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Aspen Heights San Antonio

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Feb 2019: Management/Owner has no integrity! This place robs college kids/parents out of thousands of dollars!! Students/parents, please beware. Maintenance issues not resolved in timely manner! Management/owners are untrustworthy--bullying is at the forefront of their customer service. Beware!! There are many other places which will provide a better environment to you/your child. zero star rating!
Feb 2019: The people that work in the office are very kind and considerate. The maintenance can be slow at fixing things. Overall, my roommate and I have not had many problems at Aspen and enjoy living here.
Feb 2019: Mark Resales gave us our tour, and answered all of our questions. Great staff, great amenities. Really enjoyed our tour of Aspen heights
Jan 2019: Great place to live. Living with only one other person so there is plenty of room. Maintenance can be somewhat slow but they still get everything done! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Parents don't sign contract here they can try to enforce them for up to four years afterwards without your permission. This is a horrible way to run a business. I thought they were a good fit for my college age daughter but the property is unsafe and run by students. Correct answers aren't able to be obtained and communication with anyone that isn't' student worker is extremely difficult. They will just send you to collections. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have lived here for a year and a half, at which my car was towed from the back of my own house two nights in a row. They evidently changed the parking pass and only notified the residents with one email months before. The best part was when my car was towed the next night as well. All because the office was closed that day and I could not get a new parking pass. Upon talking to the management they called it a "rightful tow" and said there was nothing they could do to help me. don't let the management of student housing screw you out of $440 dollars like me. Just live in an actual apartment complex. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Do not rent an apartment for your student here! Run by students who live there so there is no experience behind the counter. My daughter has had maintenance randomly come to her unit to fix stuff that hasn't even been requested to fix. Sometimes they don't even knock and just walk in... and when you need maintenance they say that it will take like 2 days to take care of your request. I think that is BS considering that I have seen them just hanging out behind my daughters unit by their maintenance shed not working. We were told that my daughter was going to get a $300.00 gift card for moving in... 3 months past... still no gift card. Every time I asked about it they say its been mailed out to my daughter... Still no gift card. The water pressure trickles out and if someone is washing clothes then forget about showering as no water comes out at Review from Google
Nov 2018: Do NOT let your children live here. There are loud parties with underage drinking, not to mention half of the residents do drugs. In regards to management, they put up a nice front, but will not actually do anything to help the residents. Review from Google
Oct 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY YOUR COLLEGE CAREER. They are super strict with everything you can think of, you can’t even have a couple of friends over without getting a “noise complaint”. They will hit you with every fine you can think of, all in all I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy! If you like the style of houses I would recommend the estates right across the road. Again, DO NOT LIVE HERE IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY YOUR COLLEGE CARRER! Review from Google
Aug 2018: This place is an absolute scam. Before moving out, we were sure to do a thorough cleaning of the entire place - scrubbed the floor boards, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned all the appliances, even wiped the doors and cleaned out the cabinets and pantry.. not once but four times total! Yet, we were still charged $140 EACH (3 tenants) for the downstairs alone. That's $420 for cleaning and paint fees, on top of the $30 we were each already required to pay for a restoration fee. We left the place spotless, and there's absolutely no way any type of damages would add up to $420. A can of paint alone costs only $30. Then they told us that we were not allowed to be there when they do the walk through of the place.. probably because they want to charge you for damages that aren't even there. We have gotten our deposit back at every other apartment we have liv Review from Google
Jun 2018: Great place to live, Jocelyn and the rest of the office staff is very helpful! Great amenities and great location. Review from Google
May 2018: I posted a good review on here and forgot to change it after absolutely nothing was done to help me out here. The apartments are pretty nice and so are the facilities. But the apartment place cannot help you out with anything if you have a situation come up. I have been trying to sublease my apartment since January because I do not live in San Antonio anymore but have had no luck. I don’t understand how they have no sympathy for their residents and no means to assist them for changes in their life. There is no way to break the lease unless you find someone to take it over. If you’re thinking about living here, be careful. Review from Google
May 2018: I have had two separate vehicles parked here, both have been hit. Security saw one of the cars get hit and did not help at all. The second car racked up $1100 in damages. Just this Spring 2018 semester alone, my AC has gone out twice and my hot water has been out 4 times. In my two years alone I have heard gunshots go off at least 3 times in Aspen. Then a couple of cars had their tires stolen. For all their security, they do not have a handle on anything. Do not live here. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I am extremely disappointed in management and their lack of understanding how to handle situations. My son, who has lived at Aspen Heights for going on three years now (around $28,000 later after adding utilities), who also renewed his lease for another year, and just referred a friend to be his new roommate, was harassed on Thursday for not having wristbands. I understand that they need to have them to be at the pool however, considering he was not the only one that didn’t have them, yet was the only one that was harassed and threaten to have security come and kick him out, seems a little ridiculous. A warning, considering this was literally the first time he was ever asked to show his wristbands, would have been greatly appreciated. A Marketing Associate, claiming to be a Manager, was extremely rude and targeted my son. He was NOT the only Review from Google
Jan 2018: I couldn’t have asked for a better place to live. I have never met an office staff so amazing. After living here for over half a year, I had an amazing opportunity to go abroad and volunteer, which I thought would not be able to happen. Both Jocelyn and Ashley bent over backwards to accommodate my needs and help me find solutions to make what I was trying to do happen. I would highly suggest living here if you are looking for a great community to live in. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I️ was amazed by the space where I️ lived. Great space and a even better staff to answer all my questions! The clubhouse is a great place to make friends and spend time working out, studying or just hanging out with friends. Awesome extras come with living here. You’ll see once you sign with them 😉👍🏽 Review from Google
Jan 2018: Love living here! The apartments are super spacious and well kept; and the office staff is very friendly and helpful. Also, maintenance is the best at responding promptly and fixing any problems within the home. I looked at many options before choosing Aspen Heights, and Aspen is by far way better than many student living options out there. would recommend to anyone looking for a great place to stay! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I absolutely love living at aspen Heights! I’ve been living here for 3 years and the staff is amazing, the club house is so useful and fun and the community is just a great environment to be around! I also have a pet and they are extremely pet friendly and there are plenty of people that have pets here as well so your fur baby will have tons of friends! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I've been living in Aspen Heights for three years now and the atmosphere created by the staff and residents is like no other. The front office is always doing these great things to give back to the community and really connect with the residents here. The staff really makes you feel like an individual rather than some other person who lives there. Review from Google
Mar 2017: Terrible place to live!! My boyfriend had his car keyed there along with other vehicles, their place has gotten broken in to and the security is terrible! His roomates do drugs and the place seems to not care loud fraternity/sorority parties no matter how many times you call! Wifi is also a pain in the ass and seems to go out around 8PM-Midnight. If you plan to live there, it is not worth it and you should spend your good hard earned money at other apartment complexes closer to campus. Review from 3/7/17 on Google
Feb 2017: My experience wth Aspen is AMAZING!!!! I recommend any college student to live here! The staff is honestly amazing. Any time I've had any kind of problem, they never hesitate to help right away. They honestly do care about their residents and how happy they feel living here at Aspen. Being my first year away from home and not knowing what to expect, they really out-do themselves to make myself, and everyone living here as comfortable and as happy as possible. Review from 2/9/17 on Google
Dec 2016: This is a horrible place to live at. i wanted to live here for the safety of a gated community, but the gates are always broken allowing anyone to come in. the management is horrible and never has time for you because they're "busy" but they're really not. i tried to set up meetings with management and they do anything but that, as a result of the gates being open someone came in and LITERALLY kicked down our door right off its hinges. the "on-site police" took longer to get here than the actual police. management said they were going to help but they never did and the manager/assistant manager never spoke to us. Review from 12/25/16 on Google
Oct 2016: don't let these reviews fool you. Everyone has had their own experiences and just because they don't get what they want they think this is automatically the worse place ever. This is my first year living here and I can honestly say I've had an awesome experience, the staff is friendly. Even the people around the community are friendly. I could not have stayed at any other place. The houses are awesome, rooms are spacious not only that but the community feels like a little college community where everyone knows each other and can have a conversation and not just walking by and not saying hi. I would honestly say don't judge the property because of these reviews, when you haven't taken a look yourself. Experience it yourself! don't go based off others experiences. Get to know the staff and the community. You won't regret it! Review from 10/5/16 on Google
Feb 2016: I've lived in Aspen for two years and this is my overall review of the place Cons : the gates never work, once had to call the ambulance but it took them ten minutes for someone to open the gate for them, you could live in la cantera parkway for the price of the rent here, THE WIFI NEVER WORKS, they redid the gym but it still looks just as mediocre as before, there is never parking, the resident parking lots are very tight, nobody ever picks up their dog crap so expect to step on it when walking around, THE POOL IS ALWAYS CLOSED. Pros: The room sizes are VERY roomy, management is good and does offer a lot of free food and goodies, there is a shuttle, it's not ghetto, generally pretty safe, maintenance is pretty good about responding to work orders. Review from 2/9/16 on Yelp
Nov 2015: definitely recommend living at Aspen!

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