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Reflections Apartments

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Oct 2019: It’s a shame that this place only has 3 stars. It’s a great place to live! the community is kept clean and is a beautiful piece of property. The management is the best part tho. Ask to speak to Daynesha!!! She is the best. Any problem that I have had I go straight to her and it’s immediately resolved and always with a concerning attitude, like she really cares about my experience here. The apartments are beautiful and maintenance ALWAYS gets to requests within 24 hours. Absolutely recommend. Review from Google
Aug 2019: So I moved here almost two weeks ago. I was living at The Ivy prior and I have to say ending my lease with The Ivy was the worst mistake I've made by far. At The Reflections Apartment, getting into out of my apartment seems to be a mission. The lock hasn't been working properly and every time I leave the apartment I have to leave at least 5 minutes earlier to give my self sometime to mess with the lock until it actually locks. The living room is very spacious but also very dark. there aren't any windows in the common area, only outside light is from the patio doors. The desk and the frame of my bed was not properly assembled prior to my move in, it seems like it was a rush job. I put in a work order three days ago for someone to come and put my desk and bed together so that it can be ready for use by the first day of school but we are going on day 4 and nothing. The bathroom in my unit is very outdated, bathtub and sink are stained and chipped, not very big and not a lot of storage space Review from Google
May 2019: The staff is Amazing especially Amanda, Ethan, Malcolm (from corporate) The upgrade are very nice.. I signed a sublease and a actual lease. All my needs were met the amenities are fantastic. Work Orders are done on time.. I would definitely recommend.. Great location Review from Google
Apr 2019: Update: I've lived at Reflections for two years now and they've definitely improved on a lot of issues in the community. They've updated the units and furniture packages, got better staff that actually knows what they're doing and talking about (shout out to Maria). The biggest drawback, however, is the roommate matching. I understand it is student housing and they're just going off of a few things on a piece of paper but if a resident is reporting her roommate various times for not feeling safe, illegal drug activity within the apartment, verbal abuse, and harassment. You'd think they'd quickly resolve the issue. If you do decide to come live here I recommend finding your own roommates or bring friends, especially because the truly psychotic and aggressive girl I'm forced to live with until the lease is up has renewed her lease. I’ve lived at Reflections for about a year now and I’ve already renewed my lease for the coming fall Review from Google
Mar 2019: This place is nice. Getting in & out of the apartment sucks during rush hour & sometimes the gate gets backed up but the front office is really friendly & the gym has good equipment. Review from Google
Mar 2019: My experience at Reflections has been nothing less than amazing. I feel comfortable and safe living here. Whenever there’s maintenance problems reflections responds right away fixing the problem at earliest convenience. Additionally, their newest renovations are beautiful and comfortable. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I lived in Reflections apartments for 4 months. I enjoyed how quiet it was. The complex has plenty of trees & grass compared to surrounding units, we always saw squirrels and birds. We never heard traffic from our unit, and I was paired with fellow quiet professionals. We kept our apartment spotless, and for the most part got along very well. My main complaint with the place is the fact that the pool wasn't heated, and the clubhouse bathrooms would get locked at 6 each night. I understand it's to prevent vandalism. The on-site gym was functional, but could stand an update. The grounds were spotless and well maintained, though it was bit of a hike to throw away trash, and sometimes the compactor would turn into a complete mess thanks to other tenants being pigs. That being said, do note that this is student housing. You'll hear people being loud and having a good time. It's really not an issue, I loved the folks living here, just bear in mind that reflections is student housing Review from Google
Feb 2019: Not the best area. But, new management is actually taking care of business and making this community a lot safer and comfortable. Had some noise issues that were never resolved by previous management, and in a matter of a few days, the situation was resolved by Miguel. Maintenance also fixed my air conditioning before I even woke up! Which was the fastest I've ever seen any maintenance crew respond. Awesome guys. I would say this place is finally cleaning up it's reputation. From my few years of residence here, I'm seeing a LOT of improvement since new management and office staff were introduced. Maria has also always done her best to help and I've never walked away with anything unresolved. Kudos to all! :)
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Dec 2018: This is one of the WORST apartment to live in.There is no kitchen space, I have to keep my food in my room. I signed my lease months in advance, I stated on the roommate matching form No pets and cleanliness. I moved in Fall and they put me with 3 dogs that I was allergic to. They finally moved me with 2 other roommates,who all got moved because they were placed with pets as well. We were not compatible, the roommates left trash inside the house for weeks,food and trash on the floor, and dishes in the sink for months at a time. There is maggots around the sink, flies, and roaches all over the kitchen area. The roommate and I got into a confrontation and her boyfriend threatened me. I reported it to the office and management did nothing about it. I went to the manager twice and insist they move me. There has been no interest or follow up from m Review from Google
Nov 2018: Honestly, wasn’t an awful living experience. Almost all of the Staff was friendly and nice every time I was in the front office. The kitchen was very small. The apartment grew mold and took them awhile to attend to it. I got very sick from this. BUT the worst part is i’ve been moved out for MONTHS and NOW they’re tryung to charge me and all of my roommates for “carpet damage” when they originally said that the only time they will be billing us will be within 30 days of moving out and i received a $0 emailed balance. 3 MONTHS LATER they’re charging us now??? What an awful way to run an already lousy apartment complex. Not to mention, they charged my roommate pet rent for 6 MONTHS after she went into the office personally and told them she didn’t have a pet anymore. Not only that, the woman in charge was EXTREMELY rude to her on Review from Google
Oct 2018: Lived here last year, I loved it! The office staff was amazing, any problems I had they would do their best to help. Miss living at Reflections, most likely moving back next year! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I lived here 2 years recently moved out. The staff at the front is cool and I understand that they can't control a lot of what management does. When you move into an apartment where at least one person has stayed/extended their lease from previous roommates, they only make sure your room is clean for move in. I guess the people who lived in my apartment previously owned pets without knowledge of the office. I'm severely allergic to cats and there was cat and dog urine stained carpets in the living room. I complained for 6-8 months until they replaced the carpets. I came home to find them not only replacing the living room carpets, but also went into my room to replace the carpets I didn't complain about (they were new in my room when I moved in). The people who installed the carpet pushed all my belongings into my bathroom and into the living Review from Google
Sep 2018: I came in on a tour recently and they stood to greet me! I love this place. Unfortunately, their student-styled and I don't like students whine every little thing. Thanks guys for a great tour and being so nice Review from Google
Jul 2018: I was in yesterday to get an application for a room I’m subleasing and the staff were absolutely amazing. I was in and out in a short amount of time. And they showed me the apartment which was super nice looking and clean, updated and had spacious rooms. There seemed to be ample parking and the pool was nice. I’m really excited to sign the lease and move in in August. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Management has become a lot more helpful and wonderful over the years. Stephanie, specifically, is fantastic. For the price, very worth the apartment. Have not had many issues in a long time. Review from Google
May 2018: I am very upset that the tanning bed services will not be available if this is true. One of the reasons, and maybe the main reason, why i ve renewed my lease with reflections for these past 3-4 years has been because of the tanning bed amenity. Rent continues to go up every year without new furniture or new paint but we are loosing services like the tanning bed? #savethetanningbed Review from Google
Apr 2018: BE AWARE: "THIS PLACE WILL ALLOW YOU TO KEEP YOUR LEASE EVEN IF YOUR SUBLEASER SIGNS THE LEASE BUT SCAM YOU AND NEVER PICK UP THE KEY." If I could give 0 stars for customer service, I would. I took someone's lease from December to July so I'm very familiar with the information required to apply to this complex. During April I found a subleaser to take over my lease from May to July. As it turns out, this subleaser was a scammer and stole money from me in a way unrelated to Reflections. I understand it is my stupidity that partially caused that. One of those stupid things was trusting Reflection to do its job to do a thorough background search. They never found anything suspicious, which I can understand because it's "easy" to fake information. The thing is that I expected them to be interested in how to improve their background search so somet Review from Google
Mar 2018: This is one of the cheapest student housing apartments in the area and the location is mildly convenient (not during traffic, but that's only during rush hour), but unfortunately those are the only two pros of this apartment complex. The kitchen is incredibly small, only one person can be in there comfortably at a time, and there are hardly any cabinets providing barely enough space for kitchen essentials. Worse yet, there is no pantry or shelving to keep food items and with the lack of cabinets, you have to keep it all in your room, which is a decent size. I'm staying in a 4/4 paying for the "premium" furniture which was advertised as coming with a memory foam mattress, which I was not given, and a swivel office chair which I was also not given. My bed is also supposed to come with drawers under the bed, which I did not receive and when manag Review from Google
Mar 2018: Could use more cabinet space, but if you collaborate with your roommates you can make stuff fit. I really like the bedroom furniture, and my room has one of the fancy memory foam beds and that is probably my favorite thing ever. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I have lived in reflections for a full three years now and it has been overall a great experience. I live in the upgraded apartments which all the furniture is fresh and new and everything is included which equals the lowest rent you'll find with student housing at USF. This apartment is perfect for anybody who has to live on a budget, but also doesn't want to live in a dump. Any maintenance issues have been fixed within two days and when there was a problem within my apartment, the management team was extremely caring and helpful which was very settling considering the circumstances. It was a blast living here and after reading most of the bad reviews, those problems happen regardless of where you live and in my opinion, Reflections does their best to give everybody the best apartment living experience! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I've been living here for a little over two years and I love it! great experience, great office team, and definitely the most affordable student housing in the area! Great job Reflections!! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Wonderful friendly atmosphere also clean property well kept landscaping. Reasonable and affordable rent. I feel like this is a great place to live and save money without struggling. Also a welcoming and friendly staff. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I lived in reflections for 2 years! Not only is it cheap but the customer service they provide is out standing! Are you looking for a comfortable place to stay near USF, this is the place for you! Thank you for reading my review! Review from Google
Dec 2017: I would like to start off by saying I was NOT paid to do this review. I'd actually rate it more like 3.5 stars. This is my genuine experience from about a year of living here. Firstly, the office staff and manager are super nice and helpful. They seem very genuine, they always know what they're talking about when you have a question or concern and if they don't they find out for you. The maintenance crew I have seen are nice and courteous and very good about fixing the craziest things. The amenities are nice, the pool is almost always empty so you can go read and relax by yourself most of the time. And it has a grill to cook on which is cool if you're into that. They have computers and free printing, plus a little gym and game room. What really sucks about the place is the apartments, they are just awful. The rooms are fine, they are fairly Review from Google
Nov 2017: For the price and location, it's hard to beat the setup. I have yet to find comparable.The staff is always helpful and friendly. They always have coffee or something I can munch on after my workout in the nice gym there. Anna and Stephanie are always reminding me about events and keeping me in the loop. Although I'd like to see more movie nights like the last one for Halloween. Review from Google

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