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The Ivy

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Aug 2021: The worst place you could ever live!! The office is ran by college students who tell you one thing one day then another the next, REAL management is never around. Don’t sign your lease because they make it impossible to get out of it. Also it’s marketed as student housing but they accept any and everyone they have residents who belong in nursing homes who are in wheelchairs and disabled living there. If you care about your comfort safety and we’ll being DON’T sign here. So many other great safe options around the area this isn’t one of them!!
Jan 2021: I highly regret signing a lease for the ivy. This place is so unprofessional and disgusting. The staff truly do only care about the money and finding people to occupy the apartments. I was told that the ivy isn’t a student housing apartments. Yet on google and their own description states “student focused housing right down the street from USF.” Do not sign a lease here. One of my biggest regrets. The gate is constantly broken and open to anyone who likes to come at anytime. And the apartment managers think it’s okay to allow people who aren’t tenants to just be able to live here and make our bills goes up even more. I’ve gotten charged $50 extra for three months now because they charge everyone extra.
Oct 2020: I regret ever signing here. I am literally miserable to come home so I just don't anymore. I have been voicing my complaint of leaking ceiling and mold for MONTHS. I can't even tell you how many times vs how many times its actually been documented that I have complained of the wall having mold inside most likely to leaking pipes. Lets keep in mind that I am ALLERGIC to mold!!! THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING PUT PAINT OVER THE MOLD AND A DEHUMIDIFIER WHICH doesn't FIX THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. We cant use our pantry, because mold grows profusely in there. The ceiling/wall is starting to crumble with mold. My washer and/or dryer breaks down every month. Maintenance is incompetent, marking off work orders they DIDNT DO. I contacted the office for a credit and my request was ignored. so here i am!!!
Aug 2020: decent nights sleep since I moved into my room and as of last week the squirrels have also decided to start digging during the daytime and I work from home😬 I am beyond livid at the handling of this situation, uncomfortable in my living space and tired of cleaning ceiling fragments off my bed! The squirrel(s) have made progress due to digging in one spot consistently(right over my bed) so I have two little holes. A lease is a contract for both parties, the apt and rent is paid on time so I expect issues to be handled on time. This is not a good representation of a company that owns 30 different properties throughout the south. I am very disappointed and highly unsatisfied with the handling of this situation. It does not take a month to call someone qualified so I will handle it myself and call Terminix and send the bill to both the Ivy and Corporate
Aug 2020: I’m a very tolerant person however, I have reached my limit. I have been complaining about the squirrel(s) in the ceiling for almost a month. It digs between the hours of 8pm-3am smh I sent in several work orders and the only reason it was acknowledged was bc I called out the person who had been receiving my work orders when he came to my apt for something else with a member of management. He then proceeded to patch ONE of the holes on the porch and left the other but never put anything inside of it to kill the animals🤦🏾‍♀️ For over a week I’ve been being told “pest control” is coming...I happened to run into the pest control guy on Friday(he never came to my apt, I was in the office complaining again and he was returning keys) and he said “we don’t treat squirrels” LOL That’s bc he’s the regular smegular bug man!!!! I have not had a
Jul 2020: I have lived at the Ivy for a few years. I have never had any of the issues that people seem to mention. Since the Management changed like 5 years, the issues that used to happen here haven't. It has gotten way better since the Point. The same company owns The Social and just bought 4050 and started making changes as well
Apr 2020: I've been here for 2 years and I honestly love living at The Ivy! The staff is amazing and always super friendly and helpful! My favorite amenity was the pool and lounge chairs because they were perfect to relax, tan, read a good book or chill out with friends!
Jan 2020: Love the smiles when you walk into the room!
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Sep 2019: I was living in a studio apartment in downtown Saint Petersburg and it turned out that the complex I was living in was going to be torn down, so I only had three months to find a new place while still paying rent for the studio I was currently renting. My friend had a place in the apartment complex called the social and recommend that I move in where she lives and I was going to take her up on that, however I did not have a guarantor so I decide not to go with this complex . I decided to look into the sister complex called the ivy and was please to find out that they would accept me in if I as making a good amount money from my job. So I immediately got my one bedroom without looking at any review for the site. It was only then, when I was looking for the address for the complex online did I see the stars and review the complex was getting. their was all kinds of horror stories on google reviews Review from Google
Sep 2019: Love the ivy! Personally appreciate the quick email replies when I have any questions. Also, the amenities are always a plus for this complex. But most importantly, the price is so convenient compared to other student living apartments! Review from Google
Sep 2019: I cannot say enough positive things about my experience at The Ivy. Integra, Sam, and Glen were incredibly welcoming when I arrived. The leasing office and truly the entire property is breathtaking. It feels more like a high-end condo right out of Beverly Hills rather than student housing. I was so blown away. Customer service is superior. I HIGHLY recommend adding them to your list of places to visit when looking for an apartment! Review from Google
Sep 2019: I wish I could give this place NO stars. I don't understand how no one has sued this place for false advertisement and fraud. They show you a model that looks like a 7 star resort room but instead you get a room from motel 6. On move in day, the ac was broken, there was no furniture, and there was MOLD by my ac unit. Which is not what they advertise. BTW they say the model is the "upgraded" version but that is what I had, allegedly. The furniture I did have, was old and rusty. They also have an ENTIRE page on their contract saying that mold is "normal" so you can't break your lease over mold. This place needs to be shut down for preying on and scamming a bunch of college students. Mind you, they have raffles and contests that encourage their tenants to write good reviews for them. So if you see any good reviews.. they're not legit. Review from Google
Sep 2019: All I have to say is listen to the 1 star reviews I wish I did before moving in here. They act like they can't pick up the phone when you call them but are quick to call you. Money grabbers. Maintenance must consist of three people max. Forced to get renters insurance even when you have your own. Review from Google
Jul 2019: If I could leave 0 stars I would. I lived here for a year and I can't imagine coming back. I've told all my friends thinking about moving to the Ivy to reconsider and move somewhere else because I would never put someone through what I went through living here. I didn't have hot water for more than a month, their management is horrible, they have bed bugs, it's located in an unsafe area (robberies), and they didn't provide all furniture despite asking for it in person multiple times. I will continue to stop people from moving into the Ivy. 0 stars. Also I hope y'all know the good reviews you see on her aren't real...they bribe residents to leave them for incentives and for spots in raffles. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Went to tour The Ivy recently and I fell in love, the staff was extremely professional and created a fun atmosphere! Great amenities and I loved the pool area! Definitely signing here! Review from Google
May 2019: My daughter moved in a couple months ago. Like others have said, they show the beautiful, clean, upgraded model and amenities, however they give you the keys to nothing that looks like it. Her unit didn’t even have the common area furniture they say it comes with, holes in her bedroom walls, mold in the laundry closet, bathtub and that’s just to name a few of the issues. She’s now dealing with a flea infestation. Pest control supposedly came to spray but she’s still dealing with it. Needless to say, we are counting down the weeks to get her out. It’s very sad how they sell you on the model unit knowing the unit you get is nowhere near that clean/nice. If you must choose this complex, ask to see the unit you will call home prior to signing the lease. It is your right to see where you will be living for months to come. good luck! Review from Google
May 2019: I recently toured the Ivy and it was great. I like how close to campus it is and that they have a Bull runner close by that takes you to USF. The location around is also great because there are tons of stores and restaurants. Definitely signing for the fall. Review from Google
May 2019: Hi, I currently work at the Ivy. I enjoy our lovely residents. Our Pool and Club House i would say our best Places to be when living here. Please Come By for a Tour , Tell them Integra Sent you. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Such a beautiful clubhouse. The amenities are very convenient for resident events and gatherings. Management is amazing and the staff as a whole is very well trained and versed as well. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is attending USF and is looking for Fall or current housing! Review from Google
Apr 2019: I absolutely love the Ivy! It’s an awesome place to live not only for the location and natural environment, but for the people as well. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and have always made me feel welcome! My main man Gabarri is always happy and outgoing, Nicole and Natalia are very sweet and helpful anytime I need something, and Magenta is an AMAZING leader who runs it all. I’ve lived here for going on 4 years now and I’ll tell ya... stop looking, sign your lease, and move in! Pool, Jacuzzi, 24hr Gym, plenty of trees/nature, etc. Apartments are clean and tidy and come fully equipped with everything you need! Seriously, why haven’t you signed your lease yet? Hurry up, the next semester is starting quick! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I’ve been living here for almost a year! It’s a nice place to live for the price. The walls are very thin so you hear everything going on around you and the maintenance just walks in to your apartment with no heads up... other than that a great place to live! I would recommend! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I can't wait to move in next week! Christine has been so helpful with my application process and making sure the apartment is ready. My friends already live here and I can't wait to tan by the pool! Review from Google
Jan 2019: The maintenance staff have been so helpful in making sure everything was ready for my son to move in for the spring semester. They kept me up to date about what was going on. Love it!! Review from Google
Jan 2019: The ivy is warm and very welcoming place! The staff and neighbors around are great and overall the apartments are too! The ivy is great for anyone if your in college or just in the area in the need for a apartment at a affordable price. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Great Maintenance Team and awesome Management.

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