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Radius Palms

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Oct 2019: I have been a resident since July. Radius has all of the amenities you could ever want or need. Two pools, pretty nice gym, volley ball court, outdoor playground, dog park, jacuzzis etc. I wish I could give a higher rating. However my move in was kind of disastrous due to someone who didn’t know what they were doing. There was a lot of confusion and it ended up not well. However they corrected their mistake. One person who definitely serves some five stars is the newer girl who had brown short hair. I forget her name but she was always been very helpful and kind to me so I really appreciate it! She genuinely has people’s best interest as a leasing agent which can be hard to come by! So thank you ! Review from Google
Oct 2019: We found this place and we are soooo HAPPY to live here since day one , the office staff is super nice and very professional, maintenance is fast and efficient. Pools are lovely. Tina is awesome she helped us with the apartment move in and she's very kind and nice. We highly recommend to live here, Tina thanks so much for taking excellent care of us. Review from Google
Sep 2019: I absolutely love Diana! Anytime that I have an issue she takes care of it right away. Not to mention, Tina and Mohamed are also my go to people as well. Review from Google
Sep 2019: I moved in about a month ago. There were some minor damages on the bathroom and living room floors that I didn’t see until I moved in. I was lucky enough to have Hector from the front office help me out to fix these things. It took them only a few days to replace it. I would say this has been a great experience with the whole office and would recommend others to live here as well. They will go above and beyond to help you out. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Nice place! The staff is very friendly and helpful. On our most recent visit we were helped out by Diana, who is both professional and incredibly personable! She helped us renew and treated us as if we were vip members. Review from Google
Sep 2019: What a great place to live, only reason why I do not give it 5 stars is because the amenities are not up to par with what you pay. The dog park is disgusting and I truly hate not having a place to run my pup around. The leasing manager Diana, always greets you with a smile and is so helpful to any of my needs, and is quick to attend to any problems that arise. She’s extremely responsive and constantly follows up. She will definitely make you feel at home! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I have lived here for 2 years almost. I never had any issues with them until I transferred into a 1:1. Ever since I have always been getting overcharged and I am always needing to go into the office to get it fixed every month. Now they have this parking policy in which visitors have to park in visiting spaces which is valid but the only issue is the amount of spaces available and if there’s none near u, then that means my visitors would need to park on the other side of the complex or they would get towed. If it’s open space parking then why make it this difficult to have visitors? How does that make sense? Review from Google
Jun 2019: I spent two years here, and for the most part i enjoyed it. I thought the apartment itself matched the price i was paying, and rent didn't increase too steeply with every renewal. I had a couple of AC and drain issues, and they were fixed promptly. The gym got new machines in the first couple months that i was there, and I ended up using it pretty extensively. I never had trouble getting hold of them if I needed to, though to be fair i rarely ever needed to. A couple issues worth mentioning. The first and biggest is the noise at the pools. There are groups of people that make a ton of noise / play music etc at all hours of the night, and it's very audible from inside apartments. Management has sent out warning emails about it, but that's the most they've done. Be careful if you're a light sleeper and are looking at a place near the pool areas. Second - the front gates never worked consistently Review from Google
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Jun 2019: Visited the community leasing office and talked to a very friendly agent Tina. She toured me around the community and the model apartment and answered all of my questions. Diana was also very helpful. She helped me finish the application process and finalize move in date. I'm looking forward to having a great year at Radius Palms! Review from Google
Jun 2019: Tina has been great! Whenever I come to the office, she has been very helpful and resourceful especially when I need something printed since the printer is always down. Her and Mohammad make a great team together! Review from Google
Jun 2019: I have searched an apartment for one week. And today I had a second visit to Radius Palms. Twice, I talked to a very pleasant and friendly leasing agent Tina. She patiently showed me all apartments and answered bunch of my questions. And I finally made my decision and applied for one of the 2 bedrooms at Radius Palms. I am looking forward to have a great year with such nice leasing agents and the community. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Tina was absolutely amazing on our tour. My mother toured today and fell in love with the community but also the friendly and knowledgeable leasing agent who was FANTASTIC! She was very thorough and kind, answered all of our questions, and did so with enthusiasm and a smile. Thank you for the tour and I love seeing the smile on my mother's face while touring with Tina. A+ rating. Thanks Tina for making her day. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Edit: Still 5 months after management responded and this place is worse than ever. This place a circus- not a living community. Management and workers do nothing to control the noise levels here. Its a disgrace. If you have the money to go elsewhere, do it. The gate still has not be fixed. I was told months ago that they would hire a "community grounds specialist" to monitor the grounds... what a joke. There was an armed man in the parking lot threatening people on 11/5/2018. Cops everywhere. Seems like every week the cops are here for something. Management keeps saying every month for the past 2 years that the security gate will be fixed. Maybe this would keep the unwanted problems out of the area- nonetheless is keeps happening. I don't feel particularly safe here at all. Furthermore, the management allows individuals to come into the community blasting music. The management allows individuals to have sound systems and to blast their music in their apartments Review from Google
Mar 2019: This is a long review, I'm sorry, but please read my account of this apartment complex, it's not good. Please don't waste your time or money on this place. I had a wonderful tour with Neil, got a discount on the application fee, put in an application, all was good. Then, as soon as there was a hiccup in the process, all communication stopped. I had to bug them and call incessantly just to have them send a simple email that was 3 days late. I should have seen the signs. I was in the process of working with their screening agency-good luck trying to get in contact with anyone there too. I needed to verify that the apartment was going to be held for us, while we waited the 30 days to dispute the application denial. good luck trying to get ANYONE to answer the phone. I left them 3 messages Thursday, Friday and Monday, none returned. I called multiple times a day, no answer. My only thought was they must not want my business and are ignoring my calls because of the application rejection of my partner Review from Google
Mar 2019: I lived there for 3 years. The first half was under St Croix management. Those people were great. Caring and actually trying g to do their job and even more. The second half Radius palms took over. the worst property management ever. Why? Just try to reach out to them with a problem, doesn't matter what it is. Your mail got lost or you have a payment issue. They'll answer the same way We don't know. Or just a memorized few sentences. Today after almost two months I called to see even though I got the mail about getting a refund on my security deposit (more than $1000) why I still haven't gotten the check. It was the second call in past week First Kayla told me I'll let the management know (the management t is never there!!!!) And they'll fix the issue. Today Tyler answered the phone I asked if I could talk to manager and he said they're not there (of course!!!!!) I asked when and who should I talk to Review from Google
Mar 2019: Unfortunately, I can’t give zero stars, but this place is an absolute joke. I was sold on apartment don’t get me wrong, but the customer service is terrible and so is the property manager. These people will not lift a finger for you, but expect you to be hand over knee for them. These people also had the audacity to deny me (I was accepted everywhere else), but not only that; make me wait five days to tell me I am denied and then tell me it could be solved by calling the property manager. I called the property manager and she told me there is nothing she can do and she will not refund me any money and that I will have to re apply. Which I told them before hand that i needed an apartment in two weeks and that I didn’t have time to wait. If you need an apartment and you are on a time crunch, do not waste your money and don’t bother coming here. Review from Google
Feb 2019: The office hours don’t mean anything sometimes they are open on Sunday’s but the hours say there closed send an email saying there closing early almost every week and they are closed at the most random moments but you will still see people on the inside of the leasing office. The community is very noisy lots of loud music from cars and leaf blowers at 8AM. The maintenance guys drive through the community like there a biker gang and will slowly drive in front of you while your trying to leave. The front gates are always broken and there have been multiple break ins at the mailboxes. I live in the very back of the community, They won’t open the side gates so there is only one way in and one way out. Not to mention the rent price is outrageous after a 10 month lease it went up $100 won’t be returning at the end of my lease. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Where to even begin... Let me start by saying that with these kind of apartments it’s a hit or a miss. Some people get lucky and others, like me and my roommate, don’t. The Radius is average and not worth the price. It’s not good, but not the worst place to live either. The only good thing about this place is Muhammed, our leasing agent. So you can’t go in expecting that they’ll actually take your maintenance requests seriously, or any kind of other concerns into consideration because frankly their employees aren’t paid enough to care. We had the worst experience with management, maintenance, our ac, toilets, sinks, and MOLD. Black mold specifically. We should’ve known better, because on move in day the carpet was still wet and there was an eviction notice had been left on the counter from the previous tenant. The apartments are Review from Google
Dec 2018: Pretty affordable, nice-to-look-at apartment complex. I've been here for over a year and I haven't had any major issues. Occasional bugs (but we live in Florida, there's literally not much you can do) but pest control comes around and takes care of them. The walls are a little thin, but some of the residents can be loud and the staff will help you take care of any disputes. They half fixed the gates - one of them opens with a card key, but the exit gate stays open. Yes, the reviews about the guy with a gun waving it around early one morning are true, so maybe getting the gate to close would prevent any future issues. However, it was an isolated incident, and I have no reason to fear for my safety or the safety of anyone else who lives here (but definitely fix the gate because it would help with safety). The residents are friendly and the fit Review from Google
Dec 2018: UPDATE: I now understand why this place deserves one star. The maintenance staff is incompetent beyond general things I could have done myself, we have had multiple emergency requests where the maintenance staff simply said they could not help (like just now, when our unclogged toilet began to overflow and all he did was plunge it a few times. Left us to clean up the flood ourselves). The "pest control" we pay for has no profound effect as we still had roaches for almost a year. The gate never works, and it is apparent that all this complex cares for is appearance rather than functionality by the repetitive maintenance issues and the fact that the front desk & pools has been "remodeled" multiple times. The front desk is hard to reach as I usually get a busy tone rather than an answering machine/system. The package system we have, Luxer, is use Review from Google
Nov 2018: Apartment management needs to get thier act together. I walked in a few weeks ago with absolutely No intentions of applying yet because I knew I had to pay off a previous debt from a old apartment complex. Kayla told me to go ahead and apply anyways and when it shows up to just fax the paid debt off to the screening company. Well the screening company said that is unacceptable and they shouldn’t have told me that. I worked with multiple people to resolve the mess up and after a week had gone by heard nothing. I called all the numbers they told me to , did everything they asked and was still denied for it showing up again. I went into the front office multiple times looking for answers and everyone but Mohammed was useless. Was told by various people I would receive call backs and never did. Now I am out $100 and was forced to find a new plac Review from Google
Nov 2018: Negatives: • the gate hasn’t been fixed and there are constantly sketchy people walking through and around the complex. They have sent emails informing the residents that it will be fixed but nothing changes. An armed man was in the parking lot threatening to shoot and police came and detained him. Someone attempted to steal my bike but ended up stealing the tires. • a lot of resident smoke weed leaving behind a constant stench, and they will do it in broad daylight in their porch. • there are sketchy dudes at the pools including one employee who takes his 1.5 hour lunch breaks facing towards the ladies tanning. • our mail was held at the mail office for 2.5 weeks while the office was supposed to fix the problem. • we’ve been charged every month for renters insurance and every month we continue to show that we have our ow Review from Google
Nov 2018: There was an armed man in the parking lot threatening people on 11/5/2018. Cops everywhere. Seems like every week the cops are here for something. Management keeps saying every month for the past 2 years that the security gate will be fixed. Maybe this would keep the unwanted problems out of the area- nonetheless is keeps happening. I don't feel particularly safe here at all. Furthermore, the management allows individuals to come into the community blasting music. The management allows individuals to have sound systems and to blast their music in their apartments. This is awful since the walls are made of paper. The ONLY improvement I have recognized since I have been here is service calls. There is one middle aged man here who works particularly hard and has been awesome at getting things done. Pesticide is a joke though- I had an issue Review from Google
Oct 2018: The staff at Radius Palms have been great to work with, very professional and friendly - Tyler, Mohamed, and Seqouia helped me out a lot! They made the moving in process, as well as out, easy and hassle free. The apartment itself was nice and maintenance requests were fulfilled quickly. My favorite part was that it was a dog friendly (all breeds allowed), affordable, and clean place to live! Review from Google
May 2018: This complex is okay, at best. Pros: -Lots of nice trees outside, makes for a great view -Management overall friendly -Apartments inside look okay Cons: -Ever since the new management took over, the price has gone up tremendously. This is because of renovations, however, they only renovate apartments when you move out of them. We are currently in a very outdated room, but paying extra. -The other changes they’ve made are purely cosmetic. They worked on the roofs for a very, very long time. I am pregnant and 5/6 days of the week, they started at 6 am. I can usually overlook something like this, but the sound was insane and vibrated the whole room for hours every single day. The water from our fish tank spilled over multiple times. Luckily, they have been finished for a while. -The same people they hired to work on the roofs were very Review from Google

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