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Chisholm Hall

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Jul 2019: If I could give this place 0 stars I definitely would. I stayed here for my Freshman year and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had. The fire alarm would go off for no reason, and it would be at 2am or 6am sometimes. There is only one kitchen in the whole building and it is filthy. The WiFi is not password protected and anyone can get on it. Which made the signal very weak. When you get into the room the floor and sinks are dirty already. Even though I noted all of this when I first moved in, I was still fined for the room being dirty despite cleaning it to the best of my ability. The rooms use actual keys which can be easily lost instead of using your school ID like all other dorms. When you lose your key you have to pay them $50 to give you a new one. The payment system for this dorm is not connected to the school so you have to manually make the payments every month. They only have two washers and dryers and you have to pay $1 Review from Google
Jun 2019: I wish I could give this place 0 stars. This is the only prison cell you have to pay rent for. On top of a lackluster room, the workers also flooded our room twice this year while doing "maintenance" on our toilet that never worked all school year. Instead of contacting us or replacing our damaged items they tried to charge for "damages" and "cleaning". DO NOT LIVE HERE Review from Google
Apr 2019: It’s alright I lived On the fourth floor had 0 pest problems besides that it’s a cheap rate. The fire alarms do go off but after a while it becomes whatever. The staff was always nice to me when I had A problem and tried to fix it. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Honestly, don't live here unless you have to. It's the cheapest dorm on campus for a reason. The fire alarms repeatedly go off, the wifi is almost never working, washer & dryers break and take forever to get fixed, there's mold on the windows, ceiling tiles are falling off, etc. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I lived here a few years back 2015-2016 and honestly don't know what everybody is complaining about. The alarms went off every once in a while but it was a pretty OK place to live Review from Google
Nov 2018: ***LONG AND DETAILED REVIEW BELOW*** Living on campus at a University will always have ups and downs, you're going to have to sacrifice some things for others, and deal with a lot of stuff (which is how it is at every dorm at every University.) Chisholm Hall Pros: I live in a single deluxe room and it is HUGE. I have a queen sized bed, my own bathroom, and enough room to have over guests without feeling claustrophobic. The room comes with the bed, headboard, dresser, night stand and a long desk (with 6 drawers) that is mounted into the wall. (I will attach photos). You are able to keep a fridge and a microwave and a toaster oven in your dorm as well, which makes snacking/easy cooking really convenient. There is a lot of storage, I have two closets, 4 drawers and 4 cabinets in the bathroom area, a 5-drawer dresser, 2 drawer night stand a 6 d Review from Google
Nov 2018: I had seen reviews of this place before I made a decision to move in. The fire alarms I can forgive. The overall presentation of the building and its interior I can forgive. The horrendously bad internet speeds, I can forgive. One major issue is that aside from the front (and possibly back?) entrance, all the automatic locks do not function, and anyone can enter. The RAs I have met were all great people and accommodating to needs. The residents are all more or less awesome as well. The nail in the coffin, and the reason the rating is as low as it is, is that late fees will NOT be waived, no matter the circumstance. Not only did I attempt to contact a week prior to the payment and explain why I was going to be late, it appears that the email went ignored. No attempt whatsoever to negotiate. It took me calling the office of the person Review from Google
Sep 2018: Chisholm is amazing! I love the Resident Assistants! I order so many packages and they are all so nice in assisting me! Review from Google
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Aug 2018: This is going to be my third year living at Chisholm Hall! I've always enjoyed how big the rooms are, I've always had a single room and I think it's definitely worth it. I specially love the big, open windows for my plants! There's enough room for all my things and I love that the building is like a minute away from the roadrunner cafe, makes being lazy easier! It only takes like 10 minutes to walk to my class so I can sleep in most mornings :) PLUS the RAs are always hosting fun events with free food where we play video games or watch movies so that's pretty cool! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Chisholm is love. Chisholm is life. Your experience here is what you make it. The staff here really try their best to make sure everything is fine.If you want to live on campus, this is the place to be a part of a community that you will remember for a lifetime. I would give Chisholm 100 stars if I could! Review from Google
Apr 2018: This place is the worst. The only plus is the big room and in-room bathroom. Every other thing that you think could go wrong WILL GO WRONG. Fire alarm goes off once or twice a week, mostly in the middle of the night. You will be living off of LTE because WiFi on phones never work. You have to pay for laundry and the laundry machines are usually broken or flooded. The place looks like an asylum and the walls are paper thin. The fourth floor(where I stayed) leaked throughout the year, destroying my new rented text books. I suggest spending the extra money and love anywhere else. Take our word for it. Would give it zero stars if I could Review from Google
Mar 2018: My honest opinion is that there are better places to live for around the same price. It's an old building, you have to pay for laundry, the wifi barely worked and if it did it was super slow, the locks on the doors to the building weren't always locked so I never really felt safe, our room flooded multiple times due to leaks in the ceiling, the building over all is dirty and smells pretty bad, the fire alarm goes off twice a week or more even at 2:00 in the morning. Its not awful if its the only choice you have, if you're stuck living here some pros are that the students and RA's are really nice and the rooms are really big, and its close to the cafe and the 15-20 minuet walk to campus isn't bad at all. I recommend bringing a lot of decorations so it doesn't feel like a prison:) Review from Google
Mar 2018: Big waste of money. Fire alarms at 3am and leaks in dorms. Stay away...I promise you'll find better. Review from Google
Feb 2018: do not bother living here. It is the worst experience. It smells 24/7, the fire alarms go off every few days. Too expensive for the quality of living, very dirty and old building. Review from Google
Jan 2018: This is a place for new people to connect on campus. I recommend Chisholm Hall! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Currently a resident here. The RA's are super duper nice and friendly. They make you feel at home. Sure it's an ol' building but that's what I like about it to be honest. The room is bigger and has more space than I know what to do with. The only negative thing I have to say about this complex is the very sensitive alarm, as it goes off rather frequently, maybe 3 times a month usually. Other than that, five stars! Review from Google
Jan 2018: If anyone is looking for a good place to live please give second thoughts about living here. I moved into a single deluxe room, and with the amount of money I put in EVERY month doesn't amount to the quality that the room has. The internet is a nightmare. There have been times where I want to tear my hair out because it goes down for ~30min-1hr, and this would be understandable if it was once a month or something but every day is no excuse. I'd much rather have moved into Alvarez or an apartment close by, or simply sleep outside with the bed I have in the dorm because that's what it feels like I'm paying for. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I share a room with someone. The room is a decent size, but you do need to adjust to sharing one room. Aside from that I'd say it's too overpriced ($399.00 for a 12 month lease) for the quality. The room comes with a twin bed, a lamp, a dresser and a nightstand. There's always some trash on the stairways, each floor has only one laundry room, it would be nice if there were a water fountain on each floor, but there's only one on the first floor. The fire alarm goes off once or twice a month in the middle of the night which is inconvenient to say the least. Also, entrances into the dorm halls are usually unlocked 24/7 from my experience. I mean I don't even need my card to get in most of the time. There is a vending machine on the first floor that sells Dr Pepper so that's a plus. Review from Google
Nov 2017: This place is awful if I could give it zero stars I would. The people in charge have horrible service and are always grouchy. The price is crazy for the quality. It is always dirty and smells awful 24/7.Please do yourself or your kid a favor and do not lease from here. Its a horrible place to stay!! Review from Google
May 2017: The hallways, stairs, and laundry room (so pretty much the whole building) are frequently filled with garbage. Janitorial services sometimes cleaned once a month or at least noticeably cleaned areas. Not to mention as a first year student the physical dorm was terrible windows would leak after rain, ants would come in the room, lights frequently didnt work, ac went out for long periods of time, furniture was rickety, mildew in the shower from horrible ventilation. Also there were rumors among occupants that there were bedbugs in some dorms. Review from 5/14/17 on Google
May 2017: Chisholm hall is not reliable at answering their phone. Of the times that I have called, they have answered about a third of the times. The stairways are poorly maintained, they are very frequently smelly and dirty from litter and stains. My roomate's bunk bed had mold on it. The ceilings, panels, and floor, (which is bumpy in several places) have had visible damage since the room was assigned. Bad things aside, the RAs are awesome and I appreciate the effort that they make to entertain and educate dorm residents. Review from 5/9/17 on Google
May 2017: Chisholm is a great place to live. I've been here for a year and haven't had any problems. Its is an old building but the sense of community and RA's make it worth while. The rooms are HUGE and I have a queen sized bed that's very comfortable. And they have private bathrooms as well. The cable is good too. A pose to some of the reviews here that simply aren't true, like the bed bugs and fire alarms, i enjoy living here. Review from 5/3/17 on Google
Apr 2017: This is worst place to live on campus.; its unreasonably expensive and the cable internet they provide is not stable even though it says high speed. it is really not whatever they say is lie. it it just crappy place and paying and everything in here is just old and if something broke out they will take out of ur deposit.And i swear to god that if you are gamer or play anygame dont even think to come here. the internet here will make you break ur computer. it will say limited and it will just disconnect from your game. Review from 4/5/17 on Google
Mar 2017: WiFi here is pathetic even the CAT5 cuts out. I have to log back in every single day...upgrade is way overdue. I have the single-deluxe room. It is far more roomy than I expected, but the linoleum floors are so outdated. I came from UIW in my undergrad days and all of their dorms (even the ones built back in the 50s have carpeting). Carpet squares are easy to install, inexpensive and will help with the noise issues (it sounds like I'm living in a cavern). My RAs are very friendly. My biggest issues, aside from the network connectivity, is that the front stairwell, where housekeeping takes out the trash is filthy. Review from 3/21/17 on Google
Mar 2017: Great RAs, but they don't make up for the fact that this is a terrible place to live. The fire alarm goes off at every hour of the night and the hallways always smell like weed. Not to mention the fact that there is a hot water problem and Chisholm has a bed bug problem and tried to make my roommate and I pay for all of it. Review from 3/9/17 on Google

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