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ON50 Apartments

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Jan 2019: Not too bad since I was lucky enough to find a sublease that works for me. The close proximity to campus is why I actually rented here. It’s the cheapest one I could find that was that close by and only have one roommate. There’s always room for improvements. The office people are nice. Might have to update my review once I start requesting maintenance work. So far so good. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Oh gosh where do I start? First off DO NOT MOVE INTO HERE! The front office is all over the place. Upon moving in (mid August before the semester) I had a 0$ balance. In September when the first month rent is due I was told I owe an extra $160 in fees that was not communicated to me. You pay $5 for valet trash and they don't even come and grab all the trash out of your bin and if they do come (which is supposed to be every day) it's maybe only twice a week. The WIFI is THE MOST UNRELIABLE THING EVER. I can't stress how much of an inconvenience this is. And it's a third party company so you constantly have to call them and have them trouble shoot. The parking lot is so small the parking here is super annoying/unsafe. Just save yourself the disappointment and look elsewhere. Currently counting down the days to GTFOH!!!!!!!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Amazing apartments and staff! This is my first apartment ever, the leasing office truly took their time to help me with everything I needed and more. If you're looking to move in to affordable student housing please do yourself a favor and stop by on50 and ask for Melissa Torres or Valerie Slaughter at the leasing office. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Been living at this complex for my 3rd year and I loved my experience here! This apartment is not only the cheapest but it has the best floor plan options available as well. All the staff are friendly and are ready to help you out when you ask for assistance. The maintenance team is quick to respond to issues within the same day or as late as the next day. The complex also throws a lot of great events for the residents to attend where they can get fed and also get chances to win gift cards! Overall my experience at On50 has been the best college living experience I think I could've gotten around the USF area. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Close to campus, that's about all for the good. Got a renovated bathroom and was told my floors will most likely be redone too since I renewed. didn't happen. Raised rent $70 a month for a renevated bathroom pretty much. They hired a new towing service as well just so they can screw you over even more.They try to get every nickle and dime they can get out of you even though they know you are a broke college student. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Genuinely dissatisfied. There are SO many places near Usf with better housing experiences and the building is old with big infestations in many of the buildings, most prevalent in the warmer months. They arbitrarily charged me to clean the apartment and the management is sub-par at best. Do yourself a favor and don’t sign here, I know I deeply regretted it. There’s too many superior options, even if they have a good location. Review from Google
Sep 2018: No complaints.. Be nice with the staff and they will be nice and respectfull. Fast maintenance. Stop complaining and enjoy life. Be nice with peoples. Review from Google
Sep 2018: 2 years living in here. Great place. New office staff. Great maintenance team. Cant remember his name but maintenance supervisor always had responded my emails when i had any questions. I will be renewing my lease, they seems to be taking care of the property and upgrading the bathrooms. Love the pool area. Review from Google
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Sep 2018: Staff at on 50 is wonderful. I personally love the general atmosphere here. Generally neighbors stay fairly quiet. All in all it’s a great place to live. Review from Google
Jun 2018: This apartment complex is convenient being across the street from USF and it's semi-low costs are nice.The nicest thing about this apartment is the beautiful view out my balcony and the pool and hot tub with the nice new cabana (thanks to new management). However, I've had a lot of bad experiences with this place. Thankfully, management was just switched so everything is now getting better. Right before finals we had faulty fire alarms continuously going off during the night, and remodeling and repainting of apartments so we couldn't even be home during the day. I also came home after their repainting of my apt room with all of my things rearranged and thrown about carelessly. They broke my bookshelf and did not have any respect for my belongings. What's sad is I actually spent a while before they came arranging things so it wouldn't be a has Review from Google
May 2018: FALSE ADVERTISEMENT AT ITS BEST! POORLY MANAGED STAY AWAY! I Lived here for three years. When I first visited to take a tour, the model shown to me had wooden floors and was bigger than the actual apartment I ended up being assigned. The apartment I was assigned to had tiled floors and like nothing compared to the model room I was shown, and when I complained about this, they said they were currently doing construction, and my floors would be changed in two months. That never happened in my three years of staying there, and they said that just to make me resign my lease. On50 had a current deal going on where if you renewed your lease early, you could keep your current rate. I went in, and I renewed to keep my current rate and six months into my renewed lease, I got this email from the management team claiming that it was an error that I was being charged 67
May 2018: FALSE ADVERTISEMENT AT ITS BEST! POORLY MANAGED STAY AWAY! DOES NOT DESERVE 1 star I Lived here for three years. I signed the first year cause of what the model looked like when i visited and I renewed my lease the second year becuase of the deal that they had going on which ended up being a scam. When I first visited to take a tour, the model shown to me had wooden floors and was bigger than the actual apartment I ended up being assigned. The apartment I was assigned to had tiled floors and like nothing compared to the model room I was shown, and when I complained about this, they said they were currently doing construction, and my floors would be changed in two months. That never happened in my three years of staying there, and they said that just to make me resign my lease. On50 had a current deal going on where if you renewed yo Review from Google
May 2018: If I could give this apartment complex negative stars I would. It all started with move in. The apartment looked as if someone still lived there and like no one has cleaned since months. The gate never worked in the year that I lived at this complex. This is the trashiest apartment complex around USF. They have no respect for their residents and will never give you all the information that you need. When you want something done you have to go to the highest up to even get anything done. The staff never tells you all the information you need so you will end up having to talk to almost everyone in the office to get a full understanding of your question. I advise you to look elsewhere unless you want to live in a mold infested, run down apartment with management that could care less. All in all, the worst complex to live in for the money and the Review from Google
May 2018: The fire alarms here do not stop going off. It is honestly so annoying having to wake up in the middle of the night because they can't get something as simple as a fire alarm system to function properly. That's not even the only thing that wakes you up. Their maintenance is absolutely godawful and just barge in at 8AM. Absolutely awful Review from Google
May 2018: Literally the worst place for a college student to live. Not only are the conditions of the actual apartments awful, but the maintenance is practically non-existent. That's not even the worst part. They literally scam the tenants with a bunch of ludicrous claims. I had my account locked and couldn't pay rent through the online portal. Another month the maintenance began renovations and trashed the entire apartment. I made a complaint and only received half of what the costs in damages were, and then after having that much taken off of my rent; the subsequent month's rent was increased by that much. So I literally got scammed out of my own hard earned money. They're running a complete scam here, and do yourself a favor and look somewhere else. Far from this absolute sty of a living establishment. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I'm writing this review purely to tell you I hate how they treat me. You can go and complain all you want but in the end they just brush you off and you can't do anything about it. I woke up today, with a jackhammer in my ear because a floor up, they were replacing their floor. As a result, at 10 am, I will not only need to listen to that until my classes start at 2, (this goes for literally half the day) I now have my apartment falling apart from all the work they're doing. My falling down. Like there's popcorn ceiling everywhere. This is insane. In short, if you can avoid it, don't live here. That's all I got. It looks good at first, but that's only the demo room. I mean, when I moved in, it looked like the past person never left ... and never cleaned. It was gross. Our sink was leaking, the washing machine had some kind of Review from Google
Apr 2018: Terrible service. Management team (the leasing office) was the worst. They treated you like trash. They do not know how to communicate with residents. Everything is old and broken. The renovation this year does not look that nice so don’t waste money in this complex for that. With that amount of monthly rent, you can find a nicer student complex around USF. My roommates and I hate this place. Review from Google
Apr 2018: If anyone is fed up with how this apartment has become, I encourage you to leave your thoughts and warnings for others. Potential leasors, don't expect to have a good experience here. EDIT: in response to on50's kind reply back. First, you look up people who leave bad comments? What a great landlord, getting a list of residents who leave 1 star reviews. But nah I don't live here, thank God, but I've been visiting for the past 2 years to know I'll never want to. So cars are why the gate is broken? No other appartment has had the gate broken for an entire semester? And a fire system is great if it works, but it's been triggered 3 times in the past month. Now whenever it goes off, no one evacuates any more, which is a hiluge hazard if there were a fire. Plus in the email you sent out, you said it was someone smoking in the stairwell that cause Review from Google
Mar 2018: Its a peaceful community, the price is great. They have gotten a lot better in the past three years. They care about resident experience a lot and make sure they fix any problems and respond to your needs. And inform you about everything in advance so you are not surprised about renovations, inspections, etc. they respect your privacy and communicating with out . Review from Google
Mar 2018: I lived here for 3+ years and every time I ever had any issues, they would take care of it ASAP. The management is wonderful! Leasing agents are helpful and very friendly and maintenance is the best. The place has been around for a while so they can fix ANYTHING. We get a lot of benefits as well for living here. We get discounts from vendors, we have online community rewards where we can get gift cards and the price for the apartment is the best in the area being its only 5 minutes away from USF. Now they are working hard to get renovations going, etc. it just keeps improving for sure! Review from Google
Feb 2018: This is the best student apartment complex in Tampa and as close to USF Campus as you can get! The pool and hot tube are cleaned regularly and the grounds are kept looking nice. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Any time my apartments had problems, they've been fixed quickly. Everyone that works in the front office is extremely professional and kind. Maintenance requests have been quick and almost immediately filled in some cases (our broken dryer was replaced within 2 days of the work order request). I haven't had too many issues with Conservice (on50's electricity supplier), however I am aware of others having issues with them, so be wary. Overall, my experience at on50, in comparison to other student living complexes, has been great. I am happy to live here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Rent here is really cheap but that’s just about the only good thing about this place. Looks like a roach motel and the consistantly slow WiFi makes bleach seem like an optimal next meal choice. Although then again, the mold in the shower and corners of the apartment might make for a better snack. Maintance is quick to respond to requests but I guess they have to be considering things break down so much. When they tell you that the apartments come “furnished” keep in mind that means a fuzzy tv that gets 2 channels, along with furniture that doesn’t match (looks like they may have found it dumpster diving). Luckily, The people in the office are friendly. However, they have lost several of my packages and given me other people’s, so don’t have anything important shipped here. At night the neighborhood is sketc Review from Google
Dec 2017: ON50 is a great place to rent. Matt, the manager is wonderful at taking care of business. He went above and beyond to assist and was always very helpful in getting things resolved right away. I know a lot of apartment places will give you the run around, he kept his word every time and was able to really make me feel secure about having my son move away from home to live close to the USF campus. I thank you Matt for your incredible customer service etiquette and for going above and beyond to help us. Enjoy your holidays with family and loved one. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I really enjoy living here. It feels like a safe place to live in and I am allowed to have my cat here as an emotional support animal. I appreciate it.

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