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42nd Street Apartments

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Jan 2019: I recently moved here from WV, and have and no issues or complaints about this place. Ella and the staff are easy to get along with and are attentive to your needs. This place is quiet and laid back, I'm glad I choose this place. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Well to be honest the enviorment is Phenomenal, the neighbors are the most helpful towards one another, and the neighborhood is over flowing with the children of our future tomorrow’s if there were ever a place to go coming from near or afar 42nd Street Apartments is a #PHENOMENAL #PLACE #TO #CALL #HOME🏡 Review from Google
Nov 2018: This is a great community that is small but unique. I recently suffered a tragedy that will forever change my life and I received nothing but love and support from management and neighbors. I plan to continue living here for a long time, because of the type of people who live here. I have seen the negative reviews and think they reflect opinions of individuals who did not fulfill their obligations as tenants. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have lived here for four years and have never had a problem with anything at all ella is a great manger and Matisse is great two I love living here and would tell anyone to live here Review from Google
Nov 2018: I Have lived here at 42nd Street apt for 4 months and transferred from another property in Brandon that she manages where I lived for 2 yrs never had a problem with her and if I needed something fixed the maintenance staff fixed it in a timely manner. Review from Google
Nov 2018: This is a awesome complex. The reviews I am reading has me in disbelief. Ms. Ella is a very good property manager. If you need thing's fixed in your apartment it gets done. The complex is quite and very well managed. don't believe the reviews come and check out it out for yourself. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Had many problems with this place now I’m dealing with collections and lawyers. Ella is the definition of white trash wouldn’t tell me who owned the complex when I was double charged rent. So I had to do some digging I hope no one ever has to go through this exsperence that I had to go through. Here is the contact information of the llc if anyone needs to contact them with complains. 6414 RENWICK CIRCLE TAMPA Florida 33647 Review from Google
Sep 2017: the property manager charged me $500 admin fee that had to be paid out directly to her on top of the $955 rent and $600 deposit. I fell behind back in june because I got sick, had a payment arrangement in place paid on it and still got evicted. When I requested the owner info because I wanted to let them know what she did she then offered to close the eviction. the apartment itself is nice but they have a crook working for them that travels between two sites and when she is on property she sits outside by the pool and smokes cigarettes all day. DO NOT rent from here. Review from Google
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Jul 2016: I am working at USF and the location is ideal. I love living at 42nd Street Apartments. Very neat, clean and quiet. Very professional and respectful. It is all I need and was not easy to find! Review from 7/15/16 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2016: Absolutely the worst rental experience I have ever had. Worst management of a property by far. I have never seen such a large property with one leasing manager who is away from the desk 4 out of 7 days of the week. The days she is " in office" she divides her time this property and another in Brandon. It might be nice if she lived on property but she is dude and unprofessional. She acts completely annoyed and dismissive of you try to talk to her after office hours ( which are far and few between ). Not the way to treat people. The property is disgusting : broken, moldy, trash everywhere. Maintenance even let human excrement stay under the staircase for multiple days on end. She can't seem to keep anyone but herself and family in staff. I would strongly suggest that no one rents or works for this lady. She seems to be very cold and calis. Both Review from Google
Apr 2016: When I first moved here in July of 2013 this place was cheap and horribly managed. We actually went a month or so without having running water! It got so bad some of my neighbors actually got code enforcement involved. This all changed once Ms. Ella took over. She has been professional, courteous, and diligent in meeting the tenants needs. The grounds are well kept, maintenance orders take hours, maybe a day instead of weeks under the old guard! Prior to Ms. Ella's running of the property you would never even see children playing outside, now their laughter fills the air as they take advantage of the much cleaner and improved grounds and swimming pool. After graduating from USF it was rough going for a bit and Ms. Ella worked with me to the best of her ability. Needless to say I got back on my feet and everything has been great. I wou Review from Google
Apr 2016: I lived here for almost 2 years and haven't had any problems. If I needed something fixed, it was done the next day. I haven't had any safety issues and to tell the truth I am glad XXXX lives on the premises because, it makes people hesitate to do anything out of the sort. I remember when XXXX did give residents the benefit of the doubt and the decisions she made came back on her so, now she is going to be on residents who don't comply. I also read that she hates people or wants them out because their child destroyed property. Review from 4/18/16 on Google
Apr 2016: This Place is AWSOME!!! Management is ON Point!! Maintenence Works Very a hard to Keep Everything in Tip Top Shape! The Property is Quiet, And A ALL AROUND GREAT PLACE TO LIVE!!! Keep Up the Good Work!! Review from 4/16/16 on Google
Dec 2015: Worst XXXX apartment ever. Landlord thinks she's a detective. There's no privacy what so ever. No parking, weird neighbors and potholes. This landlord name xxxx, or xxxx, whatever her name is hired her son for maintenance, and he looks like a meth head. She watches everything you do, and she barely fixes anything. Pool stays dirty, with bad kids throwing any, and everything in it... Should I go on?? Long story short, everyone hates Ella. I'll do everything in my power to turn these people in. Please save your money. Review from 12/3/15 on Google
Nov 2015: Worst place I've ever stayed. xxxx is the worst. Random charges left on your door. Keep in mind my rent is always paid early. 1st apt here had plumbing issues so I had to switch apts. 2nd apt is supposedly new however have multiple issues including cracks in ceiling. Please run as fast as you can. This isn't even the half of it. Review from 11/28/15 on Google
Nov 2015: Worst place I've ever stayed. Ella is the worst. Random charges left on your door. Keep in mind my rent is always paid early. 1st apt here had plumbing issues so I had to switch apts. 2nd apt is supposedly new however have multiple issues including cracks in ceiling. Please run as fast as you can. This isn't even the half of it. Review from Google
Jun 2015: I've lived here for almost 1 year and I really love this community. Living at 42nd street Apartments, my kids can go to a very good school and my rent is affordable. I have really wonderful neighbors and the pool is really nice. I love that neighbors get to know each other and our kids get to play together. The place is clean and quiet. It feels homey. The office lady is always pleasant and the maintenance guys are helpful. I've had one air conditioning issue since I've been here and the maintenance guys came right out to fix it. I do recommend the community. Review from 6/26/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2015: I hate living here. The 42 North Apartments "Student Housing". Their roommate matching sucks! The first day of move in my room looked as if it hasn't been cleaned in YEARS! I should've taken pictures but I was tired from other priorities that I cleaned the entire ROOM. A lot of dirt came from the shower and it was filthy. There is mold in room, shower, etc. When I made a request to them the next day I came back and my room spelled as if they used dirty --- bleach water that has been sitting there for days. i was stupid for picking this. Review from 6/3/2015 on Apartment Ratings
May 2015: I am so excited to move back into 42nd Street Apartments. I moved out two years ago for a job but I am now back in Tampa and I wanted to live in that area. When I toured it 3 month ago, I was happy to see all of the awesome changes since I have left. The property is clean, safe and looks very nice. The new manager is great and the staff is very friendly and polite. Love it here! Review from 5/21/2015 on Apartment Ratings

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