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IQ Apartments

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Jul 2019: Nathaly does a great job. She was extremely informative, courteous and professional during our tour of the property. She is awesome! Review from Google
Jun 2019: apartments are really nice, would give 5 stars but the lack of management is extremely disappointing.... Review from Google
Jun 2019: apartments are really nice, would give 5 stars but the lack of management is extremely disappointing.... Review from Google
May 2019: My job offered housing through the 3 month training at USF and they set us up in here. Now I’m a little older (late 20’s) and have gotten used to living on my own with my wife and newborn in a nice clean house or apartment in NYC so the days of comparing my living arrangements to my broken down college fraternity house with lead in the walls are long gone, but must say, I wish I lived at a place like this when I was in college! Heck I don’t even remember any places in State College for students this nice. I actually have enjoyed it here thus far, own bathroom, walk-in closet(one I’m able to actually use) and nice sized room all furnished with a clean and presentable living room and kitchen area. The pool and downstairs area are great, coffee in am and great gym. Plus location to campus is perfect, it’s very quiet which for me is great and the resident here seem to be focused on studying or work rather than partying with beer cans all over the hallway and vomit in the elevators Review from Google
Mar 2019: IQ apartment is a great place to live. Staffs are very easygoing, they usually fix the issues with the apartment in a short time. That’s very helpful. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Wonderful staff. BEAUTIFUL luxury apartments. Gorgeous pool/landscapes. Clean with high end appliances and spacious living. Love these apartments!
Feb 2019: Great community! The staff is nice and maintenance is pretty quick. The pool area is really beautiful and elevators are a plus!
Feb 2019: IQ apartments is a wonderful place to live. It is very quiet and clean. The maintenance staff is very quick to fix orders. The office staff is very friendly. The amenities are very useful: parking garage, gym, mail/packaging service, and all the fun events provided are among my favorite. There are no bugs and the place is very clean. The hallway doors are very loud when shutting but as long as they lock and keep me safe, that's top-most priority. The location is amazing as it is near school and other food and shops. Also, the neighbors are very friendly and quiet. Overall, I really enjoy staying at IQ. The price is VERY fair.
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Feb 2019: I took over a lease from someone recently. So far my experience has been exceptional. Juan made it a really easy/pleasant process for moving in. Maintenance is really awesome and quick . I had 2 maintenance issues that I reported through the resident app on my phone that were acknowledged and fixed the next day. The office staff is very courteous and professional. They are very reasonable as long as you communicate with them. As far as the building itself, it gets a bit noisy at times. But no more than it would in any apartment building you live in. It really isn't enough to be bothered by. Definitely considering renewing the lease for myself after it is up .
Jan 2019: I definitely suggest looking at other complexes and do not recommend IQ for many reasons. As many reviewers have posted, the management is terrible and treats you like a child when it comes to any concern you may have. The walls are ridiculously thin- you can practically hear your rommmate breathe. Fire alarms have gone off multiple times through the night, and just recently, the power has been sporadically going on/off. The management is not helpful or concerned with their residents whatsoever, they only care about your money. Also FYI the carpets are poorly made, so they get dirty very easily and IQ will charge you for this at the end of your lease.
Oct 2018: This apartment is definitely one of the nicest in the area. All the amenities are beautiful and clean. I really enjoy all the gift card give aways and the resident events that go on throughout the month. The apartment itself is very nice and any minor problem we had was handled by management. Karla and Ethan in the office are extremely nice and try their best to fix any problems we had in the room. The building is very quiet and I never have problems finding parking. Review from Google
Sep 2018: My friends and I have been living at IQ for over a year now and we absolutely love it. IQ is continuously improving their services and are always willing to help. I am in constant contact with Juan who is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable of the area. I have not lived in Tampa long so I am always asking him where the fun activities/events are. The entire staff at IQ is friendly, professional and willing to help with any of their residents’ needs and requests. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I had the pleasure to live at this apartment over the summer and was happy to live here. The staff here is always willing to listen to your concerns and help with any issues. I've usually end up talking to Karla, Shannan or Taylor, if any one of these ladies are helping you you'll be happy. Common areas of the apartment and club house are nice, bedrooms are a decent size great location to the mall and school. Review from Google
Sep 2018: By far the nicest management staff I came across while touring the off campus apartments. I know from friends that having a nice management staff is extremely important when living in an apartment complex in case there are any issues so that they can be handled smoothly. Knowing that the management staff is there to help is very reassuring. I haven’t had any issues at all since moving in, and I really love living at IQ. It’s a really cool complex. My guests are always so surprised with the free coffee in the lobby and the lovely clean smell in the hallways. I’m a photographer, so here’s a couple shots I’ve taken here at IQ. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I remember walking up to IQ apartments in anticipation for a tour. I had looked at four other apartment complexes prior to IQ, and I was starting to run out of hope in finding an amazing community that I could call home. IQ quickly changed my whole demeanor. The amenities are amazing, the staff is cordial and insightful, and the tour of the community was excellent. My leasing agent, Juan, answered all of my questions in a precise manner. Its very rare that you find leasing professionals that are so diligent, but IQ Apartments seems to pride themselves on their professionalism. The amenities are modern and sleek, and the prices are affordable. Hands down the best apartment complex in Tampa. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Major safety issue at iQ Apartments: It is critical that iQ Luxury Apartment Students consider signing this free petition to impress upon the Hillsborough County Government to expedite much needed traffic signals, turning lanes, crosswalks with signals and modern street lights at the intersection of iQ Apartments, USF Medical Library Staff Parking Lot and the James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital. To go to this free petition, Google: < Go Petition @ Remove the Danger >. It is very important that this review not be removed because this free petition is very important for the driving and pedestrian safety of all residents and management at iQ Apartments. A photograph of this review will be taken as soon as the review is posted. Thank you.
May 2018: This apartment is the best I have seen and experienced so far...really great. Makes life so easy, from the already-made furnishing to the swimming pool/gym/rest areas to the people...both staff and's about the most perfect housing arrangement. Daniel Villa, was an awesome associate!!! He made the registration, screening and entire onboarding process so easy and seamless. He has been helpfull all the time. I will encourage you to give this a try; I can assure you that it will clicked!! Review from Google
May 2018: Just signed my lease for the Fall 2018 semester at USF! I am so incredibly excited to live here next year! All of the staff here seem very kind and willing to help students, especially Karla who continued to reach out to me and was quick to answer any questions I had throughout the process. If she didn't know the answer off the top of her head she ensured she got back to me with the information I needed. When you are making a decision of where to spend a year or more of your life, it is crucial that you have accommodating people aiding you in that search who also aren't going to pressure you. IQ sets the bar on this one! Review from Google
May 2018: The leasing team was incredibly friendly and helpful. This is probably the nicest student housing I've ever come across. Their amenities are so extra it's awesome. I can't wait to call this place home! Review from Google
May 2018: I subleased recently and couldn't be happier with my decision to move to IQ. Karla was great throughout the whole process and answered all the questions I had. She even checked back in with me after the move which makes me feel like this place actually cares about their residents. I LOVE my apartment and it really feels like home here. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I do agree with a previous reviewer--the reviews depend a lot on someone's tolerance/patience levels and individual experience, so that being said: The fire alarms go off in the middle of the night A LOT ....not fun the night before an exam. Since new management came, they have not been going off. The walls are really thin so you can hear your neighbors (and the plumbing sometimes). A couple times we needed emergency maintenance for a huge leak in our kitchen and they never showed up. Additionally, one (or more) of the gate doors is always broken so sometimes you have to lap around the complex to find a working one--It has now been 6 months since two of the doors have been working. A few times the car gate wasn't working at night. The carpets they installed are the fluffy kind so they get dirty really easily so try to keep your shoes off in t Review from Google
Apr 2018: Aesthetically, the apartments are quite nice and modern, but if I had to go back and do it again, I would not choose to live at IQ. If you're really into the party scene, then you might love it, but if you actually need to do schoolwork, the walls are paper thin and there are always loud parties going on every night of the week. If my roommate is on the phone in her room, I can hear the voice of whomever she's talking to in my room--that's how thin the walls are. Nearly every stairwell has a dried puke puddle in it, and just the other night someone threw up in the hallway right outside my door and it was there for over a day.The trash rooms get piled up and filled with bugs, and for the first half of the year I had a steady stream of ants in my room. It's student housing, and yet they have a free tanning bed but no free printing available. A b Review from Google
Mar 2018: IQ Apartments is not a healthy environment for someone who comes to live there to get their education. They handle the use of illegal substances such as marijuana very lightly. If you have a roommate that smokes, management will try to resolve the issue with multiple warnings, while you suffer through your semester/academic year. It does not matter how many times you go to their office with the issue, you will be treated as a child, as they smile at you and tell you that they are going to do this and that about the issue. When the time passes, they do not fulfill what they said they would do about the issue. You who are considering in moving to somewhere next to the University of South Florida so that you can get your education, I strongly advise you to go somewhere else. The only thing that seems to interest them about you is your money. They are deceivers.
Feb 2018: Something is really wrong here. In 1.5 years we are now on our 3rd community manager and 2nd maintenance manager. Every single leasing agent from last year is gone. All priors were very nice people, and I'm sure they were driven out of here. You're going to deal with major problems here. Fire alarms have gone off 2-3x a month without fail since I've lived here. The outside is covered in pet waste even though this is a no pet complex. Gates and doors never work. They are stuck either open or closed. So you, a resident, sometimes have to do laps around the entire building to find an entry point when they are stuck shut. When they are stuck open, security is non existent.. sad considering this place was robbed at gunpoint last year. Roommate matching is a joke. The idea is to be on OPPOSITE schedules, not the exact same so you're right on top Review from Google

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