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Station 42

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Jul 2019: the place is Infested with bed bugs , there has been so much change in staff that everything is a mess and every time I call about something no one knows anything. This new property manager is the third since I moved in 2 years ago and this property manager seems to be the least interested in the property. It’s unfortunate that my entire apartment Is not renewing for the fall.. we were going to but we don’t feel like getting the run around every time their staff changes. Review from Google
Jun 2019: New leasing staff is just really unfriendly. I have mentioned this multiple times to management via surveys, reviews and things that they send residents, but there has been no improvement. Last years rates were reasonable considering the location and condition of the units. These are by no means new, but they are within walking distance of the University. New (sky high) prices are not warranted. Gets 3 stars for location and general quietness, but loses 2 for leasing staff and new prices. Maintenance is very nice and typically speedy. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Ever since this place came under new management it has become just a money grab scam. I moved in two years ago and you got what you paid for. My prices went up on my first year renewal as expected because I had a good move in deal but now they tried hiking up the prices immensely. Second, I still have a lease this summer and I have tried to call them a week ago and they now just have you go to an answering service to leave a message and I have not heard back at all from them despite being a customer of theirs for a week now. No duhh you read these reviews about how friendly they are when you first move in and stuff. They are trying their hardest to make sure you move in. When I did live there the only redeeming quality since the new management was the student staff who understand where you are coming from, not this new leasing manager I read in these reviews putting cookie cutter replies that does not respond to your problem and conveys a fake care for your problem. Review from Google
May 2019: Just signed a new lease! Received warmness and an embracing attitude! This is a NEW day and I'm feeling good! THE NEW MANAGEMENT is a breath of fresh air!! AFFORDABLE and renovating. WHAT MORE CAN ANYONE ASK FOR?? SIGH UP, NOW! Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have been living here for an year. It is a good choice if you are looking for private room with bathroom near the University. The management lead by Jennifer is trustworthy and caring. I had a roommate issue while living here. It is quite common as each rooms in a 4/4 are separately leased. It is best, if you can bring three other comfortable friends with you and lease a whole apartment. In my case, my room mate issues were resolved by the efficient management of station 42. They will try their best to amicably settle such issues. Special thanks to the new manager Jennifer. Overall, the apartment facilities are good and the staff are super nice. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Just moved in hre. Very laid back place. Tan girl dark hair at the front desk was real cool. Lots of space in rooms Review from Google
Mar 2019: Awesome experience moving in. Top of the line customer service from the leasing manager from start to finish. I am highlighting the customer service of this place becuase they went above and beyond when they truly did not have to. This is definitely a student housing complex so keep that in mind when you sign. Rent is affordable and there is a lot of parking available. furniture could be updated but overall you have everything you could need Review from Google
Mar 2019: My daughter has lived here for about a year and a half and it was poorly kept and the old manager/staff was very unprofessional AND RUDE. My husband and I have had several issues with the old community manager. It was a nightmare. I am only writing this review because of how blown away I am by the level of customer service that has came from the new people running the office. My daughters roommate issues were FINALLY resolved after so long. A few maintenance issues here and there but overall it usually gets fixed when asked. New leasing manager is a bit young but very sweet and knows how to handle an important matter such as making sure my baby girl is in a safe apartment with safe roommates. This place is a great affordable option for students and it’s walking distance from campus. New service fees for payment are a pain but expected. As a parent all one wants is their child safe and happy and thankfully after new management came in my daughter finally feels safe and content Review from Google
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Mar 2019: New management is a lot more organized but also a lot more strict. They switched to a new online payment method for rent and even though my account balance reflected zero after I had paid, the payment was never processed and I was still charged a late fee despite paying on time and never once paying late prior to this incident. I talked to management about it and they gave me conflicting info and refused to remove the late fee after they had already said they would. Beware of this happening to you! Check for a confirmation email. Overall the apartments themselves are nice and I like the big rooms but the landscaping could use some work. The hallways and stairs are usually littered and the grass behind my apartment could be replaced. Overall It's a good deal living here but management could be a little less strict and more understanding. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I've lived here since it was called Monticello (Very Long Time) this place was a dump but had a lot of potential. It's affordable for students and super convenient location wise and your actual room is huge. The old management was T E R R I B L E. Since new management took over yes there have been some (many) growing pains but its seems like they own their stuff and fix it when they are at fault. I have already had several of my apartment issues taken care of that old management just ignored. I'm writing this review because I see some hope in this place when its being ran by people who know what they're doing. I would recommend this place NOW because of it's prices and convenience. The staff is friendly and personable but also enforce their rules which whatever way you look at it might be good or bad. Only time will tell if new management is a Review from Google
Feb 2019: ***PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING**** I wasn't going to review this place until I moved out but since people are starting to sign for student housing, I wanted to warn you of my experience living here. On move in day, I was so excited. The rooms looked big, and at first I did not see how disgusting this place was. After I had moved in all of my stuff, I pulled up my blanket to go to sleep and this began the most awful 6 months of my life that I have spent living here. I immidiately saw HUNDREDS of bed bugs all over my sheets, pillows, even my poor dog was COVERED IN BED BUGS!! All of my belongings were covered in these awful bugs and it took months for the apartment to get rid of them (most people in the complex had them) and they kept coming back. Once I finally came back to this place, I realized what awful condition everything is in. There was Review from Google
Feb 2019: feeling hopeful about this place after new management came. Cheap rent close to campus and I can walk to publix. bedrooms are huge. office staff is very chipper and perky. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Ever since the change in management, I have not had ANY problems. They have been more proactive and helpful. They are willing to work with you on anything you might see as a problem and want to revamp the Station 42 name. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Look into public housing or a homeless shelter before you sign a lease at this property. You will most likely deal with better management, than what they have going on at this property. A COMPLETE JOKE! Ripp off! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I lived there for 2 years and I am happy with the entire experience. The rooms are in decent size and the common area is spacious, the staff are doing their jobs and matched me with the right roommates who are clean and respectful. There are various events hosted by the office and they are a lot of fun. The maintenance crew are very dependable and always get things fixed. The building itself is solid, If only the AC filter can be changed regularly, it will be even better. Review from Google
Sep 2018: By the time you pay $400 in fees for the application process you might as well apply somewhere else. They have little amenities and overpriced. Update: Why are these apartments constantly raising rent? I get they upgraded it but it is nowhere near worth $630 a month. Student apartments in general are a great and convenient idea but their becoming predatory. Review from Google
Aug 2018: This is by far the worst place i have ever lived. They may have changed there name to Station 42 and painted the exterior, however, the insides are completely disgusting. The staff are no help at all and you will regret signing a lease there. Review from Google
Jul 2018: This apartment told me I cannot move in until August 15, 2018 because they need to clean the apartment. I moved in August 15 and the apt was not clean, paint on the floor, shower head broken, trash every where. The leasing office said I would have a upgrade apt but they gave me a basic old unit with mold on window shield. The apt set up is horrible and the leasing office placed the mail/packages on top of the mail box unattended and people were destroying and stealing mail/package. STAY AWAY from MONTICELLO now changed to STATION 42. There's a reason they changed the name. Review from Google
Jul 2018: If cleanliness is not a priority and you know/like all of the people you will be rooming and do not expect to have any issues with them than this place is a great bargain. BUT BE AWARE there is no match making for roommates and if you fellow roommates smoke inside, damage your property or threaten to hurt you, management will not do anything about it. Review from Google
Jul 2018: It's below average, but not awful. The room & furniture are dingy and not even cleaned prior to move in. There's also a spider issue. I'm not impressed and can't wait to leave. Review from Google
May 2018: Probably the biggest individually leased room near campus. Maintenance request was acted upon very quickly in about an hour someone came to fix our washer. The request wasnt even done in person, I just filled out an online maintenance request and they got here so fast! Staff are all very friendly and helpful. Location is vey good, if you dont have a car since it is by the usf bus route, and there is a public bus route that takes you directly to walmart, and another one to publix. You wont have to walk very far when buying groceries. Usf students get to ride the bus for free. Used to live at Avalon Heights and The Pointe (The Ivy now), never had problems with all of the places that I lived but so far Monticello is the best of all three. Inexpensive rent (other new apartments charge $100 or more per month when their rooms smaller), and very Review from Google
May 2018: An average place for a low cost. Heavily dependent on who your roommates are so I suggest leasing the apartment with people you’ve met and like or friends. The property manager, Mecia, is very nice and will help you as best as she can if you can catch her but always seems too busy to meet with you. Two years here and I’ve never been able to secure a meeting with her. I’ve never had a problem with the apartment they didn’t fix but sometimes you have to be a little on top of them to fix it but they don’t give a hard time. Just seem busier than they should be. Pet friendly. The maintenance crew is always doing work somewhere which is a good and bad thing because things are always needing to be fixed but they’re on top of it. They’re also very nice people. Office employees are mostly students or in that age range and pretty understan Review from Google
Apr 2018: This is the worst. If you like to live with cockroach, come here. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I have had a number of struggles with this apartment complex and do not recommend it to anyone. I'll list a few below: * Lack of communication: Any issues the community is facing is NOT communicated to you by the staff. You will have to notify the staff yourself and be met with "Oh yeah we already know about it". don't hope for getting an estimate of how long it will take to complete. In my experience they "just don't know". * Poor maintenance: My apartment was not cleaned before I moved in. If you reported issues when you first move in they WILL NOT be taken care of unless you hound the office staff. They pick and choose the issues they can resolve. Even if they choose to resolve it there's still the chance it will take a week and a half to even attempt to fix it * The office staff: Mecia, the property manager considers any maintenance Review from Google
Mar 2018: The WiFi is ass and you will have to pay for it whether or not you are able to use it. Also, the roommate matching service is thrown out immediately and I’m sure they don’t read it. They do not prorate so I would suggest if you have to move at the end of the month to look elsewhere before coming here. Other than that, I don’t have too many complaints. Monticello offered the shortest lease I could find which was perfect for my situation. Review from Google

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