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The Province

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Dec 2019: Thats a good place !!!
Oct 2019: Living here is nice. The Mongaloids in 18304 on the North side only know how to walk on their heels and fe fi fo fum for hours at the dumbest times of day. But yeah other that the grown adults living above me that walk like toddlers, pretty nice place! Review from Google
Sep 2019: Notice to current Province residents: When you move out of The Province at the end of the lease and your apartment had inferior cheap BONDED LEATHER living room furniture they will charge you for their purchasing agent mistake! * see photo’s below* Bonded leather has to be conditioned (maintenance) ever 6 months or IT WILL PEEL. If you question the charges by contacting Erin Steel (Assistant General Manager) she will state it's not average aging but abuse on your part and owe for their poor choice in furnishings! $60.00 for a Bonded Leather Chair Cushion due to peeling. The Province charged $575.01 for the Sofa due to a dent in the middle cushion? There were no additional move out charges. The Province is very close to USF campus, never lost electricity when Hurricane Irma (September 2017) made landfall over Marco Island, FL. Overall a great experience at USF a
Sep 2019: Note to current residents: When you begin to move out of The Province and your leased apartment had inferior BONDED LEATHER living room furniture they will charge you for the mistake they made! Bonded leather has to be conditioned (maintenance) ever 6 months or IT WILL PEEL. If you question the charges by contacting Erin Steel (Assistant General Manager) she will say state it's not average aging (as if you caused the bonded leather to peel) and owe the charges! 📌$60.00 for Cushion📌 Was also charged for the Sofa because of a dent in the middle cushion? 📌$575.01📌 There were no additional charges. The Province is close to campus, never lost electricity when Hurricane Irma (September 2017) made landfall over Marco Island, FL overall great living and USF experience! Go Bulls Review from Google
Jul 2019: no words to say. that is too funny. and stu** management team. i think they should change the whole team. the place is nice. just the people who work in the office too ***. everything can not negotiable. everyone may have something emergence. the thing should be flexible. they are **** Review from Google
Jul 2019: I’ve lived her for 3 years and I’ve regretted it every year. Honestly the place is horrible with payments. I never actually paid the rent price but way above it. The apartments always had something wrong with them and maintenance never comes. My stove was acting up and when we called to get it fixed they never came until there was a fire that destroyed most of the oven. During a hurricane the rain destroyed most of our walls and had big machines come in to fix it and they still charged us high electricity bill for there machines. Parking sucks there is not enough parking for residents that sometimes you have to park in in visitors parking if it isn’t already full. They recently just changed the floor and it was very inconvenient to all of its residents, there was a thick layer of dust every where, and we had to be gone all day from our apartments, when we came back all our stuff was move and my bedroom was set up in a completely different way leaving me no space to put my boxes anywhere, and the floor people left my wall super dirty so let’s hope I don’t get charged for that because they will charge you for everything Review from Google
Jul 2019: The province is a pretty good place to live in , maintenance is great whenever I had an issue they fixed it the same day or next . The first issue I had here was how high the electricity bill would be because although we get a cap it's nearly impossible to stay below that cap amount. so we always had to pay overages the average was 20 dollars a month which is outrageous . Other than that I had no major issues until now which is why I am writing my review . One of my roommates moved out early and left the pantry, cabinet and fridge full of her food including weeks old leftovers . Not only that but she left her bathroom trash in the kitchen with open condoms in it . My other roommates and I were disgusted by all this and found it extremely unfair to have to clean her mess . So we went to the office and told a girl the situation she was super nice and told us she was sorry and that we need to email the manager and send her pictures Review from Google
Jul 2019: if you wanna randomly step on snakes and have to pack up your stuff 10 days before you actually move out for floor remodeling (where the workers feel free to touch and use your personal belongings), MOVE HERE!!! I loved when I got home and all my stuff was DUSTY no matter how high or hidden it was!! FUN STUFF!! oh yea and did i mention the great pleasure i get when the wifi randomly goes out?? oh yeaaaaaaa!! clear skies, green grass, but the wifi wont work!! writing this message to all of you after being woken up at 8am to leave my area for these workers. oh and that's not the best part, they decided that the water bottles i left in the kitchen were either for them to consume and if not them, the water case just seemed to connect really well to the ice maker in the freezer!! Not to mention it's finals week (((((: So yea I am here thirsty as hell and patiently waiting for the only water (not about to drink from the DUSTY tap) i have available to THAW Review from Google
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May 2019: Visited several possibilities and this was the best. Friendly staff, clean and organized. We believe it's the perfect place and close to Campus Review from Google
May 2019: Visited several possibilities and this was the best. Friendly staff, clean and organized. We believe it's the perfect place and close to Campus Review from Google
Apr 2019: I had been live here about 2 years. Also this is my first time comment on Google. But I must say The Province it is the BEST ONE. Here is away from my best memories. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I spoke with Gina today about possibly moving in this summer. She went above and beyond explaining to me all the options for apartments and how I would go about applying for Fall and potentially picking up a lease for Summer. After our conversation I'm now looking forward to living there. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Ask for Gina at The Province. She is intelligent, articulate, fully knowledgeable about all aspects of the rental process and highly professional. You're in trusted competent hands with Gina! Thank you so much.
Feb 2019: This place has a has a great maintenance crew. I've been here for 2 years they have never been disappointed me. They come over same day that you call. They always clean up after themselves and never your place a mess. Thanks guys😁😁
Feb 2019: If I could give this a zero star I would. The staff are terrible and not helpful, if you are locked out of your apartment because their GATE LOCK is terrible they won't help!! All they care is to get their money and nothing else. Everything they tell you when you come and look at their apartments is a lie. I lived here for few years and I can tell you this out of experience. Even if you think it is an amazing complex, many things you wont be allowed to do out of hours, such as chilling with your friends by the bbq area they will kick you out. Also, the game area closes early and their locks are always not working to their 24/7 gym, unless you are lucky to find someone to open the door for you. HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE! their electricity is always a pain and VERY EXPENSIVE to afford. They will never hear to any problem you are facing, and when you request a maintenance you will have to beg them to come and get it fixed also even if you are dying they wont send anyone during the weekend, once I had to live for 3 days without electricity and it was during the summer Review from Google
Feb 2019: I don’t live here yet but from people that I know I’ve heard nothing but good things. Any issues I’ve heard were minor and were basically the same issue across all of the student apartments. When signing the leave we kind of just signed to quickly for a 4/4 but then realized we needed a 3/3 and Dillion, who works at the desk, was super helpful in contacting the manager and getting her to get us a new lease. Without him we wouldn’t have been able to be stress free about the lease because we would’ve gotten someone random. Thanks Dillion!
Jan 2019: I’ve lived here 2 years and everything was fine the first year so I resigned my lease which I have never regretted more. Everything has gone downhill; the office staff, amenities and overall quality. They raised their prices steeply, if you’re going to pay that high of a price for rent then pay it somewhere else. You will end up paying about $15 more a month in utility overages, so include that mentally in the price they tell you. The Furniture is so old it breaks from sitting in it, the grounds are disgusting with stains from who knows what everywhere and the AC breaks every other month. They decided to switch WiFi providers the first week of classes, and it still doesn’t work. The office staff has lost my mail and checks before. The hired security company came to my front door, cursed at me and threatened to push my friend down the sta Review from Google
Jan 2019: Management is seriously the worst I have seen, don’t bother going to them if you have any problems with your apartment or roommates as they will do nothing. They will avoid speaking with you for weeks that’s right not days, weeks, if you come to the office or email them personally about issues that even included photographs. Only thing they do is tell you to call the police instead of doing their actual job. If I could give them one star I would. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I would not recommend this apt complex!! They add excessive “overage fees” to your account each month. The 699.00 rent was to include 29.00 of electricity for each person but they will add much more to your account and will not allow you to pay your rent without paying the extra they have charged because they do not take partial payments. The bedrooms do nor even have ceiling lights. It would seem impossible to have such a high light bill in a small apt when many students are gone for weeks at a time durning school breaks. Many other issues. Very unhappy!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: The Province is nice place to stay while recieving your education. The property manager and the leasing agents were very helpful throughout my time of stay. I currently move two weeks ago. One advice in which I recommend to Property Manager is finding another company to handle security for the property. Signal 88 Security is very unprofessional. The dark skin short security guard who be in their company vehicle be sleeping on property for extending period of time. He be park in the center of road at times. I have to blow my horn in order to wake him up to move. Another light skin security officer who have a scarf on top of his head which works on weekends be speeding through the parking lot in their company vehicle and texting on his phone. He doesn't pay attention to the road. Its hard to reach dispatch at times when a probelm occur on pr Review from Google
Nov 2018: UPDATE: They charged me $150 for "carpet stains" which were most certainly there before I moved in. It's common knowledge that Province doesn't clean their units before move-in. On move-in day there was someone in the office complaining that their mattress and carpet were soiled and stained and that their pantry was full of rotten food. Province should not be blaming other people for dirt and stains in apartments that they don't even clean before-hand. If you are a considering living here, don't. It's not worth your time or money. They are literally built to scam people out of their money. ------------------- From the time I first set foot on the property I've had problems. I was given the wrong key to get into my apartment. (They use fobs for the front door and I was given a regular insertable key.) It took me calling 3 times and going down Review from Google
Nov 2018: Everything started off well like buying a used car. I was well taken care of for maybe a month or so UNTIL everything changed. My AC unit broke about a month and a half after I have already lived there. I tried everything to give the the benefit of the doubt because it’s life and AC units break. So after waiting and waiting 2 weeks go by and they finally get someone into my apartment just to look at it. (Yes it took 2 weeks just for them to look at it) After finally confirming to them that it was indeed broken and I was not a “idiot”, they put in a work request to get me a new one. Another week goes by and I don’t hear anything at all from them. Moral of the story is it took a month and a half to get a new AC unit in the place. Then continuing on with my life every time I walked through the club house EVERY worker gave me a nasty look Review from Google
Nov 2018: Just don't live here. I could write you a novel on why not to. No need to get snappy with me Rachel. I wish you showed as much enthusiasm for solving my problems when I was still a resident there. Review from Google
Oct 2018: HORRIBLE APARTMENTS AND STAFF!DO YOUR JOB, and don't JUST SIT THERE FOR THE Whole DAY DOING NOTHING! STOP BEING RUDE TO EVERYONE! The system where you have to pay is so bad, and it does not show how much you have to pay and the due days. If you pay less (because you don't know how much you have to pay for your water, every month is different) they will call you and ask for the money, but if you pay more they will take you all money, and they will never give it back to you. I wish someone will close these complex and build something new and hire normal people who have a desire to help and work with people, not these people with poor attitudes who work at the province right now. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Moving out was a pain and management tried to charge me for having a dirty apartment when my roommates and I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom. They falsely accused us of leaving trash when we had photo proof that the apartment was spotless. They also charged insane amounts of overages every month even if you are conservative and aware with your electricity and usage. Review from Google

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