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Jan 2019: My initial experience at the Venue was very welcoming and I had a very warm reception by Ian Leibensperger. He not only gave my group of friends a major discount but he also waived most of the fees. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Ask for Ian Leibensperger! Guy’s awesome. Super friendly and answers all of your questions! Great place. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Ian Leibensperger was a wonderful employee, he convinced all 5 of us to sign a lease and he gave us $360 in credit plus waived majority of the fees. When/If you go to the venue make sure you ask for Ian. Plus he allowed me to give a tour on my 3rd trip there. Review from Google
Dec 2018: worst apartment in tampa guaranteed. always dirty, everything is broken, including the security gates and doors. there are always underage drunk kids throwing up in the hallways that doesn’t get cleaned up for weeks. i have to jam the door open to the stairwell or i can’t get in because all the doors are broken. kids are always sitting on my car in the parking lot, people harass you in the parking lot. overall terrible experience currently trying to find a better place to live. when we moved in there were holes in the doors and rips in the couch, not to mention i signed my lease for $829 a month and i pay up to $950 a month now, and they never tell you what the added fees are for. dishwasher hasn’t worked since move in and dryer takes 5 loads to actually become dry. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I wouldn’t recommend anyone to live here. Maintenance never fixed the major problems in my apartment even though i told them about it multiple times. The water pressure in the whole apartment is terrible and it takes forever to wash the dishes because theres no pressure and on top of that the sink is really shallow. There were also hidden fees that i wasnt told about when i signed. On top of that the door magnetic keys NEVER work and it literally takes me three minutes to unlock the door. The front gate is never closed and the office claims that they will fix it but its been months. The mail keys dont work and my apartment of four people always has to rely on one key because the other three dont work. Parking sucks because they let everyone park here and dont tow anyone who doesnt have a sticker. Theres so much more but im tired of typing ju Review from Google
Sep 2018: This place is a complete disappointment ... my problem with one roommate that has her family moved in and has been caught continues to lie and staff is not doing anything about it!!! This person is a liar , and has no concern what she is putting my other roommates through... as well as myself if you read your lease you can not have someone live in your room especially a male with 2other girls.. this place is not clean smells like urine throughout, doors are broken in buildings graffiti on the doors and no measure taken to fix anything ... beware not a cool spot to live..yeah they show u the club house the pool and the model apts but they don’t do no walk through to the real place.. a complete and utter mistake living in this dump... Review from Google
Jul 2018: The rent is reasonable with a convenient location. Staff is so friendly especially maintenance. My bedroom is a good size/bathroom/ closet. My only complaints is the RESIDENTS. The residents here are so filthy. The smell in the hallway so gross. My 2 year old niece is cleaner than those people. They let their animal pee and doodoo on the staircases they don’t like to clean up after theirselves there are so lazy no home training. They throw trash everywhere as if they’re too good to throw it out in the garbage that’s location in front of every building. I feel they should get rid of these so called pet friendly or put the nasty residents and their nasty pets in one building. It’s unfair the rest of us have to smell it. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I lived here for 2 years and I really do not understand all these 5 star reviews. The town homes are disgusting. The fraternities will keep you up all hours of the night. I posted an in-depth review on Facebook but they blocked me. Security does nothing as they have no authority, the front office does nothing because the people you WILL have issues with are the ones that work there. My roommate had his tires popped multiple times because of the amount of broken glass around the property. There are bugs everywhere but most places with college students have that problem. The gate codes are always found online so non-residents trash the place at parties pretty much every night. Building 2 was nice except for Friday and Saturday, multiple drug dealers live in the buildings and not a single person picks up after their dogs so the grass cannot be us Review from Google
May 2018: Just signed my lease at Venue for the upcoming Fall/Spring semester. The staff and management were very welcoming and seemed to take my best interest into consideration every step of the way. Not only does Venue provide exceptional hospitality and service, they also offer great amenities and deals for future and current residents. Excited for this upcoming year! Review from Google
May 2018: The townhouses are spacious and gated. The gym is awesome, love that you can see the pool area from it. Free coffee. They provide tan lotion for the tanning bed. Staff is friendly and helpful. Love the study rooms and free printing! Review from Google
May 2018: Can’t wait to live here next year. They have a great staff they are friendly and provide excellent customer service. They make the process of renting an apartment very simple. The Venue’s gym and pool is another reason why I choose to live here. By far best pool in the area. And they just bought all new gym equipment. It is a perfect apartment complex for any college student. Review from Google
May 2018: I love that Venue at North Campus has a student friendly community. Ever since the management switch occurred, a lot of improvements have been made that has improved the student experience. You can tell the management cares about creating an atmosphere that makes it easy to socialize through their resident events. Keep up the good work! Review from Google
May 2018: I’m leaving another review because I really thought with new management that this place would turn around but I was wrong. Our gate has been broken for the past month meaning anyone can get into building 2. Our kitchen lights from a leak above us has Been broken for 2+ months and yet to be fixed. Leading office closes earlier then suppose to do which makes getting your important packages hard. Staff doesn’t really have customer service skills over the phone as one person abruptly hung up on me after she answered my question. Really glad to be moving out of this place. Through a kitchen flood and various major inconveniences, there has never been compensation for any of It considering how many there have been. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Venue is incredibly overpriced considering the awful living conditions it offers its residents. For example, Building 2 has been infested with roaches since at least fall of 2015. I’ve seen roaches inside the stove clock (reference the picture attached), I’ve even moved the fridge and found tons of dead cockroaches behind it (check the picture with the blue dustpan), as well as roaches all over the sink. This is in spite of always putting food away and maintaining the apartment clean. Also, the elevators continuously break down. For the past 3 weeks, for instance, both elevators in Building 2 have been down. As you can imagine, this is a huge inconvenience for anyone with limited mobility or those who are trying to move in or out. There is also always trash in the hallways and stairs, including pieces of rotting food. The water pressure Review from Google
Apr 2018: Since moving into Venue I have been counting the days until I can move out. The only positive thing about this apartment complex is its proximity to campus. Buildings are NOT SAFE or secure, anyone can get in. Building 2 didn't even have a handle on a door for OVER 6 MONTHS and still does not close. I brought this issue to management, among others, multiple times. Its disgustingly dirty at all times, trash always in hallways and on staircases, and animal pee and feces on the stairs. I have to hold my breath every time I exit my apartment. They have one very nice woman who cleans both apartment buildings, and clearly it is way too much for one person.There is little water pressure in showers, and it never stays hot. The wifi is also terrible and cuts out randomly especially between 11-3am, which is really inconvenient if you're up late doing a Review from Google
Apr 2018: The apartments are so dirty. The staff is nice but they don't maintain these apartments very well. Some of the apartments have broken furniture or missing parts. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Terrible and greedy service management that claims they only have a "certain number of 6 month leases allowed", so you either have to pay for a whole 12 months or get kicked out even if you have been paying your rent consistently on time. The place is an absolute dump. Trash and pet feces everywhere. Dumpsters are emptied so little that garbage is left to pile up outside of it. Hallways and elevators always smell terrible. Rates are always increasing and they aren't at all worth it considering how filthy this place is. Internet connection is also HORRIBLE and not suited for the college students they advertise to. Bad water pressure. Infested with bugs. Only good thing about it is its location close to the school. That's it. Management and staff are terrible. Maintenance is terrible. They put out the cheapest amenities possible while charging higher rates.
Mar 2018: Very nice staff, but facilities leave a lot to be desired for. Model unit extremely misleading and deceptive. Maintenance staff needs to be larger as well. Nice service, bad work product. Also, the residents routinely throw trash in the hallways (entire large bags), let their pets relieve themselves all over. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Terrible. They bribe people for good reviews, and attempted to charge for cleaning the hallways, yet told me that they “didn’t care” that drunk people constantly throw trash on my balcony. There are constantly loud parties, the entire place has a horrible roach infestation that they refuse to try and fix, my packages have been stolen before, and other people’s mail gets put into my mailbox. The people above me were dripping water into my room, and they refused to fix the mold issue, but just painted over it and pretend that it doesn’t exist. Do NOT live here. 2 weeks later update: NOBODY has contacted me to “make sure all the issues are addressed. All I get are constant emails and texts about how rates are increasing, as they have been for the past 3 months. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Worst place I have ever lived in the Tampa Bay Area. Moved in and it was never cleaned still pubic hair and throw up in the bathroom which I had to clean from previous men who lived there. Worst cockroach problem, They had to come Every Thursday. Never got a new couch when ours was disgusting until the last two moths living there they “replaced the cushions” but we each got charged $97 for it. The ceiling was leaking and falling down and apart for the last 4 months living there and are carpet and other items were ruined. Only plus was nice staff. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I would not recommend living here. I’ve stayed in many apartments and this has to be one of the most disgusting apartment complexes. The staff tries to keep it neat but the residents are nasty. Be prepared to ALWAYS watch where you walk because residents allow their animals to pee and poop in the halls and sidewalks. They also throw up on a weekly basis, therefore you will be walking around throw up for days at a time. The management and maintenance staff are getting better but I never feel like a priority. Things get done very slowly. Review from Google
Jan 2018: VENUE IS STILL HORRIBLE. DO NOT MOVE HERE. ABSOLUTE WORST TIME OF MY LIFE!! Unless you want to live with throw up, piss and cockroaches, below are examples. The truth about Venue Review Imagine coming home to a house infested with cockroaches. Cooking a meal would take twice as long because as soon as I would open the cupboard to get a pan out there would be three roaches on the pots and pans. Several times did I have to clean all the silverware because I found roaches on them. It got to the point where it was a health hazard. Not only did I have to waste so much more time on cleaning, but did it also waste money on all the water, detergents and towels to sterilize and dry all of the items. Then after that whole process, try working up an appetite again. It got to the point where one night I had to personally kill 33 cockroaches after coming home.
Jan 2018: Great location, super close to campus. The maintnece is really nice and helpful. Great community with a great gym and pool! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I would give 3.8/5.0. Great location and great staff! They are always friendly and patient whenever we have a problem. With that being said, there were two things that I would suggest to the management: improve communication (let residents know whenever there's a package; that communication is not often) and holding residents accountable for the public spaces and littering (often and not, especially after Fridays/Saturdays, I see trash on the staircases). Besides that, the facilities are well taken care of and the vibe is great! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Not terrible to live here, nice to be living close to the school and some friends live down the hall. However, be mindful of other poor reviews because they speak the truth. Have had some poor customer service experiences with attitude with management and maintenance has taken years to fix issues on occasion until my roommates and i have befriended them. Also, residents trash the hallways a lot and so do their pets. Review from Google

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