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Eagles Point

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Jul 2018: I have been living here for a while now and I can say with confidence that it is a very comfortable home. Great amenities, good grounds, and very near to the local university and my work. This place has been on the upswing lately ever since the new manager came in. Lots of work has been going into this place and I'm very happy to see my home being fixed up! Eagles Point does have a bug problem, which is unfortunate, but also unfortunately this is Florida. Florida has a bug problem. Pest control comes in very frequently and it's honestly not as bad as other places. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I love living here, it’s a nice and quiet complex that’s tucked away from the bustle of the university. I’ve been living here at this quaint complex for a year now, and unfortunately the property had been poorly managed in the previous years. Since it’s undergone new management, I’ve seen major improvements. Maintenance has been much more responsive to requests and the office staff has become exceptionally professional when answering complaints. The new manager is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond to help this property improve, it’s almost night and day! The place has become a thriving community. Review from Google
Jun 2018: It's a great place to stay!!! Friendly staff. No issues with parking. Nice amenities. All your needs are met within 2-mile radius. Only a few minutes away from all interstates. Review from Google
Jun 2018: wait was a bit longer than I would have hoped but otherwise wonderful looking place to live. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I don't even know where to begin. HORRIBLE staff HORRIBLE community very unprofessional. I was provided incorrect information by Lamar, im not sure if the staff needs training but no one is on the same page. I spoke with the manager ( Teresa) and she provided me a fake number to corporate. Lamar should be fired ( if he isnt already ) because he's the most unprofessional leasing agent i have ever encountered. i will NEVER recommend this community too anyone. Also be aware that you cannot take over anyone lease just in case Lamar forgets again. Review from Google
May 2018: If I could give a zero star rating for this complex I would. Since my roommates and I moved into apartment 3407 in July of 2017 it has been nothing short of a NIGHTMARE. I would never recommend this community to anyone. The buildings are deteriorating, the indoor and outdoor of the buildings are not maintained for looks or cleanliness for health. The management is very unprofessional and rude, which has lead to high turnover of ilmannred office staff. And on top of all that the BUG PROBLEM here is extreme. We wipe down and vacuum everything everyday, never leave food out, and have pest control come every week and STILL have BUGS (not little ones, cockroaches***). Review from Google
May 2018: Staff here is great! Every time I walk into the front office I am greeted with a smile from either Lamar or Kaitlyn. They always make sure to help me with whatever questions I have. I have had little to no issues living here and I would recommend Eagles Point to anyone looking for a good apartment in an up and coming neighborhood. Review from Google
May 2018: I love the patio and landscaping these apts have. ! Quiet neighborhood eventhough it sits on a four way. Review from Google
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Apr 2018: I love the staff, amenities and location. Most importantly its affordable and convenient to my life.I would HIGHLY recommend to every family. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Do you want a place to stay where the walls are wayyy thin. This is it... You can hear all the things you shouldn't hear. An added advantage don't get your deposit back. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Another apartment complex that struggles with parking. For the price, the apartments are nice enough, however it's nothing to write home about. The lights on the tennis court rarely work and the hot-tub has been closed more often than not. They are currently in the process of renovating however, so this might change in the future. Review from Google
Nov 2017: The Office is often closed at typical business hours of the day. You could walk over at 1:00 PM on a Tuesday to pay your rent, but there is no guarantee they will be there. On the off chance I was able to get there when they were open, I felt like I was a burden on them, like, darn it they have to do their job for a change. They charge you for pest control, but you will notice whatever they are spraying, isn't effecting the ants and water bugs you'll see. Upon moving in, I had beehives outside the screen on my balcony, however in the 7 months I've lived here, nothing ever got resolved with it, because I am on the 3rd floor and they didn't have means of reaching it. However near the end of my lease, the bees made some holes in my screen and got inside on the inner side of my screen, making my balcony unsafe. Regardless, nothing ever got reso Review from Google
Nov 2017: I like this place because the apartments are very nice and they have a very nice pool, gym and even a room with pool table, games and laptops. The rent unfortunately is pricey but other than that no complaints. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Think before you decide this as your next rental residence and I don't want others to regret and suffer like us!!! Appearance of the gym/club house will deceive your eyes as the service you are going to pay for residing is not worth the value. We stayed in this apartment for 4 long years for the only reason being the school for our elementary grade daughter despite the following conditions experienced. Apartment condition: The apartment building is very old and appears to be built over decades ago. The carpet was worn out and the fridge had roach infections every where. The kitchen wood cabins were so fragile and worn out and had lot of holes and full of infestations. The patio mesh was full of holes and you cannot even open it when sun sets as there were insects, lizards roaming. The doors are of so cheap quality and the Review from Google
Oct 2017: The worst possible place to live! The office has made several racial derogatory slurs about tenants to their faces and behind closed doors. They have never repaired anything in the years I have been here. The apartments are infested with roaches! They are falling through the ceiling and crawling out of the air vents. My AC has never worked. The maintenance staff are incompetent in ever sense of the word. There are thefts and gun fights weekly (people have died here). I am afraid for my life living here. If I could get out of my lease I would. Not to mention the perverts and sex offenders lurking in the neighborhood. People with children should not live here. Basically hell on earth. Review from Google
May 2017: Biggest achievement of my life is having survived my stay in this hell hole for more than 10 months. The most unempathetic, racist and intolerable management I've ever come across. I saw bad reviews online prior to signing the lease here, however, given the first world choices and priorities being mostly acceptable to someone coming from my country, I figured it could be some extra perfectionist who wrote those reviews. Every single building is rarely maintained, infested with roaches and lizards, air conditioners are ancient. They strictly ask the maintenance people to refrain from giving residents the idea that the unit can or should be replaced. Review from 5/10/17 on Google
Apr 2017: The apartment complex itself is not bad, but it seems that they just forgot we pay for amenities when they decided to undergo a year of construction. The pool, gym, and other amenities were completely out of commission and are still not looking near done. For at least the last 6-8 months, this has been the case, and it's not something I would have signed on for if I had known. The apartment layouts are nice though. Living here has been pretty good. Make sure to check your entire apartment out before you sign and point out and document every thing you need fixed or documented. Review from 4/25/17 on Google
Mar 2017: The Property Manager Andrena and the Leasing Agent Stephanie are the nicest people you will ever meet. The apartments are very nice and spacious and clean on move in day up to very high standards! I love where I live and I know you will too! Love this place! Move in!!! Review from 3/20/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I am impressed that they always seem to be renovating and innovating! Even when most of the actual maintenance seems to be done, they are still tinkering. A 4.5 might be more accurate just for this trait. Review from 2/24/17 on Google
Dec 2016: I should've known that this complex was bad just from how they treated me before I even moved in. First, I'll address the service provided. The service from the office and maintenance staff is subpar to say the least. The office staff never answers the phone, they are verbally promising to take care of issues, and they're terribly understaffed. Maintenance never fixes the problems. I've sat in the lobby numerous times waiting in a line of people. During one of those many times, I had witnessed the male office employee speak loud and rude to the residents and especially to the minority residents; there is a large amount of residents (mostly students) from the Middle East and South Asia. Review from 12/1/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: This apartment complex is poorly managed. They have a 48 hour maintenance guarantee listed on the website but it's more like 2 weeks or in some cases not at all. Roaches everywhere. I told the apartment manager there were a lot of baby ones and she responded "oh just the baby ones?". Utilities are allocated so if you have one or two people living in your complex , and you never ran water, or you go out of the country for a month, you'll still be paying for the usage in your whole building and in some cases people in your building will have 8 people living inside. Review from 5/14/16 on Google
May 2016: First year. Fine. Second year. Horrible! The roof is leaking for one year and there is a big hole up there. I have told them this problem more than 5 times.The management keeps changing every month. No repair at all. The electric is obviously overcharged! Every month, the electric fee is more than 120 dollars(we almost didn't use the air condition). We were not at home for one month, the electric fee is still 80! can't wait to move out! Review from 5/11/16 on Google
May 2016: I have never had to write a review, but I just had to write one for this place. We are being charged for amenities that have been under construction for 90% of our lease. Also our air conditioner has been broken for over a month now, the maintenance guy first told us it was working perfectly fine, which it wasn't, and we had to call them numerous times to come look at it again. Now, they said that a part needs to be replaced, which turned into the whole unit needing to be replaced. Our AC is still not working, and we keep getting told tomorrow it will be fixed. Well, tomorrow never comes. Back to the remodeling, they need to make sure all of the apartments are remodeled and everything is in working condition, but instead the office is getting all the attention. It's not even worth the rent. Review from 5/3/16 on Google
Apr 2016: Been living here for 2 years now, never had a major issue and don't really have any complaints about the place. Great experience with the staff. They take care of issues right away when they can even though they have been short staffed at times. Still living here and still plan on living here.
Dec 2015: NEVER LIVE AT Eagles Pointe!!!! To be honest, I wouldn't even rate them a 1 because they scammed my boyfriend and I out of $295 dollars! This is a horrible place to live. We recently moved to florida and had plans on staying in their apartment complex. The pictures and the website looks great but they look nothing like the actual units. We asked to see the actual unit but was told that they were 100% occupied and that they had nothing to show. The leasing staff showed us the model unit and it looked great but it looked nothing like the actual Units that they provide. When my boyfriend and I arrived to eagles pointe we came with our uhaul truck Loaded ready to move in that same day. Review from 12/11/15 on Apartment Ratings

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