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$689 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 5/10/22 - 3 months. Hi! I’m looking for a female sublease to take over my room in a 4x4. The rent is $689. The access to bull runner is just outside the province. Amenities include gym, pool, student lounge etc. please message if interested!...Read More

$699 - 1 in 3 beds x 3 baths

Move in 5/1/22 - 3 months. Looking to Sublease my apartment at the Province over the summer (May-July). It is a 3x3 meaning you get your own bathroom and a kitchen that you share with two other roommates. Rent is $699 a month Place is super clean and right by USF Includes...Read More

The Province Info

The Province is within walking distance to USF, while also on the USF Bull Runner route. You can pick from 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartment styles. Given The Province is a USF student friendly community you can find all inclusive rent, individual l...Read More Details

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