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Avalon Heights

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Mar 2019: Sebstian C. (Property Manager), thank you for responding. I appreciate what you did to help others after my complaint. The one sign I would have liked to have seen was the one we discussed but that didn't happen from what I could see when I came by. But again thank you for adding the extra signs. Although your vendor will be receiving a citation for only allowing consumers to pay by cash only. Not to mention her horrible rude mouth! I've read too many reviews about how nasty she was to others. Thankfully it didn't go as far for me. Please don't use that a towing business as the excuse for her behavior because there are many towing companies with good reviews. They are a horrible company and with a 1 star review and will not answer any of their BBB complaints and have stated they will not. I wouldn't want to be doing business with them or have them as one of my vendors. I'm certainly not the first complaint! But again I want to say I do appreciate what you have did at the complex Review from Google
Mar 2019: Literally the worst place you could live. Roommate matching is, aforementioned in previous reviews, a joke. My roommates have always been loud and messy and the desk does not care at all (I get it dealing with complaining undergrads sucks, but come one). I tried to break my lease, FYI apparently you can't, you can "re-let" and they "will help" you find a new tenant... yeah right, you get stuck paying the rent until the lease is up, unless you find someone yourself, but even then the front desk found a way to screw that up for me. The front desk is very rude, aside from a few people that have actually been helpful (like 1 person). The maintenance people are usually pretty good when they show up. Also there is very limited guest parking, and it is often full, I had a 1 visitor come stay for 1 night and the lot was full so we parked outside the gate (where past guest parking was). Their car was towed and the front desk told them to "PARK AT ANOTHER APARTMENT COMPLEX NEXT TIME Review from Google
Feb 2019: My son lives at Avalon Heights. It's just ok. After pressure is a joke. You can barely rinse shampoo out of your hair. Dishwasher is not properly installed. In fact, they just slid it into the space without securing it. If you open the door and slide out a loaded shelf the entire unit tips forward. You have to stand right in front to make sure the shelves don't just crash onto the floor. There is no silverware basket so you have to wash knives and forks by hand. Roaches everywhere. Stove is in terrible shape too.
Feb 2019: I’ve seen many other reviews so I’m assuming this is a problem here! The visitor parking is so misleading. As others have stated there are NO clear signs stating residents only. No tow away signs either. It was very dark so this made it even more difficult with no signs. I had to go to a coworkers apartment. I was parked up front not inside the gate. I’m educated and know all about permits and parking because i live in a complex as well. Within 20 minutes of arriving my car was towed. I’m sure someone was watching me get out of my car. The sad part there were at least ten other cars and only a few had a permit. I was the chosen one for the hour I guess. To say I’m upset is an understatement! I don’t want this to happen to anyone else so please read the reviews about parking. I actually was looking into a lease here but no way now.
Feb 2019: This is the worst possible place I could’ve lived for my first year. The internet is absolutely atrocious, my apartment was extremely dirty when I moved in, the dish washer has never worked and still doesn’t and maintenance doesn’t want to fix it, the washing machine broke after 4 months and they said they’d replace it with a brand new one and installed one that looks like it’s in worse condition. The water fountain in the gym hasn’t worked for 3 weeks and nobody seems to have even looked at it. I would not recommend living here. 700+ dollars a month for this is ridiculously high.
Dec 2018: i know someone that lived there and the maintanace there sucks,my friend waited more then 3 months for something to be fixed and never got fix then when you go to them about the problem its always a song and dance,on top of it they even kept charging people for things that my friend wasnt even using they suck cany t even get through to corprate office to file a claim against that complex. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have been living here for almost three years, and I have more negative things to say than positive ones. I guess something that bothers me the most is that they hardly ever clean the fitness center and don't provide the wet towels so we can clean up after the workout (because they don't refill them). The gym mat looks scary to even sit in it, like a homeless person has been sleeping on it. The staff people are nice (only good perk) most of the time. Wi-fi doesn't work sometimes. My ceiling has leaked a couple times. When I left for the break my kitchen stuff were taken away. And when I brought this matter to the manager, she was supposed to give me a 50$ Walmart gift card that never got to me... The rent increased even though I had already renewed before the deadline ? Also, even though I only came home to sleep, the utility costs increased. Review from Google
Nov 2018: don't go here they will tow your car if you park outside the gate, what seems to be visitors parking. No clear sign that says resident only! They expect residents to come to the gate Everytime to open it for visitors. It would be way more logical to have your visitors parking outside the gate like everyone else. Or at least make it clear for visitors!! Review from Google
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Nov 2018: Everything breaks all the time, whether it's the internet or the elevators. Also they come into your apartment and room all the time without asking, whether you're there or not most of the time will little to no notice. I almost forgot to mention that when they did the remodel they didnt make any sort of accommodations or any show any sort of courtesy. While cutting out drywall they generated a huge amount of dust that coated everything in the entire room. That means my bedsheets, my clothes, and all of my electronics. To this day I can probably find the dust inside my computer.Then they did absolutely nothing to clean it up. I honestly dont know how what they did was legal becuase forcing someone to live in all that dust hast to be some sort of heath code violation. That was the worst of the remodel, the other days you just had to move all o Review from Google
Nov 2018: This place is awful, for the love of God do not live here. Also, they shut down your internet for a few days RIGHT BEFORE FINALS WEEK. They told us we would have WiFi access in their study centers. NOPE. "It's hit or miss", they said. Just don't live here. If I could go around and pay people to not live here I would. And as far as valuing your feedback? I hope you can hear my loud luaghter from here at that comment. Review from Google
Nov 2018: THIS PLACE IS A JOKE. Worst Place . The lies the website has! The upgrades suck, the staff can care less about meeting your needs. Amount of time it takes to get somthing fixed is depressing. They do not care about getting anything fixed or updating things that are aged/damaged. The corridors smell like fecal. Disaster of a place Review from Google
Oct 2018: The corridors of this complex are filthy and look grim. Valet trash only makes everything smell like fecal matter. The water in the shower takes obnoxiously long to get warm. Why can’t the computers in the lab run Chrome? There’s no light in the ceiling fan. This place gets an extra star for having a balcony accompany every room and for not asking for buttloads of money to move in. It’s possible you could do worse.. I’m sure there’s someplace objectively $h!ttier. Oh, and fix the elevator, please. It’s been over 2 months. Review from Google
Oct 2018: AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. I lived there for only 3 months and got hit with $60 in overages. The whole time I lived there I had numerous AC issues and power outages with very little and half assed maintenance work, with them leaving lights on in the spare room (I lived in a 4 bed and only 3 People lived there) and left the door locked so I couldn’t turn it off and had to wait days for the bookkeeper of all people to begrudgingly come to my apartment to turn the light off and sarcastically ask if I had anything else I needed to get fixed. I had window AC units plugged in for about two weeks with my AC unit still blowing hot air. My AC unit froze because it was working so hard and the lines were clogged. When I brought these issues up as factors that could have spiked my overage, the same bookkeeper told me that the window units would use Review from Google
Aug 2018: The place is okay. Cracks in the ceiling that I'm worried about rain getting into and some parts are kinda dingy but overall I'm having a decent experience. It wasn't as nice as I expected it to be. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I would have got the same experience in other cheaper communities. Paying extra doesn't get me good nights' sleep. Roommate matching is a joke. I mentioned about high sensitivity towards noise while registering (also personally requested at the desk about it) and they still put me in a hell. These undergrads invite all sorts of people at home and party till 6 in the morning. That's the time I usually start getting ready for my work. I literally get no sleep. There is just a thin wooden wall between my room and the living room where they all gather to scream and shout. I requested them many time to keep it low, but no one seems to care and asking this all the time makes no sense. Annoyed!! Review from Google
May 2018: I honestly don’t know who is giving this place more than 1 star. I’m a guy that doesn’t even care about much of anything, but the management here is about as bad as it gets. We were moved into a roach infested apartment that wasn’t resolved completely for about 3 months or so, the “remodel” they did is half assed, old appliances are still used and our dish washer doesn’t work and has yet to be replaced even after 2 maintenance requests. The water is ALWAYS being shut off randomly and almost never when they email saying it’s going to be. There’s just always something going on and their lack of communication on what the hell is going on is what pisses us off the most. No one should live here for $700 (4bedroom) I wouldn’t pay a dime over $500 for what we get here knowing what I know now. Go down the street or anywhere else wh Review from Google
May 2018: The absolute WORST nearby campus complex you can rent from. First things first, they wax you every single month with overages. I stay at my boyfriends apartment every single night and am only ever at avalon 30 minutes out of the day(If even) and continue getting anywhere from 10-40 dollars in overages monthly. When I went to the front desk to ask what was going on an to explain I'm literally never there, the only response they could come up with was "everyone gets overages". The front desk staff is anything but helpful when it comes to absolutely everything. My roommates and I had fleas in our apartment when we moved in and had to go to the store ourselves to buy flea killer because the second you would sit on the couch or in a chair, the fleas would attack your legs. Secondly, the complex moved the visitor parking from outside of the gates to Review from Google
Apr 2018: It's close to campus which makes it convenient. Even if you're in the back building, the bus stop is right there so you can take the bus instead of walking. The workers are very helpful even when you're stressed. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Avalon is a great place to live in with very friendly staff. There is a security officer at nights to ensure safety, work orders are completed very quickly and the apartments are very neat and well organized. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Changed the visitor parking without notice. They say they sent an email but that's it. No signs outside the area. Then again, why would they? Signs would mean they get less money when college student's cars get stolen and held hostage for cash. They don't even have the tow signs in the right place (only at the gates) meaning every tow from the front is technically illegal. But they know we can't afford to fight it. Way to protect your tenets and their friends Avalon. Way to take advantage of college students. At least you get a little more cash right? Review from Google
Jan 2018: Avalon Heights Is great and all, but whenever you constantly have to deal with paying $20-$40 overages every month for over a year it starts to get annoying. Maintenance is alright, besides the fact that you have to wait two weeks and call every 2-3 days for anything to be done. On top of that, the security around the place is ridiculously stupid since I had the spoiler on my car stolen mid-day. Over all, the apartments are really close, and the staff is really friendly. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I’ve been at Avalon for a few months now. The model is exactly like the apartment. Which was a plus for me. Super close to campus and easy access in and out of the apartment from both streets. The electric bill is good if you watch on A/C and hot water. My unit has needed some minor maintained but the staff was amazing with fixing it and making us laugh as hey did. My roommate has an ESA dog and Avalon was very well with allowing him stay. Overall I like my apartment for student living, and already renewed my lease for the upcoming fall! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I love how close it is to campus. Definitely walking distance to class! The maintenance crew is very nice and they complete work orders pretty quickly. Pool and gym area are both very large compared to other apartment complexes. My only complaint is the rent being a little high for what you get. There are definitely other apartment complexes that offer nicer furniture, better insulated walls and energy efficient appliances for the same rate. Electricity overages are a bit of a problem, even if you are very careful about what you use. Other than that I am happy living here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I really like how close Avalon Heights is, it’s within a short walking distance, and there’s a bull runner right next to the second gate. Valet trash is very handy and maintenece is extremely responsive and helpful. The bathrooms are nice and the room is of decent/enjoyable size. The apartment itself is pretty big as well as the kitchen. The gym is decently equipped and the pool is HUGE! It’s a quite beautiful complex over all. All of the staff are very friendly as well. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The staff here are probably the best reason to stay at this place. They are very reasonable and respectful. The maintenance workers are also very kind and do their jobs very quickly. The only down side about this place is the front building is very close to Fletcher and that road is very busy. Review from Google

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