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The Social at South Florida

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Jul 2019: This is a great place. Is better than living on campus. The leasing agents are awesome. a nice place to live at while in college Review from Google
Jul 2019: Wow, this place is amazing! Just to think I get to live at a place this nice and it didn’t hurt my pockets $$$. I’m big on Quality and this place is definitely worth it. The staff is amazing The customer service was on 10 and they were so informative that I never had to mention my expectations. Loved it Review from Google
Jul 2019: Great customer service and I love the amenities! Also, they have lots of dope resident events and if it's free it's for ME! Shoutout to Kimberly! She's very kind and knowledgeable. I always get the sense that she genuinely cares when we interact. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Went in for a tour this past weekend. The office was clean and was beautifully decorated. The leasing staff was very helpful. They toured me around the amenities and the model. I absolutely love the amenities they have and how spacious the rooms are. I am definitely choosing The Social to call home. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Went in for a tour this past weekend. The office was clean and was beautifully decorated. The leasing staff was very helpful. They toured me around the amenities and the model. I absolutely love the amenities they have and how spacious the rooms are. I am definitely choosing The Social to call home. Review from Google
Jun 2019: The Social is the best student living facility in the Tampa area by far. The staff is so nice and helpful, and the apartments are fantastic. You truly get the most value for the price. Review from Google
Jun 2019: I toured The Social and fell in LOVE! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful! They took the time to understand my needs! Their amenities are awesome! They have everything you need! Look no Further! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Maintenance is always very quick to respond to your complaints. Usually if I make a report in the early morning, someone will be there at some point throughout the day. If I make it while I’m at work I can rest assured that someone will be there to take a look at whatever I made the complaint about by the following day. I have to make special mention for Santiago, he is a hard worker and very helpful! I spoke to him regarding a situation and he went out of his way to take care of the issue and made sure I was happy with his work. I must say I was happy with the result! Everyone in the leasing office is super nice and they seem to honestly want to make living there a pleasant experience. I really would recommend The Social. Review from Google
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Apr 2019: This place was outstanding with their customer service! Anytime we walked into the clubhouse area we were greeted with a warm welcome from one of their employees named Kat. We also were treated with respect and really assisted with our issues. The Social has definitely exceeded my expectations and their staff perfectly compliments their brand! You guys are great! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I went into The Social apartments about 2 weeks ago or so with 2 of my friends who are looking for a place to live around the USF area and I had an easy pleasant experience. We were helped by Simone, very amiable lady. She was helpful and insightful, definitely knew what she was doing. Apartments are spacious, nice style, and clean. Great place to look into! Review from Google
Mar 2019: The Social and its staff are absolutely wonderful. Searching for student housing can be a stressful experience, but this apartment complex takes all of that away. The property itself is absolutely beautiful, and unlike other leasing offices the professionals at the Social are quite happy to help you. I spoke with Rachel and she provided me with one of the most helpful and positive customer service experiences I have ever been a part of- it made my day! Keep up the great work! Review from Google
Mar 2019: My roommate and I turned to the Social when we became extremely frustrated with our current off campus student housing. We met Kimberly who gave us a tour and kindly answered any questions we had and we were sold! The property is lovely, the staff is incredibly helpful (I’m looking at you, Kimberly), and the pricing was unbeatable for the value of what we are getting. We are so excited to live here!! Review from Google
Feb 2019: The only reason I’m giving this place a onestar is because some of the staff are very friendly other than that this place is HELL! I live in a four by four. When I moved in there was a leak in the water closet. The maintenance had placed a bucket there to collect the water and by the time I moved in the water was overflowing and the entire area was full of rust. They came and emptied the water and fixed the leak, but didn’t clean the mess or dispose of the bucket. Their “valet” trash is some guy riding around in a pickup truck collecting the trash. Also if you have boxes or loose items that won’t fit in a trash bag, you have to walk it to the trash yourself, which completely defeats the point of “valet”.The raccoons are rampant and often get into the trash, but don’t worry because you get charged when that happens and the workers don’t clean it up. There are constantly chicken bones and trash outside my front door Review from Google
Feb 2019: I live here and the staff is amazing! I go to Kim for everything I love her and her positive attitude every day! The maintenance is also very quick and helpful! Jr. came the same day a request was put in and helped fix an issue that was beyond the socials control!
Jan 2019: I want to recommend this apartment for anyone looking for not only a great place to live, but also great management. I had something pop up and I needed a place ASAP. Kimberly Mendoza answered my call and was very patient and helpful getting me through the application process. I was in a major hurry. She also took the time to talk to me and matched me with a roommate who is extremely compatible with me. The gym is fantastic and I love the flat rate for utilities, no guessing. Thanks! Great team and leader in Miss Mendoza.
Jan 2019: This place is amazing. The layout is beautiful and the staff is wonderful. Kimberly Mendoza went way above and beyond to help give insightful information and answer any questions I had. She was patient and very informative. Kimberly is what makes the place very welcoming, and is a great example of what a worker should be like.
Jan 2019: I am so excited to live at this complex! Due to issues that have come up at my current apartment I have been on the hunt for a new home and I was so lucky to stumble across The Social! As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a warm smile from the leasing manager, Ms. Kimberly Mendoza. She could tell I was flustered and was ready to help right away. She took my roommate and I on a personal tour and really showed us what it was like to be a resident here. Along the tour we ran into current residents who had nothing but praise for this complex. Kimberly then helped us step by step complete our application, sign our lease, and answered questions we had arise along the way. Everything about this location seems perfect! The staff were all extremely helpful and were really dedicated to resident success and happiness, the prices were great, and it's very close to the USF campus. If you're still on the search for an apartment like I was, definitely stop by the Social and take a tour Review from Google
Jan 2019: The Social is a beautiful place to live! I love utilizing all of their amenities, especially the outdoor pool and grilling area. If you have a problem, maintenance is very fast to respond and the staff is super friendly. I also love the fact that you don't have to pay for electricity! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I thought moving out to the Social would be a great idea, but i very wrong. The maintenance people are always high driving around running stop signs. Ive almost ran them over a couple of times now. If you get home after 8pm good luck parking cause there is none. Ive been trying to get out of my lease forever now, and the office won't help at all. In the lease it says provide a 30 day written notice, but when i tried they told me i had to find a new tenant to take over my lease. Who in their right mind would pay 1300$ just to take over my lease for 6 months. Its not fair to me that i cant even move out when I literally need to move. My situation is so messed up and the office has provided no help what so ever. Another thing is if you want privacy, you have none. The office always sends sketchy guys to come into my bedroom to make sure im follow Review from Google
Jan 2019: Visited this property after touring their sister property The Ivy and I was just as impressed! Justin took us through their clubhouse and showed us their new renovations and talked us through their 2x2 and 4x4 floor plans. Very friendly office staff and great “upscale” vibe . I would definitely recommend ! Review from Google
Jan 2019: This place is amazing! Very well maintained and clean. The maintenance team normally helps us with in the same day of our request and office staff stays in contact with us to let us know what’s going on! Friendly staff all the way around as soon as you walk in the door. The Manger definitely runs the property and staff in a performance of excellence! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love how easy everything is at The Social! I was able to do my application and lease online. Now I'm able to pay rent and submit maintenance issues online too. Makes it super easy to do anything! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Salutations ~ 5 stars to Elsa Jimenez ! I've had the fortunate opportunity to meet her. And during our interactions you could tell she was deeply invested in bringing excellence to the resident experience. Keep up the great work Elsa Review from Google
Jan 2019: The social is a great place stay for anyone who goes to USF. As an out of state student their staff was extremely helpful in my leasing process and it was super convenient because we could do everything online. They're definitely worth serious consideration. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Pretty cool place for college kids. I took my first tour of USF then looked at places to live. A friend of mine from high school stays here and I thought I would go visit. I love the area where the kids can hang out, looks like I would fit in here. Review from Google

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