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Lark on 42nd

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Jan 2021: Run away they are money hungry you are only viewed as a dollar 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑 run don't look read reviews terrible management terrible hilarious expectations you have to be mouce quite no walking
Jan 2021: Worst apartments ever definitely do not move in here 🛑🛑🛑 read reviews don't get finessed out of your money that's all the do is make up bogus things to charge you for terrible place to live rude management do not fall into the re trap it doesn't feel like a home more like a jail
Jan 2021: Do not move in here worst apartments ever people literally complain about every little thing office staff is very rude and charge you what ever they feel if you live upstairs people constantly beat with objects telling you to be quite do not move in here
Jun 2020: Good place to live. Very close to USF. Extremely updated and clean. Maintenance comes within a day. Great gym and study areas
Oct 2019: DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!!! You have been warned. Before I get started I want people to know I'm not being salty, what I'm saying is the truth, and experiences I had in the year and 1/2 I've lived here that I'm sure you will have if you decide to move in to Lark on 42nd. To start with you will be paying $25 bucks a month for parking, but because of tow truck issues they do not tow anymore. This leads to visitors parking in resident spots and people using old stickers to park, while you are trying to fight for a spot on your floor. When you try to get in touch with a manager, you are told that someone at the front desk will let the manager know of your complaint, but that never happens. I had to literally call the office 10 times before I could talk to a manager about parking and she said I was the first person to complain about it and most people like it when towing isn't enforced. This was only a problem to me because again I pay $25 a month to park here, so no I'm not ok to fight to park while I have to pay a monthly fee Review from Google
Oct 2019: If you are looking for professional management look elsewhere. I am leasing a two bedroom and my roommate has a permanent "guest" who lives there. I have informed management numerous times,sent emails with photos, and had a meeting with management. Still the issue persists. They have not taken appropriate action. For the price one expects quality service. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Its been a month since I have moved in to lark. The apartment is nice and the community is good. But I have a huge problem with this place the wifi is really bad. It seems like it never works properly always slow sometimes does not even work. I cant even submit my assignments because of the condition of the wifi really disappointed. Mohammed AlBaqawi Review from Google
Sep 2019: I’ve been living in Lark for the past year and the place is good. I love living here but this year there’s a huge problem I have with them and that’s how the WiFi has become very slow and really bad. I hope it gets fixed Review from Google
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Jul 2019: Lark is a great place to live. Pros include: It’s quiet, safe, and clean. Maintenance staff is quick and the office staff is friendly. Great amenities including parking, organized community events, and an easily accessible gym on premise. I also love the location. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Great place to live. Close to campus, friendly front office staff, and very clean environment. The amenities are wonderful including the gym and pool. Maintenance issues are quickly resolved and I have never had a problem with bugs like many other apartment complexes do. I love living at Lark.
Jun 2019: The leasing office doesn’t do background checks here. My friend lives here and his roommate stole from him and was caught on camera. The leasing office didn’t do a thing about it. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I love living here. The staff is super friendly and they are willing to do anything to help. They keep the grounds clean lobby is cleaned almost every night. The hall floors are vacuumed and if you have any issues with something in the apartment they come either the same day or the next day. There is always parking on the floors and there is always a visitor parking available. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have lived here for almost a year now, rent is a little high and overage charges on electricity are sporadic but not unreasonable. Super clean and new apartments with lots of room, friendly staff and maintenance are really good at fixing any issues. Host good events at the complex, and have good clean facilities. Gym could use some more maintenance/ equipment.
Mar 2019: The rooms are super comfortable, and the walking closets are huge!! If you need something fix maintenance staff are on it right away. They have monthly events which are really good. Bus stop is really close which is a great thing!
Feb 2019: The staff at Lark is great! They truly care about making your home comfortable which is super important especially as a college student living away from home. Maintenance has always been super fast and I’ve enjoyed living here a lot!!
Feb 2019: Wonderful place!! The staff here are so knowledgeable and really helped make the process of looking for somewhere to live SO much less painful. Although I ended up not renting here (for reasons that are of no fault of the complex / staff) I am highly considering going back here to live once my lease is up at my current complex! 10/10 recommend. You will be challenged to find better for the price and amenities in the area.
Feb 2019: Lark is a wonderful place to live. It is very quiet and clean. The maintenance staff is very quick to fix orders. The office staff is very friendly. The amenities are very useful: parking garage, gym, mail/packaging service, and all the fun events provided are among my favorite. The hallway doors are very loud when shutting but as long as they lock and keep me safe, that's top-most priority. The location is amazing . Also, my neighbors are very friendly and quiet. Overall, I really enjoy staying it here.
Jan 2019: I DO not recommend LIVING HERE AT ALL. DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP!!! Managment is extremly rude and does not want to help resolve your issues. For maintenance you wait forever to come to your apartment to fix. Hallway always dirty and nasty smell. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Avoid at all costs!! I do not recommend living here at all. The gate to enter the parking garage is suppose to close every night but has not been closed in over a month which caused someone to come in and break in. Only two computers in the so called “study room” work and they are missing the key pad or mouse half the time and the printer only works half the time. One of the floors entrance door has been unlocked since August and never been fixed. The parking garage is super dangerous and everyone speeds in it. The over charges are ridiculous, being over 10 dollars per roommate per month. No point in paying for parking since you clearly can park in visitor everyday as the same cars park in visitor every night. The hallways smell like animals and/or weed every day. The elevator outside was due for inspection in 2017 and just got inspection Review from Google
Nov 2018: This place finds anyway to nickle and dime you. Regardless of the reviews i seen i decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Listen to those reviews, the place might be nice but management is rude. The property manager spoke to me in a manner i have never been spoken to before and didn’t listen to what i had to say even though i was a resident. The front desk will tell you one thing and another thing will happen. The management is extremely rude and will threaten you of being in”breach” of your housing agreement but then tell you you’re not allowed to break your lease when you no longer want to live there. Stay away and don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. It used to be called Uncommon Tampa and they probably changed their name cause of the bad reviews. I never take the time out of my day to write reviews but if i can warn someone about this pl
Nov 2018: Nice new apartments, decent rates for students. They have key cards to get into the complex from the garage. They will, however, charge you $246 for absolutely no reason when you’re picking up someone’s sublease (in addition to application fee) and charge a ridiculous amount for breaking lease (understandable). Review from Google
Nov 2018: Do not recommend! Front desk staff is extremely nice and accommodating, but management is rude and doesn’t help resolve any issues. This place is extremely over priced and they are continuing to raise rates. The parking garage is dangerous and I have personally come seconds away from being hit on several occasions. It constantly smells like weed and in the halls and it permeates into the rooms. The WiFi is sketchy and goes out daily. Our WiFi has been off for 6 days now and after contacting management several times about this they continued to be rude and not solve the issue. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Honestly do not recommend living here. Front office although nice sometimes, is extremely misleading and when you ask them directly they each give different answers. Our couch cusion zipper has been broken since May and no one has done anything to replace it, and today I just found a roach in the apartment where 4 extremely clean girls live. Addiontally, our WiFi has been down since Saturday and no one has done anything to fix it until Tuesday at the earliest. While maintenance is usually prompt in fixing issues, this has been way beyond a nightmare. In addition, everyone drives way too fast in the parking garage and you almost get hit every time you leave or exit. Don’t live here. Review from Google
Sep 2018: They take advantage of college kids and their families. When my daughter signed the lease she signed for a premium apartment which caused her to have a higher rate but never actually had the premium upgrades she was suppose to have and instead of them lower her rent they said too bad she had signed a lease for that amount even though they were not providing the premium room.They also charged her for all kinds of cleaning and damages when she moved out totally $180$. There were no damages she just didn’t vacuum under the bed and pull the tabs off the wall. They are just trying to get more money from these college kids. Like college isnt expensive enough. Shame on them. Review from Google

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