle and how quick I can get on campus. I haven't seen cops here so far. The rent is pretty affordable compared to other student housing, which is great! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Update: Was contacted by management; agreed to look into issues regarding cleaning and maintenance. TV's have been ordered and should be installed soon. Changing from 1 to 3 STARS; some what satisfied at the moment. Initial opinion of this complex was good, however since moving my daughter in my opinion has change to very dissatisfied. 1 star Apartment was very dirty upon move in, dust on the walls, dirty restrooms, dirty floors and appliances. After bringing it to the attention of management, they addressed it as poor housekeeping and seemed aware of the problem, but not interested in correcting it. You can never get anyone to answer the phone, and messages are not returned by management. Maintenance issues go unnoticed, work orders are slow on getting done. When they are done, no notice is given that someone was in the apartment. Electri Review from Google
Jun 2018: If you want the cops to show up weekly, your car to get broken into and for your safety to be questioned this is the right place. I lived her for two years and do not recommend it. Not only did my car get broken into and vandalized but a few days after my roommates car also got broken into, the police nor management did anything to help. It's a very filthy place to live at, no one really cares to clean up after their dogs, there's trash everywhere in the parking lots.. The walls are thin so you will be able to hear your next door neighbors at all times. Also, bugs get so bad. There's a cricket infestation, the crickets show up in your living room, shower, sink, bed, kitchen, room and by the patio. Just live somewhere else if your budget will allow you to. Simply put, this place isn't safe for UTSA students and should better their management an Review from Google
Jun 2018: Two summers in a row, Ms. Destiny at High View Place has been extremely helpful getting me set up with somewhere to live. Very easy to read lease agreements & documents, pretty cheap rent, & nice pool and workout areas. Very laid back (mostly younger) staff & clientele. Review from Google
Apr 2018: The front office is so helpful. Best place to live at UTSA. Review from Google
Mar 2018: It's okay....rows and rows and even more rows of the same building over and over again. Looks like they painted the buildings different colors in order to break the monotony. The colors are lively though. It's typical college student living quarters. 2 bedroom, each with their own bathroom, shared living area and kitchen. That's it. Standard college student living quarters. Review from Google
Mar 2018: This place was nicely priced and with in our budget. But after only just moving in 2 months ago my truck was broken into and vandalized early this morning. It would be helpful if they had better security so the students could feel safe. And for the safety of all who live here the security needs to be re evaluated in addition to potentially adding more security around the complex patrolling the parking lot. The complex need to be updated and spend the extra money on installing security cameras for the safety of the students who live here. We live in a high tech world can anyone tell what apartment complex do you know of that don’t have security cameras? High View Living. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I have lived here for almost a year and overall I have had the worst experience for living in my first apartment. The only positive thing I can say is that the rent is cheap compared to other apartments and the apartments are big and have lots of space.The negative is that management is horrible! I have had a problem with my neighbors playing loud music all hours of the night for months and when I call the front office I get the run around..complained so many times and nothing gets done and still having this issue.its ridiculous! I WOULD not recommend anyone to live here. Review from Google
Dec 2017: WORST place I have ever lived at by far. Maintenance request that I have put in never get fixed. First moved in and doors had holes on them and were broken. Counter falling apart and broken when I first moved in. Promotions are all false and untrue. Staff not very helpful at all. This place needs a full take over from another company if it plans to be successful at all. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Well this place has its problems like any other apartment, the management team is what makes this apartment great. Anytime that I had problems that needed immediate attention, the property manager himself would personally see me to help me solve my problems. The maintenance crew was also very effective in fixing any problems that arose. Out of the management team of all the apartments nearby, I believe Highview has one of the best management teams. Even better than some of the more pricey Apartments Review from Google
Oct 2017: TLDR: This place is a lawsuit waiting to happen. don't move here! Run Fast and run Far!!!! I don't want to write a "negative ranty" review. The office is notorious for blaming their ratings on the fact that "People only leave reviews if they are upset. They never talk about the good things". I should start off by saying the price for this place is great! Just to clear any misgivings. They did let me move in at a weird time, which I appreciated. It was on the first floor, which I asked for. My first year there was comparatively peacefully. Compared to a lot of other apartments, this place is probably the cheapest especially if Fido is coming to college with you. They even have ONE doggy clean up area for the entire complex. In fact my first year would probably have been a 4 star or more because there is no way I would have known the NIGHTMARE Review from Google
May 2017: Generally a good place. If you aren't super picky and don't mind the occasional loud party. Everything is about average. Biggest issue that concerned me is that the front office won't notify you if you received a package. They also doesn't seem to refrigerate packages that say "perishable" I have an autoimmune disease and I take a medication that has to be refrigerated and taken at a specific time. If I'm not at home the package obviously goes to the front office. And because I'm not notified, the package sits at room temperature for far too long. I've had to rush order medication overnight far too many times because of this. Review from 5/13/17 on Google
May 2017: The apartment itself is fine. My main issue is with the management team. They are incredibly disorganized. When I have questions I will often get different answers depending on who happens to be working that day. No one is ever on the same page. They will also just forget to do things. For example, I opted into Peak Protection at the beginning of my lease, and I included the fee in my rent checks. 6 months later I discovered that Highview never made the change and I had gone that whole time paying for insurance that wasn't covering me. Simply put, it would be hard to find a more incompetent administration. Review from 5/4/17 on Google
Nov 2016: I have a friend who lives there and they speak highly of it. I have visited many times and the rooms are nice and clean. The kitchen has a nice pantry. It's also nice to sit on the deck and relax. I'm going to be looking to see if I could live there at some point. Review from 11/21/16 on Google
Nov 2016: The staff is here is really helpful. I've had a good couple of years here with no issues. And the shuttle to the utsa campus is a plus. Review from 11/15/16 on Google
Jun 2016: Toured here this week and liked it a lot. Rooms look big and friendly staff. They were throwing a football around and theyre chill. can't wait to move in next year with my buddy, UTSA2016! Review from 6/18/16 on Google

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