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Mar 2019: The apartments look fantastic and extremely clean, plus in a nice area. Brandon was great on our apartment tour! Shared loads of informations with us, was very down to earth about all the details, and made the experience of even better. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I've lived here for two years. Management has gone down hill steadily. My AC was broken the entire month of February as the maintenance staff is pretty much unavailable. If you have a complaint throw it in the trash because they will fall on deaf ears. The property manager which you have to be in contact with by law is unreachable, all the staff are basically useless at helping with issues as their hands are tied by poor policy and management. If you can get past that expect to pay rent that is much higher than it was when I signed. Expect pay at least $30 to $40 in electricity overages per person in your apartment unless you want to live with AC at 80 degrees, or have only one working light bulb. The inefficient appliances like the refrigerator, mini fridges, and over 10 year old AC units will be sure to make your bank account bleed. Then finally on top of all of this there is no longer a drop box for rent, so if the unreliable staff decide to not come in to work today expect a few late fees on your rent that month Review from Google
Mar 2019: The management needs work. They’re very unorganized, almost brutish. Poor interactions. Should hire some more handymen. They are very slow getting to work orders. Gym is lacking at north but south is newly renovated. On the bright side, the non-management staff is great I’ve had great experience with them, Brandon is very charismatic individual definitely knows how to sell. The apartments are well furnished and offer a great amount of space for the cost. Location is pretty prime, you’re within walking distance everywhere. Great bang for you buck, but don’t expect luxury treatment. Best of luck. All in all I’m enjoying my time here. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Brandon was very helpful with getting the information I needed for my Nephew. He was a pleasure dealing with, great staff.
Feb 2019: The new management of the complex is actually very helpful and quick in responding to requests. I had a few minor incidents in the complex and management was determined to help me as soon as possible. The complex itself is beautiful and very quiet. The apartments themselves are decent and with the upgrades there’s really nothing negative about them. I would say that the only downside is the entrance gate. It’s supposed to be a gated community but it’s rarely closed even at night.
Jan 2019: Brandon was very helpful in showing us around the place. Very detailed tour. would recommend 10/10 Review from Google
Jan 2019: I wasn’t sure that I was going to move here but I’m glad I’m did. The desk clerk Britney was of much help & understandable when it came to finalizing paperwork. Estactic to be moving into this complex!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I went on a tour here about a week ago, and it was great. Brandon was my tour guide and was super friendly, I ended up going somewhere else due to work location purposes, but is still a very nice place. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: Great apartment complex if only they had the customer service to match it. I had an exploding microwave that was never truly addressed and took forever to get fixed. Also, good luck reaching them on the phone as their phone lines are either never working or they’re too short staffed to pick it up and when they do pick up don’t be surprised if the “manager” happens to hang up on you. The carpets and main area were never actually cleaned before move in and look disgusting. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I Went on a tour with Brandon and it was honestly amazing!!! I’m definitely looking foward to finding a place here next year. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The property was clean and kept up really well. Came in for a tour today and Brandon was very helpful and answered all questions. Very respectful and knowledgeable. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I toured with Brandon!! He gave an awesome tour and definitely gave me much interest in rooming here very soon! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Did a tour with Brandon today with a few friends. He’s a very nice and friendly tour guide and the apartment complex is very nice for the price of rent. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I took a tour with Brando, He was awesome he helps us to found new apartment . He explan for us about apartment Review from Google
Nov 2018: Britney did an amazing job getting me all squared away so I could move into my apartment as soon as possible. I wasn’t physically there in the area to make things easier on my part but she made that process a lot easier and less stressful for me. Couldn’t ask for anyone else to assist me with that process. Review from Google
Nov 2018: University LinQ been outstanding before and since arrival. Britney has been great help in all areas. Went above in beyond in helping me get everything I needed done in accomplishing a spot in north. Anything I questioned about. Britney provided great information. Got things done in a timely manner. Britney also great with communicating with me on was going on. If you ever need assistance getting into the University LinQ. Britney is the person who will get it done. I love how the place provides a great atmosphere to be in. The apt has big rooms and big closet place. Awesome people and roommates. I plan on renewing my lease for a another term. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Great service overall!! I went on a tour a for the second time today. Phillip was of much help and showed us all the amenities and great deals University Linq has to offer for south campus. However this was my first time visiting the north campus, once again I was warmly welcomed by Maggie who showed us around! Such a great staff and community I would definitely recommend this to a friend!! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have only lived here a month but so far it's been a great experience I got in at a good price and I love my room and my roommates are awesome Review from Google
Oct 2018: Please do not live here!!! I don't have anything nice to say about this place. To begin, our apartment was not move in ready. There was dirt everywhere and it was obvious someone did the bare minimum to clean it. We had horrible couches that had large holes in it, our living room fan did not work, and my roommates did not have chairs for their rooms. The carpet had muddy footprints and was so full of dust both me and my roommate were sick for days. We were also never told to buy a router prior to moving in. After getting the router we tried setting it up but it still was not working because of a security port. After 2 months of dealing with this we finally were able to use our wifi. Because we are paying for this service in our rent we asked for our rent to be pro-rated. I sent an email to both the manager and assistant manager and o Review from Google
Aug 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE WORST PLACE EVER money stolen by matience and was told there’s nothing we can do about it
Jul 2018: Honestly, the only issue we had before was the AC Unit. It would get extremely hot during the summer but management changed after that and I was going to write them a nasty review, but there have been a lot of changes. I would renew, but I’m moving closer to my work across town. Someone mentioned utilities being high yes that’s true, but the most we payed was 45 in utilities/person. Keep it at 73 during the day(kind of warm) 66 at night(feels like 70) and you should expect to pay about the same. Otherwise, management is very understanding. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Worst college housing experience I have had yet. Very unorganized and unfriendly management. The apartments are extremely filthy with broken furniture and water damage. The prices they charge are ridiculous compared to what you actually get. The office does not open when they say the open and management is constantly leaving early. You are better off living in the streets. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Ever since they changed to ULinq, the north location gets absolutely nothing. So don’t move to the north location. The office is closed every day and they spend all their money renovating the south location and giving them free food. I cannot wait to get out of here.
May 2018: I would honestly give this place zero stars if I could. Living in Campus Club North has been an absolute nightmare. Aside from seeing so-so reviews I still signed because I was bribed with a $250 gift card. I now realize that this is their only way to lure in student residents. Upon move in there were dead MUTANT sized roaches scattered on my carpet and in my bathroom, and when I reported it to the office one of the staff gladly informed me that it was probably "my fault" and the consequence of my lifestyle in my room. RUDE. To add to this I then noticed I had a leaky pipe and mold growing on my dry wall under my sink. I filed a maintenance report for them to only come out and spray the mold which surely reappeared within in days. As if this wasn't bad enough already, in April Campus Club's carpet cleaning company "Bowden's" (a company who saw Review from Google
Mar 2018: UPDATE: if you move in room D on ANY floor in the second building all you hear is the air conditioning vents from outside 24/7!!! It’s impossible to sleep when you can’t block the noise. You also have to close your bathroom door so you won’t hear the washer and dryer. & you pay the same as everyone else who gets a good sleep at night. Also what ever they say you’ll be paying monthly add at least $12 to it for insurance. & simple bills every moth which is separate (you don’t pay them together) and varies. So after reading you do the math and see if it’s worth it. I moved here in January. The staff is wonderful and that is where the one star comes from. Very spacious, comes with mini fridge in room and could be a nice place to live. However. The apartments are trash and the maintenance is horrible. In a few years these apartments wil Review from Google

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