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Sunstone Palms

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Aug 2019: Please go read my review on Facebook, because Google only allows so many characters. If I could give this apartment complex negative stars, I would. Here is a brief summary: If you love killing 6-7 roaches per day, stepping in dog feces on the way to your parking lot, dealing with an individual who lives in his car in the parking lot, never receiving calls back from the courtesy officer, heavy marijuana use (and the smell getting into your apartment through the vents), not getting your full security deposit back because they did not document the correct day you turned in your keys (and you provide them with proof that you gave it to them 2 days early) and getting your car towed even when you have clearance from the security company about a specific parking spot, you'll love living at Sunstone Palms! Review from Google
Aug 2019: Actually the managements are very nice, they took care of my issue and respond very quick to it. I take back I have been leaving for 7 years I don't have much negative to say. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Today I had my apartment bedroom door locked from inside and it was an emergency. I could got go to my work or do anything. I told the manager and he was not helping me. And nobody came to handle this. Then I had solve it myself which took lots of trouble. And last year, I had to pay more rent than the rent stated on my lease agreement. When I brought this issue to the manager’s attention, he just did not help and said everyone is paying this much extra and I had to pay too. I don’t know how he can justify charging me more than the lease agreement legally. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Overpriced compact community. Not enough guest parking space. And if you park somewhere else, your car gets towed. So, you cant visit someone there if guest parking spots are filled. Is that a joke? Review from Google
Jun 2019: Update: Well my lease ends in 86 days and I’m about ready to leave. The only staff that was helpful in moving my husband and I here was hector and since then, it was a smooth move in. Now after being here for 10 months it has been stressful. I have never had roaches or had to deal with Termites and my apartment is infested with them. My husband and I had to deal with the roaches ourselves and got rid of a lot of them and now only see maybe 2 a week now. The trash people don’t pick up when scheduled by the company so if you leave your trash on your porch , it will stay there a whole week and if someone comes then maybe you will see them one day out of the whole week. I take my trash to the dumpster myself so paying for trash a month is just ridiculous. Some of the residents are so lazy and don’t care about keeping the complex clean at al. They throw their trash anywhere on the ground and the place smells bad Review from Google
May 2019: The buildings are very dirty, they never clean them. The appliances are old. Small metal particles is dropping down in the oven. They are clever spray for bugs. The staff lies all the time to get something fixe. I will move out. Review from Google
May 2019: Do not be fooled by a polite response to this review- if I had one when we talked in person, there would not be any need to write a review. I am a student. I would not ever recommend Sunstone Palms to anyone because it is an extremely inconvenient place to live in. Most of the devices provided in the house are ages old and hardly work. The refrigerator and AC suck up electricity hiking up your bills. The manager is an extremely rude person and is not in office most of the times. Poor demeanor, bad mouthed, arrogant and unavailable 95% of the times. The staff is unaccountable for their actions, and clueless about most issues; they put off things on a person who's always absent- the manager. You cannot do laundry in the community laundry rooms on the weekends because the laundry card cannot be recharged during non office hours. he community is extremely unsafe, because the security systems never work Review from Google
Apr 2019: This is my second lease and I ABSOLUTELY love living here. Management is super great with helping you with any issues or request. Diana, Vanity and Eugene are the BEST. Very clean and well maintained. Although prices are rising in overall Florida I can never complain about where I live. Simply love it Review from Google
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Apr 2019: I couldn't be happier that management listens to resident feedback and the transformation in the atmosphere here has been impressive over this past year. Very nice apartment complex with the right neighbors. The office staff is very nice and makes it as easy as possible to navigate any policy changes. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have been having issues with some things in my apartment for a VERY long time. Yesterday I spoke with a gentleman named Shawn in the office. He went far and beyond to try and solve my problem. I know that I was overwhelming him with all the issues but he did a WONDERFUL job at getting in touch with the correct people to solve everything. He is very considerate and attentive. I can honestly say whatever ends up being the outcome of this situation Shawn did his best to make things right.
Feb 2019: Lived here for 6 years. At the beginning when you submitted orders it was done in a timely manner when the company got bought out I had orders that weren't fixed for 3 months. I was never late on the rent, never had any issue with people or anything. The office staff were rude as hell (the new administration). The rent is ridiculous. I think they're trying to make this place for college students.
Feb 2019: I came in to view a unit and was unfortunately met by Diana with the rudest attitude. She needs a class on customer service or get out of the field completely. Terrible experience Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love the apartment they are beautifully set up and very spacious. Hector in the leasing office was great and very helpful. Though maintenance isn't the quickest responding because it is a large complex. The resident portal is really well set up, I love being able to pay rent online or make and check on a maintenance order online. Review from Google
Jan 2019: This place was amazing, the gentleman that showed the apt to my daughter and me was great. I think his name was Alex(sorry if its not) I can't wait till closer to my move date to apply. I felt at home and safe at your complex. Thanks to your security guy that wouldn't let me definitely a place to return and make home. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Office personnel very unprofessional, rude and doesn't matter your complain they never can't do anything for you to help. As an apartment complex to live with family forget it the drugs and vandalism of criminals living in the complex runs the show in there. They even do transactions during day or night time. They even have a camera system and they refused to fix it. It is a genuine ghetto don't let the paint job fool you. I bought a brand new home and they still sending me the bill for the apartment and your security deposit they will make any excuse to keep some of it. They kept 150.00 dollars the paint was piling off and supposedly it was my fault. Review from Google
Dec 2018: If you are thinking about moving here, don't!! The current administration sucks! All they know how to do is lie and lie and lie some more. When we have issues, we literally have to go to the office a thousand times and beg these people to do their jobs. The previous administration was awesome! There was an agent named Alex who was a shining star, and was reliable. These buffoons lie to us in our faces then act like the victim when I tell them about themselves. We renewed our lease and I went to the office and asked Sean to please tell me what our prorated charge would be for December. Sean assured me there would be no prorated charge..I thought that was odd and I TOLD him I said "Are you sure?" he said yes. Then a couple of days later, we received an incorrect invoice that said our rent was about $2,000. I went back to the office and spoke to Review from Google
Oct 2018: I moved in a couple months ago and to be honest, I’m really happy I did it. The units are really good and it is safe here. Hector was the one who helped me in all the process. He is the best and you can tell that he really knows what he is doing. I had a couple problems with my unit and he always replies immediately and ready to help you out. Before moving in, I checked out other communities but their customer service was horrible compare with the one I received with Hector, he makes you feel important even before you have moved in. If you have any questions or if you want to move to Sunstone Palms, talk to him, you won’t regret it! Review from Google
Sep 2018: Hector is an amazing employee with great customer service. He helped me with the application process. If anyone one goes there, ask for Hector. Even though I wasn't qualified, I wasn't disappointed because if the great customer service that was provided. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I cant wait to move into my new home. To the application to the customer service was amazing. If you go to Sunstone Palms in Tampa , speak to Hector. He is the sweetest person there and will help to the best to his ability. My boyfriend and I was suppose to move in an apartment but it wasn't done so he helped us get another and we are moving on Saturday. The moving process was easy and my boyfriend and I are so happy. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I’m a new tenant moving from another state and the complex has been the best out of the 5 I was interested in. I called for information and Diana was amazing!! She answered every question, walked me through application process and answered my many emails in a timely!! Diana you are truly a God sent and relived the stress of doing a quick move! I look forward to my new home at Sunstone Palms. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have had noise issues in the past and there was a period of chaos around here but over the past few weeks I can say things are drastically improving at Sunstone Palms. I couldn't be happier that management is listening to resident feedback and the transformation in the atmosphere here is impressive. Very happy to see Sunstone Palms returning to the home I hoped for. I'd like to urge residents to reevaluate and make sure your reviews reflect the current state of the complex rather than that of a month ago. Review from Google
Jun 2018: We just moved to Tampa and Sunstone was the first apartment we looked at. We were fortunate enough to be helped by Vanity who helped us every step of the was and made the leasing process stress free. She was truly amazing and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new home. The personalized experience that she gave made us select Sunstone from a choice of 5 other apartment complexes in Tampa. Thank you Vanity! Review from Google
May 2018: This complex is decent. The security is nice to have. The gym is small but cute. Pools are generally clean. The people in the office are usually polite, but for the most part they've been useless. Tenants have an online account to do things like pay their rent or file maintenance requests, which is helpful considering the staff answers the office phone a maximum of 7% of the time. My biggest problem is that since we moved in 2 months ago, there has been water leaking in our bathroom constantly. There is an access panel above our shower where the central air system is. The condensation created is supposed to collect in a drain pan & go through a pipe that is routed outside.. but there's something wrong with ours. Maintenance has come four times to "fix" it. Each time, they bring what sounded like a shop vac. Then they left, & it would start aga Review from Google
May 2018: Can also confirm that new management likes to do poorly announced maintenance and market it as "improvements". I even had them break into my home while I was in the shower once, that was a fun one. Bottom line is new management doesn't seem to care what the actual residents think. I wouldn't recommend living here and look forward to my lease expiring
May 2018: Noise issues. Walls and ceiling barely exist, I can hear everything that happens upstairs... every footstep, conversations, arguments, kids, even the fridge opening. I did not sign up for roommates, let alone ones I didn't choose, and that's basically what this is. A ton of unrequested maintenance that doesn't actually improve anything, and if it relates to parking expect a threat to tow and 48 hours to comply. don't be fooled by the tour, they refuse to show you your actual unit and show you a sample that conveniently avoids these problems. If you value privacy on any level, consider other options Review from Google

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