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- 12 month lease

1 bedroom in 3 beds 3 baths.

ROOMMATE WANTED FOR FALL 2021: Beautiful apartment space available less than 5 MINUTES away from 💚 USF campus!
General Info:
This is a 3 Bed, 3 Bath Deluxe model, which includes more square footage for larger rooms. Monthly rent for this style of an apartment can get as high as $754/month, which is why this listing is a DEAL! You still get the large rooms and great layout of the deluxe model for a discounted rate of $35/month, which ends which a total of $719. In the two years that I've lived here, I can say that you won't find much better quality for the prices the Province has to offer.

Note: This is also a RELET, which means that I am offering an upcoming lease for one full year beginning August 2021. Since signing the lease, I've been offered work outside of the Tampa area and must find a replacement tenant. I have requested for this tenant to be paired with my current roommates, who have been nothing but respectful and courteous in the past years I've lived with them (not big party 👨 guys, quiet and friendly). However, this request may be changed at any ⌚time if preferred.

Benefits Include:
-quiet and respectable roommates
-close proximity to campus
-fully-furnished rooms
-study rooms in the North Side clubhouse
-balcony/patio area
-washer and dryer
-kitchen appliances include ⛄ fridge, dishwasher, and stove
-fitness center on North Side
-🏊 pool and beach volleyball areas
-cable 📺 tv, Wifi internet

Lease Details:

-Floor Plan: 3 Bed - 3 Bath Deluxe Bedroom
-Lease Term: Fall 2021: Full Term (8/21 - 7/22)
-Lease Start Date: 08/20/2021
-Lease End Date: 07/31/2022
-Monthly Payment: $754 - $35(early bird tier rate) = $719/month

Please contact Stephen Ellingson at (701) 833-1235 or email him at Happy to answer any questions!

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The Province posted ad or sublease relet
The Province posted ad or sublease relet
The Province posted ad or sublease relet
The Province posted ad or sublease relet
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