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Broadstone Ranch

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Jul 2019: Worst living experience I had ever in my life. I have lived here for more than two years and introduced about this property to several friends of mine who have decided to live here. Management and staff is biased and racist. Moreover the amenities will be under maintenance, mostly the gym equipment (especially cardio section), lounge ( which was under the maintenance for more than 2 months), pool (mostly closed), laundry section ( was changed recently) front gates wont be working most of the time and waterlogged near the gates. When we left the apartment we are fined for air duct cleaning for not cleaning the filter every month (they will email you if any amenities are closed for maintenance but they will never email you for the air duct filter change which is necessary If they put the fine on us.) and several other charges which come around 923.42$. We also had a deposit of 960$ + 300 Cleaning fees Review from Google
Jun 2019: I like living at Broadstone Ranch apartments! We love the floor plan, the grounds are well taken care of and pleasant to walk our dog. (Although I do wish some residents would clean up after their dogs!) I see the maintenance guys doing what owners should be doing. Thanks guys! Maintenance men are super nice and helpful. The pool is sparkling and clean, as well as a nice size. Nicole and Erica were kind enough to stay late on a Saturday so my family could use the party room for my Dad's 90th birthday party. My family was impressed with the party room and we all had a great time. Staff are very friendly and accommodating. Families and students are welcome. My daughter and I feel very safe here. It's very convenient for UTSA students, close to almost every store you could want and the lovely La Cantara outdoor mall. And with working downtown I can just hop on the hwy in no time. The only thing missing here is a dog park, but there are two about 15 minutes drive away. Review from Google
May 2019: I’ve been a resident for almost 2 years and this place is by far my favorite apartment complex. The location is convenient, neighbors are quiet, and current management is of tremendous quality. It’s been delightful to see such improvements from the last management team. The previous team seemed to be shorthanded and relied on the hard work of one employee (bless her heart) while the property manager never felt approachable. The new property manager and her team, on the other hand, are welcoming, professional, and available. They strive to provide the best service and are always friendly and accommodating. These reasons alone leave no doubt when the time comes to renew my lease. Review from Google
May 2019: I mainly only have positives to say about this place. I'm resigning my lease for the third time and I'm glad I am. I'm more of a homely, quiet resident and out of all the apartments around UTSA, this is probably the quietest one. I don't have problems with my neighbors or the staff and they've always been extremely kind and do their best to work with you. If you go to UTSA, there is a shuttle that goes to the apartment so you don't have to deal with the parking lot there known as Hell (although many apartments around UTSA offer this). Maintenance has been great and extremely timely and the property is taken care of well. Review from Google
May 2019: Broadstone Ranch is an excellent apartment complex. The management is professional and they communicate clearly what you’re getting, what you’re paying for, and how things work around here. I am a full time student working part-time and returning from study Abroad and they worked with me in getting all the necessary documents in a very speedy manner. They were transparent with everything from walk in to signing the lease and I am very grateful for finding a cooperative, professional, and kind apartment complex. Review from Google
May 2019: Having more than just a few years living at Broadstone Ranch I believe I have a whole insight on what this community will do for its residents. Office staff lacks customer service & understanding of taking care this community. I can not say the staff in the office today actually cares about their residents well being. Service requests have taken weeks, if not months to remedy or satisfy. Email communication has a huge gap with comprehending residents requests. Speaking with office staff in person they shuffle the blame on each other or on "corporate". I've requested an air duct service to clear up allergies & major health concerns however nothing was actually done to alleviate my issues. don't rent from this community, as you too will also be neglected. Buying your own home will be a better option since maintenance won't approve service requests that are clearly responsible to maintain by an apartment community Review from Google
Mar 2019: This is the most well-managed property we have found in the UTSA area!! Clean, quiet and very well-maintained. Nicole and the front office staff are friendly, helpful and extremely professional with great customer service for residents. Review from Google
Mar 2019: My favorite thing about living in this community is the beautiful landscaping and inviting atmosphere. The front desk staff is always polite and helpful, and maintenance responds promptly to requests. The residents are friendly as well, and I am never kept up late at night because of parties or loud residents, like I was at my last apartment. The community is extremely dog-friendly as well. Broadstone is a great place to call home! Review from Google
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Feb 2019: Very friendly people in the housing office. They’re very attentive, have great personalities and will make your stay here worth it!! Tiana did an excellent job with helping me set up everything that I needed before moving in! 100% recommended speaking with her.
Feb 2019: I write this as a Formerly Homeless Veteran. I spent a year of my life in a Homeless Shelter. I just moved here from Dallas in a very undesirable area. I have only been here a week, but this place feels like it will be my home for quite some time to come. It is clean, quiet and very well maintained. The staff is friendly, responsive and professional. The grounds are beautiful and I love walking my Service Dog around the entire property. And for a Disabled Vet, the sound proofing here is excellent. The apartment is spacious and it has everything I need. Major shopping is close by. I can actually breath here. When I was lying on that bunk in the Homeless Shelter this was the apartment I was dreaming about.
Jan 2019: Pros: Maintenance is quick to respond. Every single work order was addressed the following business day. despite being a university student focused complex, relatively quiet. we ultimately had some boisterous young men in the unit above arrive toward the end of our lease but we went almost two years without any noise issues. I bike quite a bit and this complex is 2 minutes from LCG, as a cyclist, there is a marketable premium to an apartment like this. there were, to my knowledge, zero incidents with safety such as cars being broken into or apartments being broken into. very safe. I recall three times when I left my car unlocked and nothing happened. and my favorite point, I barely set foot in the leasing office after I moved in. this is great because it means I never had a reason to go in there. things ran smoothly. the cons, which are next Review from Google
Jan 2019: Fantastic customer service! Love living here! The office staff treats you like family and takes care of any issues you may have to the best of their ability. Definitely a great place to call your home around the UTSA area. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I’ve only been a resident for a few weeks. The application process was seamless and the property staff have all been very courteous and attentive. My apartment was in great condition aside from a few kinks here and there. The price range is reasonable and the location is convenient. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I've been happily living here for the past 3 years with no issues to speak of. The staff at the housing office is very friendly and helpful. The complex is relatively quiet. Maintenance is pretty prompt. And the location is very convenient! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have been living in Broadstone Ranch more than a month and my experience living in this complex is remarkable. The people from management and the people from the office are friendly and aware of everything. I recommend this place for the people who are looking for apartments to come and take a look at this place. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The staff are friendly and attentive, they make sure that work orders are done quickly and issues are resolved to our satisfaction. Great customer service and we are informed through email of any packages delivered to the office, which is greatly appreciated! Our move in and overall experience has been wonderful! Review from Google
Sep 2018: While attending UTSA, my daughter lived here for 4 years! The size and price of the apartments are very reasonable. The location is also very convenient. Shopping, dining and the university are all close by. The staff has been amazing. I would (and) have recommend Broadstone Ranch to others that are looking for a great and safe place. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Beautiful and luxurious place to live. Reminds me of the Texas Hill Country with all the trees and shade. You don't have to worry about any college parties. Very mellow. Staff is friendly and are always willing to help. If you go to UTSA, it is a 2 min drive from campus. I definitely recommend living here. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Our family moved into Broadstone Ranch the second week in August. Nicole, Tiana, and Victor have been a joy to work with. Nicole is a woman of her word. When we moved in the fitness room and cyber lounge were undergoing renovations and she promised us it would be complete by the next week. Her and her team made it happen and we enjoy all the amenities here. The pool is kept clean. Any concerns that we've brought to their attention have quickly been remedied. .
Jun 2018: Current tenant. I really enjoy living here. The reviews I saw on Google were misleading, but I decided to check it out after I drove by and the exterior looked nice, neat and safe. I realized shortly after that the bad reviews were due to a previous manager. I met the new manager today, Nicole. Love her. Strong presence. Came to my apartment to follow up on a work request to personally shake my hand and introduce herself. She didn't seem rushed (although I'm sure she was) and she made sure to address my concerns and fix them. I absolutely adore the office persons, Tianna and Victor. I have a package delivered weekly, sometimes bi-weekly and I have to go into the office to retrieve it. These two are genuinely kind people who care. They really try hard to make the resident feel comfortable and it isn't put on. The Review from Google
Jun 2018: HORRIBLE staff! 3 property managers within a year! The current property manager (Melissa) is very rude, insensitive and does not know how to talk to people. She refuses to fix issues or address concerns. She is a scam artist and tried to force and manipulate payment on carport rental for a lease I never signed or was addressed in email/letter/phone call or in person. She even threatened to post payment on my account when in the beginning I was told that carports were a month to month basis and that I just need to inform the office staff that they just need a 1 day notice before the 1st to surrender the carport if I no longer wanted a reserved parking. And when I did that, Melissa and the front desk employee Tiana tried to tell me opposite that I had to pay for the carport til the end of my lease when I never signed a lease contract to rent a c Review from Google
Jun 2018: My fiancé and I have lived here for a little over two years now and we absolutely love it! We live in a spacious affordable one bedroom. It is a great location, close to UTSA, grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores and so much more. They are definitely some of the nicer and more affordable non-student apartments in the area. Maintenance is always great about fixing issues in a timely manner. The frost desk staff is also always super helpful, I recently got my front windshield broken on my car and Victor was super nice and considerate and helped me figure out how to keep my car safe while I got it repaired. The common areas are also always well kept and the pool is always so nice and quiet and you can’t actually relax in it unlike other student living apartments near by. We are definitely considering resigning another year! Review from Google
May 2018: New management is dysfunctional. The manager as an attitude, and doesnt like blacks. Review from Google
May 2018: I thought the manager was just having a bad day the first time I interacted with her but quickly realized she is normally very rude. I have also seen her interact with other residents in the same manner and I am honestly shocked. I never post bad reviews and I am a very easy person to get along with. The manager’s name is Melissa. Also I feel the rest of the staff minus the maintenance crew are starting to treat the residents in the same manner as Melissa. It’s no surprise. It all starts with the manager. Terrible customer service. Review from Google
May 2018: Where do I begin? I feel as though I pay top dollar rent just to live in a place that does nothing for its residents. When the refrigerator in my unit died I notified management took almost 3 weeks to get a new one. THREE weeks without a refrigerator and they acted like it was no big deal, and when I finally did get the replacement it was much smaller than the original. The property manager Melissa is condescending and has demonstrated that she has no respect for others every time we have spoken. They’ll keep your package in the office for a month or more with no notice that anything is there. Upstairs neighbors are impossibly loud and management won’t do a thing about it. I could go on but you get the point. I will say the maintenance staff has always been friendly, much friendlier than the front office staff which is iron Review from Google

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