- 12 month lease
1 bedroom in 5+ beds 5+ baths.

I need someone to take over my lease that begins August 2022. My unit is a 👩 female-only unit, so it’s not 👨👩 coed. The place has been fairly safe, and I haven’t had to worry about anyone going in the stairwell since there’s multiple security cameras throughout the buildings and each stairwell level that all work.

- Amenities are included such as a rooftop beach-entry 🏊 pool with hammocks, a sauna, ⛽gas 🍔 grills, 24hr study rooms, and a fully equipped gym. These are all kept 🎇clean.

- The apartment comes fully furnished with a balcony, and the bedroom comes with a desk and chair, bed and mattress, and a dresser that can come apart and be put under the bed or stacked and put in the closet.

- The bathroom, living room, kitchen, and the hallways have vinyl floors, while the bedroom is carpeted.

- Maintenance is quick and reliable when I’ve needed them, but in the 1.5 years I’ve lived here, I’ve only needed them once (to replace the batteries in the door lock to the bedroom).

- The staff are polite and friendly, and they usually help you immediately. If they don’t answer your call/help you out at the front desk right away, that’s because there’s a line of people.

- There is a Bullrunner 🚍 bus stop right in front of the building and a Winn-Dixie grocery store within 5min 🚶 walking distance.

- There is a parking garage, and it is well lit.

- The internet is fast and reliable. It’s only gone down twice since I’ve moved in, and it was back up before the next day.

⚽Square ft² for 5+ by 5+
5 beds x 3 baths: 1390 sqft
5 beds x 5 baths: 1531-1565 sqft

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