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The Flats at 4200

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Oct 2019: I've been here for only about two months now and every week is a new experience. Last week, somebody vomited in the elevator. The week before then and this week, somebody's dog peed in the elevator. Nobody picks up their dogs' feces outside so you have to be careful not to step on it. There are no cameras anywhere so they can't enforce proper regulations and the complex in general just becomes nasty every week. If things were even a little more heavily enforced, then we wouldn't have a fraction of the hygiene and cleanliness issues we have now. Review from Google
Oct 2019: The property manager is extremely rude and was disrespectful to my family. The Flats contacted me at an incorrect address and blamed me when they did not have the correct information on file. They handled the situation in a disgusting way and did not communicate with us how to go about paying the fee we owed. My family will be reporting the property manager as his behavior was inappropriate and unprofessional. Also, maintenance needs to be called multiple times to actually come and fix the issues. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Kimberly was super helpful and friendly! She’s an amazing addition to the rest of the already super helpful staff. thank you!! Review from Google
Sep 2019: I could say a million things about why I love The Flats but in short, I've stayed at three different apartments while going to USF. The Province, Campus Lodge, and The Flats. The Flats was the best by far. If my job was closer I would have stayed longer after graduation but had to move closer to work. When I moved into the flats my apartment was clean, unlike province and campus lodge. I loved how tall the ceilings were. Appliances were clean and worked as they should. Management kept residents update to date on everything going on. Great amenities with a theater room, pool, propane grills, clubhouse, and trash chutes on every floor. Walked to may classes everyday because of how close the flats is to campus. Every time I needed something done by maintenance they had it done within 24 hours. Live at the Flats, it's the best. Review from Google
Aug 2019: I lived here for a year, and I loved it most of the time. The folks in the office were always very nice, and the maintenance guys are so so sweet! The only issues I've ever had was my AC breaking over a weekend when I was out of town, and the main door to building B being broken open. Review from Google
Aug 2019: The reason I am rating it 1 star is because of the interactions with management, especially Zach. After everything we have been through we would never recommend this apartment to anybody looking to lease. Which is a shame because we love the actual rooms. Onto the worst problem (I've never reviewed but this was a horrifying experience for me and my boyfriend): Our major problem had to do with the cancellation of my lease for the next year. I had called a few months before the end date of my lease to cancel and the lady on the phone confirmed my apartment lease was cancelled. Fast-forward to a few days before move-out day and I hand in my keys, the staff told me my apartment was NEVER cancelled. I told them the story of the phone call and they replied that was incorrect information. They told me I had to email. So okay easy enough. My boyfriend called the apartment later and asked if my email went through, the staff member explained that emailing is not the correct way and we had to fill out a contact form and wait for them to contact us about it Review from Google
Jun 2019: For 3 months I have been living in the flats at 4200 -- I am fully unsatisfied. It all started from moving day. When I entered my apartment I noticed that sofa was broken, that tv table was missing parts, and that jalousie in my room was seriously damaged ( somebody simply cut it before). Even though all of these can be fixed by maintains orders for free, it leaves unpleasant feeling. But the most frustrating so far is THE INTERNET. Every single day in the evening its speed goes down to ~30mb per second, whereas in the morning it is about 200 mb per second. Every evening packet loss EXCEEDS 30%!!!!! WHEN IT MUST BE 0. It is simply unbearable to watch netflix or youtube. Instead of watching videos, you watch slideshows. I tried calling to the provider, but they said it isn’t their problem, because the internet speed DEPENDS ON HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE CONNECTED. I tried talking to the leasing office administration, but obviously it didn’t work out Review from Google
May 2019: Lived here for 10 months. Definitely worth the money. Everyone is really friendly, especially the maintenance guys. Review from Google
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Mar 2019: TERRIBLE place. 1/4 pictures is my mattress pad on top of the mattress they give you & yes that is MOLD. I have had multiple run ins with mold. On my ceiling, mattress pad, & toilet. This place is DISGUSTING. Been here for 2 years and thankfully moving out in August. Thank you, next. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Houses are pretty good...need to improve their maintenance service.
Jan 2019: I've been a resident at the Flats for more than 8 months and I enjoy living here! This is a great place to live because it's directly across from USF. The maintenance staff works quickly to ensure you are well taken care of. I'm looking forward to living here during my entire time at USF. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I’ve lived here for 2 years now and would not recommend this place to anyone. It’s not worth the money, no lights in the living room or bedrooms, no tv in common area like many other apartments in the area offer at a cheaper rate. Parking here is terrible unless you pay extra every month for a numbered spot. They claim that electric is included yet every month my roommate and I get charged extra and they claim it’s because of the AC (stays at 75). Office staff is not help full with issues. If I could leave less then 1 star for my living experience here I would. Review from Google
Dec 2018: STRONGLY not recommendED. Well it’s true that it’s close to campus and the apartments are spacious but... everything else is a NOO. The staff is a NO, the manager is a NO. Trust me, they will fine you for anything (not exaggerating) and they will keep on adding late payment fines if you don’t pay your fines directly. Trust me, this is my first year in this country and I absolutely hate living here. They will never notify you before giving a fine. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Close to campus and that is the only thing worth noting about the flats. Been a resident for 2 years and this place sucks. Would not recommend to a friend. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Very well maintained good office staff beautiful property large Apartments overall great place to stay while you are at USF attending college but be fully warned there isn't any extra parking for guests so parking is tight and if you have a guest over and they stay past 10 p.m. their car could be towed away and you will be charged $160 to get the car back Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have had a great experience living at the Flats. I even resigned my lease for next year. The apartment has wonderful amenities. The gym is conveniently located right inside the apartment building, which I love. The staff is friendly and maintenance has always responded promptly to any work requests. Honestly, a great place to live and worth the money! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have lived here for over a year now, and loved everything about it. I resigned and I am looking forward to live another year here. The staff is very accommodating, and helpful. The amenities are amazing, open gym, nice pool, free printing and computer access, and lastly a movie theater. It's a luxurious for a college apartment. My friends live in a variety of apartments on 42nd street, but the Flats in my opinion is the nicest. Overall my experience has been more than pleasant here! I would recommend this place to any college student! Review from Google
Jun 2018: The office staff of a complex is as important as any other aspect. Unfortunately, the staff here is not great. In particular, Zach, who runs the office. He seems nice until there is a problem, at which point his real colors show. He is a misogynist who treats female tenets pretty poorly. He also tends to placate tenets and avoids ever fixing issues. This is not a personal attack on this man, simply an aspect of living here that I found very unpleasant. Like I said, the staff really makes or breaks a living experience, and for me, and others that I know, this man made it a nightmare. I'm so happy that my lease has ended. I don't even go back to visit friends because I hated being there so much. P.S. Look a little deeper into the reviews. A lot of the 5 star reviews for The Flats are from accounts with one only review ever. This is just an exam Review from Google
Apr 2018: This is a decent apartment, though it does have some issues that have come up in recent months. I've lived here for 3 years. In the beginning, it was great. There was no pets, no loud parties past a certain point, and management got things down in a quick manner. They checked up on you and made you feel good living there. The person who own my room before me had an animal and it tore up my couch. Once the leasing manager heard, she replaced it and the blinds that it had chewed within a day. Now, there are new staff and management and, although they do their job, its not like before and you feel uncomfortable when you need to ask them for something. Now, despite our lease, they are letting in animals without check documentation. Because of this, people have let their pets poop and pet everywhere; the elevator, stairs, and common hall ways. But Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have been living at the flats since August of last year and I absolutely love it!! I love the floor plans and the how spacious the apartments are. I would definitely sign again if I weren't graduating! The location is right across from campus and has really good parking on site.The leasing office is also very accommodating. The price is reasonable for what you're getting and all of the amenities. I use the movie theater almost every week! I would definitely recommend living here!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have being living here for two years now, I know how are most of the apartment complex around, and being totally honest you will never find a perfect student housing living. However, this is the best apartment complex around USF, they offer events every month with free food, the location is key (5min walking), managers and staff are really nice, if you go to the office they will always try to help you out and give you a solution. Also, you see how they are always trying to keep the place in a good condition, they are really organize overall. Maintenance is not their strong suit but they get work orders done. Quality of the apartment? Excellent, it comes fully furnished with basically new appliances. It is not a cheap place, you pay for what you get. I would definitely recommend this place! Review from Google
Mar 2018: It's a nice apartment complex. Parking as a guest is very inconvenient as they barely have enough parking for residents, especially if you attempt to visit on a weekend. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Management is nice but they are lazy and don’t work with you at all. They also charged us electricity overages during summer when all 4 roommates went to Europe meaning no one lived there!! Scam! I’ve also asked for a balcony 2 years in a row and they tell me it’s “difficult” to assign them yet I get 3/4 girls to sign and the one random in our 4 by 4 gets the balcony who also was a new signee who signed after us. I call bs! For the price they’re charging compared to the surrounding new complexes they need to update them more because I can pay the same amount and have stainless steal appliances and granit counter tops where they don’t have any of that. Expect to pay overages every month unless you like to live in the dark/ go to a laundymat they have an excuse for your overages every time and their all different. Also every other Review from Google
Dec 2017: I went to take a tour of the complex and immediately was told to wait in the other room and was not greeted kindly by staff. I was immediately steered away from the property by the employee because I was not a student. Not sure if this is state law or what but in Texas this is against fair housing... either way, very poor customer service. Review from Google
Nov 2017: This is now my second year living here at The Flats and I have already re-signed again for next year. I could not be more pleased with how this complex is run and the amenities provided. This complex is extremely close to campus and offers everything that a student needs to be successful. Aside from their beautiful apartments, their staff goes above and beyond to make sure their residence are safe and taken care of. At one point I had encountered a problem with a roommate and they were very quick and efficient is handling the problem. They have addressed any concern or suggestion I have had effectively and efficiently. Their maintenance staff is super nice and has always fixed anything within the same day. They always go above and beyond my expectations. I feel this is the safest and most accommodating apartment in the area and well worth your Review from Google

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