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$709 - 1 in 3 beds x 2 baths

Move in 5/28/22 - 2 months. Hey! I am leaving my 3x2 apartment at On50 this summer (May 28th-July 31st) and I am looking to sublease it. FEMALES ONLY. I have two amazing roommates, two people live downstairs and the other lives upstairs. Roommates are clean, professional, and a...Read More

$720 - 1 in 3 beds x 2 baths

Move in 5/5/22 - 3 months. On50. Subleasing bedroom A for $720 a month. The bedroom comes with a private bathroom. You can move in from May 5th, the lease ends July 31st. five-minute walk to the village on campus. Three-bedroom shared apartment. Comes with washer/dryer P...Read More

ON50 Apartments Info

ON50 is located within walking distance to USF (northeast corner). ON50 is a student focused community which means many of the amenities are made to fit what students need; individual leases, residence life program, USF Bull Runner bus stop, individu...Read More Details

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