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Alpin Park Apartments

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Oct 2019: Good rates and way nicer than Chase Hill or SkyVue apartments Review from Google
Aug 2019: Before moving to the apartment, they treat you so well but the problem start after that! The maintenance is poor... They don't care who moves into the apartment.. I saw a couple of addicted people in this community! middle of the night, the laundry is a shelter for homeless people but still the manager doesn't bother himself to activate fake cameras located every where in the complex...there is no gate!!! These homeless people are simply coming inside the laundry room and washing their dirty cloths...stealing coins and residents ’ cloths! NOT A SAFE COMPLEX AT ALL!!! don't WASTE YOUR MONEY!👎 Review from Google
Apr 2019: Best yet affordable place. If you're UTSA student it's the best option. Walking distance to UTSA plus shuttle stand is also very close. Great maintenance service. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Best yet affordable place. If you're UTSA student it's the best option. Walking distance to UTSA plus shuttle stand is also very close. Great maintenance service. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have been living here with my roommates for 2 years now and we never had any issues in the apartment or in the community. Jordan's been a great help when it comes to maintenance. Overall a great place with affordable prices. Review from Google
Oct 2018: My Apartment could have used more windows but over all happy. Never had any real issues. Be careful with guests parking, they tow very fast. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Good place to live while at school, never had any complaints or issues with my apartment. They don't charge crazy fees like some places and were easy to work with when I moved out. would recommend. Review from Google
Jul 2018: This is an excellent place to live. My son lived in this apartment, but I was the person who communicated with the landlord. Every concern I had was addressed immediately. The place is well lit and safe. I would not hesitate to move another one of my children to this apartment complex. The space is great. UTSA shuttle buses are across the street. There is a set price for water and trash. Excellent value for the area!!!! Review from Google
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Apr 2018: I live here last year and the staff and maintance are super nice... I had to move out due job location but I am working another location I really want to go again to rent out. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Terrible Place! They have mold and bugs! I found out they also do NOT pay their bills!!! Review from Google
Nov 2017: "Large space, close to campus. Was a quiet place to finish out my senior year. Over all happy with the alpine park". Review from Google
Oct 2017: Great place to live, easy walk or shuttle into campus, come see us! Review from Google
Sep 2017: Alpin Park Apartments nearly killed my family and I. We have no idea how long the lasting effects of the mold damage done to our bodies will be. We spent a year in hell with various ailments that set me back years professionally. My daughter was kicked out of her daycare... The list goes on. When we addressed the property manager, and asked that we move, he responded energetically, "No, we'll lose money." I was in tears that he had no compassion for our pain. Black mold is dangerous and it kills, which is probably why you have to sign off that you know that there is the possibility of mold and that you can't sue. Several neighbors have similar stories of having mold and bug issues and not getting any assistance. Do not let this happen to you. We lived in 203B. While touring the property, note that there is not much light that reaches the bat Review from Google
Jul 2017: This place is an absolute hell hole. Moved in to find that the management does no cleaning or maintenance between renters. Ended up having to clean nasty toilets day we moved in. Walls are paper thin, you can hear cell phones vibrating and people moving in bed on a regular basis. Everything is painted a shabby brown, the place always looms dirty. Our walls have massive swatches of off color paint, as if someone repaired the sheetrock and then painted over with a color that was just "close enough". Biggest surprise were the constant bug issues; spiders, flies and roaches that didn't go away no matter how much cleaning and poison put out. don't rent here, its not worth it. Review from Google
Jun 2017: The apartment manager is obnoxious. She is the daughter of the owners, and in no other case would anyone hire her to manage apartments. If you have a problem with her, you are up a creek. Terrible customer service, terrible attitude. When AC units go bad, they refuse to fix and give window units instead. Break-ins, vehicle theft, and crime are another problem and management does nothing about it. Cameras never worked. Criminal tenants that are a nuisance are not delt with. Many of the tenants are not UTSA students, just people looking for cheap apartments. STUDENTS AND PARENTS BEWARE. Paperwork goes missing and you never get deposit back. Parking is tight, but friends of management are allowed to park even though only residents are supposed to be allowed to park. Silverfish and other bugs are a problem, won't pay for pest control.
Mar 2017: It's not a bad complex. The front office is very helpful. You get a lot of room for the price. The downside to that is the residents are kind of seedy. don't leave anything of value in your car, you'll be fine. I haven't ever been able to hear my neighbors, all my appliances work, and for the money, it's hard to beat. Review from Google
Nov 2016: I love this place. It's a very affordable alternative to the student housing in the area. It's close to campus but very private and no loud parties or disturbances. The management has been very friendly and I love that they are actually real people instead of robot salespeople programmed to upsell leases. The only maintenance problem I've had was fixed within five minutes. Also a short walk to the shuttle across the street. Review from 11/5/16 on Google
May 2016: I used to live in chase hill earlier and moved to alpine apartments. It is a calm neighborhood and a good place to live. But the management is not responsible. I had these spring mattresses that were old and it was a hell to sleep as it was making squeaking sounds. I complained about few other issues i had many times but the old guy doesn't seem to care. At least pretend that you are listening to us. We are paying to live there. Review from 5/24/16 on Google
Jan 2016: Absolutely the worst place ever to live!! Complex is trashy dirty always. Maintenance is horrible, the staff staff is rude unprofessional. Tenants play loud music until 4 or 5 am and office staff does not do anything about it because they are all friends. Review from 1/20/16 on Google
Sep 2015: Lived in there for 2 yrs, not a bad place to move in, unfurnished, nice neighborhood, big bedroom size, paid $825 per month (2bed/1bath) + utilities, and really close to the campus. Just make sure that you make every copies of your signed paperworks (move-in & out) Review from 9/3/15 on Google
Jul 2015: I personally love these apartments. Management is really great and willing to work with you. The apartments themselves aren't too bad. I haven't had anything break and nothing's falling apart. I have had some bug problems but it's all bugs coming in from outside (little beetles, millipedes, etc.) Compared to some of the apartments I've seen this place is a great deal for the price, there are much worse places. Most of my neighbors are quiet, mostly families and a few college students. Overall it's a good place, maybe it's just my building but I like it here a lot. Review from 7/20/15 on Google

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