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Urban Place Apartments

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Mar 2019: Before moving here I read reviews and got scared- but it was the only affordable place I could find. I've lived here now for two years and I can honestly say I think it is a good place to live. Management has completely turned over since I've been here (for the best) and they try to help you in anyway they can, as well as make it a welcoming environment through raffles and events. I would recommend this place to anyone, particularly students- it is convenient, pet friendly, oldish but renovated and taken care of. I do suggest having a back up grill, propane is often out because people don't know how to turn it off. Also, the laundry room is a little frustrating because machines are old and break often-the ceiling used to leak on some of the machines, so those ones kind of suck too. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Management has made some good changes in the last year. Appliances and apartments are being renovated, and a new fence was just put up around the property. One of the cheaper places rent-wise, and it's right next to campus. Walls can seem a little thin and the amenities are basic, but it's pet friendly and plenty of visitor parking. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Lisa is the best property manager. She’s so accommodating and really wants the best for each resident. The leasing manager, Alicia, is super friendly as well. The apartments are nice and pretty spacious, especially the 4 bedroom townhome. Also the best prices around and right across from campus. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I don't live here but my best friend does and I am always here. I love this property and her apartment. Especially the pond. It is so relaxing to walk around the path area around it and they have a really pretty fountain that's in the middle of the pond. I am urging my best friend to renew so that I can possibly move in with her!
Feb 2019: This is an awesome condo. Great friendly staff, events periodically to residents, maintenance is on point! :)
Jan 2019: Disgusting place to live in. Walls are paper thin, you hear your upstairs neighbors coughing and talking. Second floor is RIDDLED with dead dragonflies, dust, bugs, and trash. I’ve even seen dog poop!!! Apartment 280 has a lot of dogs and I hear them running all hours of the night. Pool parties have loud music and screaming!!! Doesn’t stop until 4am! Cops won’t do anything. Terrible customer service and terrible neighbors. Won’t even take me off their emailing list long after I’ve moved out. no security, even had packages stolen. Solia is nice though. Only positive is that it’s CHEAP but it shows. Better off spending the extra money to live somewhere much nicer. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I really appreciate comments made here and am strongly relying on the costumers' rate. I am trying to change my friend's mind not to move here... I am writing this, hopefully, the management reads my comment and take necessary actions to keep customer satisfaction up. I am out when the customer satisfaction is neglected! Review from Google
Sep 2018: DO NOT MOVE HERE. Lisa shea the manager is by far the worst I have ever seen. My daughter live here while attending USF and would continuously call me about how nothing gets done when she puts in a service request or tells them about roach infestation. Six months later when moving my daughter out the place was unbelievable. Her apartment was infested with roaches. When I confronted the highly unprofessional unqualified leasing office they said “all we do is spray, if that doesn’t work sorry” MY little girl asked the every week to do something and they never did and here I though she was over reacting. This place is a s***hole. The staff should all be fired and retrained. I wish I could post pictures Review from Google
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Jul 2018: I went apartment searching one day last year and it was a nightmare! We searched all day long; and most places said we needed to make at least $2500 a month to qualify to live with them. Seriously..I’m a student. I technically had a job but couldn’t prove the income (with paychecks) at the time. We were going to give up after our 7th apartment complex. Urban place, however, was different from all the others. When we walked in the office, they welcomed us in and decided to work with us in our situation. They did our background checks, checked our bank accounts for assets, and for cash flow. And they accepted us. We got in on an unbelievably low security deposit, surprisingly with my newly established credit. They showed us a room, we signed the lease.. and now 1 year later are still very happy with where we live. We even signed the least Review from Google
Jun 2018: It's cheap because it's disgusting and a terrible place to live due to the lack of service. Review from Google
May 2018: Don’t live here. Upon moving in, my sliding door didn’t work, my porch roof was falling apart because it was rotting, my shower head came off, and I am paying for the upgraded apartment which is only half upgraded. I put in several work requests for the sliding door, and no one came. I ended up fixing it myself. One day, my bedroom door came off the wall. If maintenance actually shows up, they enter your apartment when you aren’t home (even though I said they could not do that on a form I had to fill out). I previously lived in a different apartment within urban place. In this apartment, the stove and oven caught on fire nearly every time I used it. There were plumbing issues causing water to come out of the ceiling and flood the entire apartment. When maintenance came to check out the plumbing issues, they looked around for about a min Review from Google
Mar 2018: Disgusting apartment complex. Too many loud neighbors n parties. Noisy maintenance. Rent is reasonable but they tact on so many extra fees its unbelievable. Rent elsewhere. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Let me tell you about this horrible place to live. I moved in August of 2016 and at first was very impressed. We had repairs taken care of on time and the staff was great. I am still a resident (stuck in a lease until July 2018 pray for me please). Then my husband and I made the terrible decision to have renovations done to our apartment in March 2017 (don't do it... Its a trap). They hired the worst contractors possible. At a point we where without heat for many days and my bearded dragon almost died. They comped some rent so we stayed and even decided to move into a 4 bedroom with some friends in August of 2017. Well we did the normal walk through of things that needed to be repaired because of the past residents etc. (We turned the paper in 2 weeks after we moved in) The repairs we requested were not even addressed until the end of Decemebe Review from Google
Dec 2017: Worst costumer service ever. the place is always dirty and people park illegally in the fire line which makes it hard for others who park legally to get out of our parking spots. The staff won’t do anytime about it. Also, the apartments are old and are basically falling apart. Only positives it’s cheap and close to Usf. Review from Google
Nov 2017: BEWARE. Maintenance issues left unattended since move in. Cockroach infestation that has yet to be dealt with. Paper thin walls disclose more about neighbors than ever wanted. Trash issue (pile up of trash outside containers) that has improved, due to a formal complaint with the county.. don't waste your money here. Review from Google
Jun 2017: Lived here 3 years, not bad other than thin walls so I've heard the elderly Hispanics snoring underneath me that whole time, but you get used to it. Weird mix of college and broke families but the families usually figure out living across the street from a major university at the cheapest apartment complex isn't the best of ideas. But if you're in my position, I enjoyed living here 10x I did living on campus my first year. don't let others bully you into living your life, and if schizophrenics come to your door asking for milk, etc, don't FALL FOR IT, it's just an excuse to get to know you and annoy you as much as possible before they're kicked out/arrested. EDIT: They've done two inspections to my apartment and they tried scheduling a third and I'm like nothings changed, you got measurements during the first one. Lost a star because they made Review from Google
Jun 2017: I have lived here for 4 years and have never had a single problem. It is very calm, you get your money's worth, and the rooms are much bigger than any other complex you will find around campus. Trust me I have done my research! I also live in the apartment above 117. In response to your complaints, Julie, yes we have dogs...that bark. We live in a DOG FRIENDLY apartment complex and enjoy meeting other neighbors that enjoy the love for dogs. Yes, the walls are a bit thin, but that is something that comes with living in an apartment complex. I have school from 8:00 AM and a job that starts at 6 PM and sometimes I do not arrive home until 1:00 AM. So yes, I am awake in the early morning usually trying to find some free time in my own house to relax and spend time with my roommates. You came to complain exactly twice and we apologized and explaine Review from Google
Apr 2017: Terrible apartments! Old buildings with super thin walls! Literally had a hole in my ceiling for a month and the office keeps telling me they're doing an "emergency work order".. (sure you are). I would not recommend to anyone Review from Google
May 2016: I have really enjoyed my experience here at Urban Place. It is a huge step up from where I was living the past two years. The office staff are always helpful and I have never had an issue with safety. My apartment was clean when we moved in and we have never had a problem with bugs in our apartment. I had roach traps ready to set down because of my previous apartment but I have never had to use them at Urban Place. If I were staying in Tampa, I would continue to live at Urban Place, but I would relocate to an apartment that wasn't near the pool. Sometimes people have parties till late hours, but you will get that at most college apartments. Also, it's pet friendly! :) Review from 5/3/16 on Google
Nov 2015: This PLACE is a complete nightmare! And If you have children don't even think about it..! -Management seems to have NO rules and NO respect at all. Very unprofessional. I really wonder what the maintenance staff do all day? -i lived on the second floor and Stairs and hallways are dirty. Most of the times I woke up to empty cans of beers on the stairs. The walls and floors have bees hexagons,spider webs and just dead bugs everywhere. The mail boxes you cant even barely touch them because of how much bugs on them. Its just disgusting. The pool area always has trash on the ground. Review from 11/8/15 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2015: Urban Place is not terrible, but you also get what you pay for. I've been living here for 2 years and I can't say that I have had any terrible experiences. They have recently renovated the pool area which is nice. Parking: I personally have not had a problem, however make sure that you get an apartment on the outside of the loop, away from 50th street. The center apartments, as well as the ones along 50th never have parking at night. Security: There is very minimal security here. With that being said, I have never felt in danger either. Review from 4/8/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2015: I seriously love this place, it is the perfect home away from home and the personable staff becomes like family. If you need something fixed or looked at the maintenance responds immediately, which was something that was always an issue at our old complexes. There are contests and raffles and holiday festivities. Not to mention it is steps away from campus and bus stops right in front of the property. Seriously, don't miss out on this awesome complex and amazing move in specials. Review from 3/20/2015 on Apartment Ratings

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