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When should I start looking for student housing?


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March 12, 2019
64 months ago

Student housing is very different than most apartments. In most apartments you would start looking two months or so before you want to move. In student housing the search starts in October of the year before.

The search starts with the push by communities to renew leases. This runs from October to January. During this period you will usually find the best rates. This is because the community is testing the market and seeing how many people will renew.

After the renewal period starts the big push for new residents. This starts off in January and reaches its peak around late March (after Spring Break) to early April. The push then last until the community is full or school start.

Depending on the market, the time for the best rates varies. In the majority of markets, the earlier you sign up, the better the rate. That said, in a few markets, due to the over-supply of housing, communities will get nervous before school starts and run some pretty crazy specials.

Want to know the time to find the best rate at your school? Leave a comment and we will respond right away.

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