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Mar 2019: I want to give a shout out to Amanda in the office and Dustin, Zack & Paul in maintenance. My washing machine was leaking and I called today around 1:30pm and bam, by 3:00pm washing machine replaced and working beautifully! I was blown away that this literally was accomplished in less than 2 hours!!! Thanks again team!!! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Haven’t signed a lease yet, but as far as staff goes, my partner and I just toured with Amanda and it was absolutely wonderful! She was so nice and informative and there wasn’t a moment that we weren’t smiling or laughing. we checked out the 1x1 apartment which exceeded our expectations. the kitchen looked wonderful with new appliances and clean, open counters. the bedroom and bath looked comfy and the livingroom cozy. After our tour, my partner and I walked the property. The lake was lovely, there’s hammocks, decks, and parks for all kinds of fun and relaxing things. We’re going to check out other student apartments, but this one has set the bar! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Lovely and quite place, cozy room and nice people in the leasing office 😍 From the beginning I felt like at home and the staff helped me a lot with my issues.
Feb 2019: Very nice community to live in..beautiful lake view with lots of amenities. I've never had any major issues during my stay. All three (3) maintence men have always been very quick & respectful of my space. Talk to Amanda, Oscar, or Alejandra in the leasing office. They were able to make my experience with ulake a breeze from start to finish!
Feb 2019: These 5 stars are for the hard workers at ULake; the maintenance crew. Dustin, Zach, and Paul are very professional and quick to respond to maintenance work orders. They are easy going and they listen to any additional things one did not put in the work order. They fix stuff right then and there. Top notch crew and their customer service, teamwork, and professionalism go a long way!!!
Feb 2019: Overall, I do & have recommended living in this apartment to friends. With reasonable, all inclusive rates for rent & a beautiful community, this place is nice to live. Review from Google
Jan 2019: If you are looking for the best in student living look no further than ULake. My experience at ULake was by far been the best I've had in any apartment community. On top of the great amenities and beautiful property the staff is top notch. Every single staff member is incredibly personable and professional. From the management team in Kelly, Alejandra and Dustin to the office and maintenance teams of Amanda, Anjelica, Oscar, Paul and Zach. I also loved the fact that these units are all inclusive so you pay only one bill (rent) and that it. No utility bill ever and no overages! Check out ULake! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I am a previous resident of Ulake apartments and I never really got the chance to leave a review. I wanted to first move out and make sure everything was cleared out with no issues. I lived here for a year and honestly I cannot say I had horrible experiences . It is a solid place to live at and it has decent prices if your willing to have a roommate, otherwise it’s expensive . I did have issues with front office/maintenance but just once and that was towards the end over a fridge incident. Also, I had an ant issue but besides this, maintenance was always quick and I never once felt unsafe here as a female resident living alone, which is the most important factor for me. They do a lot for the residents too which was cool, their was always events and free giveaways . This is just based off my experience and I felt the need to let others know Review from Google
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Dec 2018: The community is nice but two winters in a row I’ve experienced the same problem with this complex regarding the heating system. U Lakes controls when residents can switch from AC to heat and they wait until it’s nearly freezing to allow residents to use heat in their apartments. It’s exactly 40 degrees outside this morning and it was several degrees colder last night. In a small apartment with tile floors and drafty windows and doors it’s gets really cold in here... if you switch your thermostat to heat and they haven’t turned it on yet, expect cold hair blowing out of the vents. Bring lots of blankets with you if you’re here in the winter. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I’d stay away. The unit itself was not great, walls had paint chipping everywhere and the fake wood floor was in awful condition. The kitchen has no counter space to do anything if you want to cook a somewhat complex meal. The washer/dryer can be heard from the whole apartment - they put a flimsy folding door in front of them which does nothing to block the sound. Having hot water for showers was very inconsistent. The gates to get in to the complex almost never worked - management always said they would fix them but even after “fixing” them they would not be working a week later. The walls are extremely thin and I could hear the people below me argue. There are some shady people in the area as well. Not to mention the worst of it all. They do limited in person walk throughs at the end of your lease and if you miss the tiny window then Review from Google
Nov 2018: BEWARE: If I could I would give them 0 stars so let's start there. From the moment I moved into the apartment I had problems. My roommate moved in days before me and told me they had no key to my room and my room was locked. I informed them of this issue and let them know the date that I would be moving in. When I got there of course they didn't change the locks they only gave me 2 different keys to try to open and when those keys didn't work though I figured they wouldn't they had to change the locks this took a good hour or 2 which delayed me moving in. I was annoyed because they should've had it ready but once I actually moved my belongings that's when I had the filthiest experience I have ever had in student housing. The apartment was INFESTED with ROACHES. The roaches were all throughout the kitchen. I literally couldn't put anything down Review from Google
Nov 2018: Generally quiet place to live but they definitely do not make sure everyone is a student. When I moved in my apartment was filthy. I spent days cleaning it after management was "so confused" as to why it was never cleaned. Over the course of the year, I only had a few complaints about the office staff and maintenance. Before I moved out, I spent hours cleaning, not only the common area but my room as well. Now I am getting over a $100 "cleaning" bill from these people. Just another shotty, money hungry college apartment. How about I send them a bill for all of the times I couldn't shower because the water was turned off, or during the winter when it was freezing cold in the apartment but because the outside temperature wasn't low enough, they refused to turn on the heat. Yeah, they don't tell you that but during the winter you can't get heat u Review from Google
Nov 2018: very bad, most of my stay the bathroom were broken. the gym is useless, they are equipment but they are 9 month of the year broken neither the pools. the hammock broken most of the time. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Love ulake..the management, staff, maintenance, and community are one of a kind. It's beautiful affordable and I love how involved the community is! Review from Google
Oct 2018: This is getting out of hand at this point. I can probably take a HOT shower once a month here. Things out of my apartment are being stolen on a regular basis and I don’t think the staff really care about the people here. I’m not really sure what I’m paying for here other than being able to sit on my couch, watch tv or sleep. Don’t do any sweating here. You won’t be able to shower. I really don’t even want to get started on the leaking roof. That’s been like that for a little while now and no one wants to do anything. good luck living here Review from Google
Oct 2018: I lived here for two years. During that time my power went out at least 15 times. There’s duck poop covering every inch of the sidewalk. The gates never work. What pushed me over the edge here is that this places wallpaper was so old and crappy that just standard posters and double sided tape ripped huge chunks of wallpaper off and now they’re trying to charge me almost 300$ to repaint the room. I think there are some dumpsters you can live in up the road that would be better than this place. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I wish there was a option for me to give 0 stars because this place honestly deserves it. I’ve lived at college courts, campus palms, the social, 40/50 and this is the worst of the worst!! I pay rent and still don’t live here because this place is trash and they refuse to fix their BUG PROBLEMS. I have complained since last year. The pest control people have told me the issue is from next door, yet they still don’t do anything about it. Don’t get me wrong the people at the front are nice and all but that doesn’t fix my bug problem does it? I can’t even eat in my own apartment... HOW IS THAT FAIR?!! Anyways thank god my lease ends next month. I hope whoever reads this does not sign here.. it’s really not worth it even if you’re getting a good deal, trust me don’t give this place business. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The best place.Very recommend. They have good services and they won't charge you unreasonable fees. On the first day I moved in, they gave moving gift. I really like the Disinfecting Wipes. It's very thoughtful. But don't park cars in front the leasing office at midnight. Towing company will come. Review from Google
May 2018: [updated 5/2018] I've enjoyed living at ULake Apartments, though there are the occasional issues with power and water being shut off. can't really beat the price and location though - it's very convenient if you're a USF student. The office staff is fantastic - Brittnee, Oscar, and Amanda are all wonderful and quick to help me if I have an issue! Alejandra and Kelly are also pretty great. I love the events that ULake holds for residents - they're a lot of fun. Review from Google
May 2018: I've lived here for around a year and I have to say everything has been fantastic. Amanda the leasing agent has been helpful and informative my whole stay, and goes the extra mile to inform me and other residents of events being hosted within the community. The office is excellent at calling residents by their names. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Part of the electricity has been out since yesterday afternoon and the oven, stove, and fridge are off. They have been working extremely slow to fix this problem and alleviate the burden it's having on us. I'm about to lose money on groceries I just spent a few days prior yet they have the audacity to raise rent for next year. don't move here, this is common along with the water consistently turning off. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I like living at University Lakes. The front office never gives me any problems, they are always respectful and helpful. Monica is amazing and super sweet. The maintenance men are kind and always take care of any issues I have in the apartment quickly! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I implore you to do yourself a favor and not move into this place. They do a wonderful job of making it look like a great deal on the front end tour, and the cable/internet inclusion is a nice touch. However, after 8 months of maintence issusues, lost packages, lazy office staff, and unkept grounds I am at my wits end with this place. Dog waste can be found all over the ground anywhere you walk. The gate has not worked properly in the 8 months I’ve lived here and the stories I’ve heard are that it was an issue long before I got here. The tap water smells like sulfur all the time. Bugs are a regular problem. The list of complaints is endless; I never take time to write reviews but I figured this might actually save someone from a bad year. Spend a little extra money or take a little worse commute, I promise it is not worth it to stay here. Review from Google
Mar 2018: At first glance, the community is beautiful and well-kept. The office staff are nice and help. The dog parks are great for pet owners and all utilities are included with your rent. However, after my first year here, I would not recommend this complex for one major reason: management that does not know how to manage. I have been living here since Fall 2017 and I own a vehicle that is registered with the complex (parking decal and everything). Last weekend, my car was wrongfully towed because my parking decal wasn't "there". They took a picture of my car and it was indeed not there, but I would have been towed in the fall if I didn't have a decal on my car? Why would I purposefully remove a decal off my own car? I live there and know that I need a decal clearly displayed on my vehicle. I assumed someone either stole it off my car or the towing Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have lived here for 4 years now and I love it. This particular community is very quiet and laid back. Office staff are nice and friendly. Maintenance is awesome and friendly and try to get things done in a timely fashion. only issue i have is the rent keeps going up. But I love it here and love my neighbors. Review from Google

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