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The Livingston Apartments

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Dec 2018: Currently many break ins even though there are several cops living on premises. They are keeping it a secret to save face. very unsafe, and trees are constantly falling on cars. Sidewalk is missing in spots that would allow you to drive straight into the lake (or have your car fall in if you park a little too close to the ledge). So unsafe for such expensive rent. Free yoga/ zumba classes do not make up for robberies nor personal damages accrued. BEWARE OF BREAK INS! Review from Google
Nov 2018: Sandra cocuy was amazing help me with every question I had and was so nice Review from Google
Oct 2018: Very nice scenery BUT THERE ARE BLACK SNAKES BY THE POOL LOTS ! Review from Google
Aug 2018: It's far better than three others near the same area,seeing a must. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Very great experience! Anthony knows how to provide excellent customer service. He was very detailed and the property of course is very nice..I am ready for move in! Review from Google
Feb 2018: After my terrible experience with my leasing process (during which a leasing agent laughed at me and lied to me), I was assured that management typically treats residents with more respect. Clearly that was wrong. I guess shouldn’t be surprised that my emails from over a week ago still have not been responded to. Would give a 0 star rating if possible. Review from Google
Feb 2018: We made an emergency move in October after having a horrible experience at our last apartment. Anthony was very professional and kind. The entire move in process was phenomenal and easy! The apartment itself is beautiful, clean, and spacious. We wish we had more lighting by our apartment because it can get very dark by our building and that they had some more equipment in the gym! Otherwise this is an awesome apartment and I highly recommend it! Thank you to Anthony for the best move in experience ever, he was/is the best! Review from Google
Jan 2018: The gym hasn’t been maintained since I moved in 3 months ago. No soap in the bathrooms. Door for the toilet in the men’s bathroom has been broken since forever. The machines have a broken handle. And the grill let’s just say they been working on “replacing it” for 3 months already going onto 4 months. I Have asked multiple time to fix these issues but Nothing has happened. The apartment are great but the complex amenities are poorly maintained. Review from Google
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Jan 2018: The best thing about living here is the maintenance. Always within a reasonable time, and they are always able to fix our problems. Before Hurricane Irma, one maintenance worker, Joe, was particularly helpful. He let us borrow a power saw, and brought us concrete screws for boarding windows. He helped other residents as well before the storm, and was very pleasant and cooperative. He knows what he's doing and he's happy to help! On the other hand, the buildings are old and the walls/floors paper thin, so if you want to listen to your neighbors horrible music 24/7, this is the place for you. There are plenty of screaming kids in my building, and I can hear plenty of shouting matches through the walls. Tried to talk to a neighbor about it once and they pretended like they didn't know english, even though they yell at each other in englis Review from Google
Sep 2017: Kayla in leasing is very nice. Joe was very helpful on move in. He thoroughly went over everything and did everything in his power to help make us happy. He replaced multiple things in our apartment and was able to switch out our ceiling fan to move it out of the way for my height. Overall Joe and Kayla were great in helping with everything. Review from Google
Sep 2017: We've lived here a few months now, and I really have very little complaints. The only big issues we have are related to the people that live above us, not with the complex itself. Maintenance has been pretty great about fixing things, except our stove that isn't level and our bathtubs which are peeling really badly. I don't like having to pay for valet trash, which doesn't even come on schedule, and we normally just take our trash to the dumpster on our own. The pool and fitness center are very well kept and clean though, and the location near the nature preserve is fantastic. We've had a couple of bugs since moving in, but it's always isolated events, not infestations. Price is a little higher than I'm used to, but overall, I recommend The Livingston. Review from Google
Aug 2017: From the time we first visited the staff has always been awesome and extremely helpful.. Kayla took us on our tour and helped us with paper work. After being approved, moving in was a breeze. The apartment complex is well maintained, the gym and pool are easy to access and always clean. Maintance is always quick, helpful and easy to deal with. The apartment is also always great about keeping in touch.. I receive emails in advance, day before and day of for any repairs, pool cleanings, events at the club house, etc. over all my experience so far has been a pleasure here at the Livingston, and I look forward to my future time here! Keep up the great work. Review from Google
Dec 2016: can't believe all the recent 5 star reviews of this place. The one positive is that they've really tried to make the place look nice, but they've really just put lipstick on a pig. The original construction is shoddy, to the point where you definitely do not want to have anyone above you. The floors are noisy, the sub-floor and joists creaked very badly in the building I was in. Bugs were a constant issue as well. The clientele also seemed to be questionable, especially considering what this place charges for rent. You'd have a ton of unsupervised kids hanging out at the pool and clubhouse and leaving a mess behind. Review from 12/31/16 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2016: don't WASTE YOUR TIME HERE! Place is infested with cockroaches! I called maintenance in 20 times in 6 months to come and spray my apartment down. They would say they did it, but I would only find more and more cockroaches as time went on. The A/C and garbage disposal didn't work. There were termites eating away at the balcony. Not to mention, the leasing office is a bunch of crooks. They scam you out of money, like there is no tomorrow. This place is a dump that was masked up by paint and some flowers. Even their maintenance crew wouldn't recommend this place. I wish I had listened to the bad reviews before signing my lease! Review from 4/7/16 on Google
Jan 2016: I do, I absolutely love this place! I find the maintenance crew to be very friendly and responsive to my inquiries. The property is beautiful with big trees, ponds, lovely scenery to walk and see the ducks and other pets being walked by their owners.The gym is clean with new equipment looking into the new pool area they've build which is also beautiful. Rent is decent and worth what I pay here for a 1 bdrm. I love the kitchen and the granite counter tops with new appliances. I definitely feel safe living here. Review from 1/20/16 on Google
Nov 2015: Excellent service from staff . Are good and friendly. Ana is great customer centric and understand the need. Review from 11/28/15 on Google
Sep 2015: The apartment itself and the community and amenities are really nice after the renovations. The only problems I have with the property is that it FLOODS LIKE CRAZY when it rains, and maintenance sucks. The raining doesn't get near the actual buildings, but it did damage my car. My engine flooded and I had to pay to get it fixed. As for maintenance, the guys usually take about 3-4 trips to actually fix the problem, which is frustrating. They're not very courteous or polite when actually in the apartment either. Review from 9/23/15 on Google
Jul 2015: Hello My Name is Doren Lemons Im a resident at Perserve Deer Park apartments I like to thank the Ground Maintenance man who name is Brandon , Reggie and the wonderful staff in the office like Ann , Emma and Callie. Brandon is a very helpful guy and cares about people. I see he has a bright future here. Ann is also doing a great job plus loves the residents. Shes great! Review from 7/23/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Jul 2015: Finding an apartment in the Tampa Bay area is nothing short of aggravating. In Tampa alone there are hundreds of options where 1 block makes the difference between a longer commute, higher rent, and/or different school zones. Preserve at Deer Park, although my residency there has yet to start, I know will be an excellent one. Having lived in this area for many years of my life narrowing down a list of potential places was more challenging than I ever expected. Upon traveling to Preserve at Deer Park I encountered an extremely rare and quite unexpected twist in "apartment hunting". Review from 7/17/2015 on Apartment Ratings

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