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42 North

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Aug 2018: If I could give this place a 0 I would BEWARE if you move into this apartment complex be ready to be hit with FALSE charges once you move out. The shadiness of this scheme is unreal. They also have other fees like leaving your trash can outside past a certain time so be careful with that one its about $100 fee. RIDICULOUS. I documented all the damages done to my apartment and room prior to moving in and this somehow disappeared from what was on the document when I moved out. They threatened me by saying the charges would be sent to a collection agency if they weren't paid. They were inconsiderate and unwilling to see past THEIR OWN MISTAKES. Funny how they don't say anything until you've moved out. This apartment complex also lets employees who haven't been to trained ride around in golf carts. One employee ran into my dad's car while he w Review from Google
Aug 2018: This apartment complex is by far the worst complex on 42nd street. Management is absolutely awful. There are numerous charges that are unexplained. They threaten residents by saying they will take you to collections if you don't pay the charges. Whenever there was a broken or maintenance issue, it took multiples days if not weeks to complete. Water pressure is non existent. Washer and drier did not do what they're meant to do. They sent a tow truck to tow my friends car, who was parked in the visitors spot. When you attempt to contact the main office to dispute a charge or talk about an issue they brush their shoulders off and ignore everything. This apartment complex should be closed forever. not worth a $1. Horrible horrible experience all around. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I love the complex and the amenities that they offer. The staff is very kind and helpful when you need help. I am going to refer 42 North to anyone looking for an apartment. Review from Google
May 2018: I've lived here for most of my college career and I love it! Super great staff and good price as well! Bus comes roughly every 20 minutes so I always have access to campus and amenities are good too. Maintenance staff are really good and office staff are always quick to help! I've seen people mentioning issues with their washer and dryer but when a problem arose with my dryer they replaced it the next day! Really enjoy living here. Review from Google
May 2018: This is probably one of the best student housing locations ive ever lived at in my 4 years at USF. their amenities are great and managment is incredible. i havent really had one bad experience livng here, plus the rent is relatively cheap for the area. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Absolutely awful. When I moved in there were screws and tacks on the mattress; the mattress which had holes and foam sticking out. I quickly received a new mattress and a cleaning lady arrived to fix the problem, which is great, but then more problems. The TV didn’t have the right remote somehow and the buttons on the television were broken so it was impossible to turn on. Furthermore, the washing machine doesn’t work, water doesn’t even come out. That’s fine though I hand wash everything. Next the dryer and washer, oh boy. These things are brutal to your clothes. Strings are ripped out and clothes are pulled inside out and stretched badly. The dryer was even worse. It takes about 4 hours for something to get dry and it doesn’t know when to turn off because of a broken switch. Because of this the apartment is filled with humid Review from Google
Mar 2018: Awesome place to live. Very quiet and maintenance always responds quickly. Review from Google
Jan 2018: With the new management 42 North is getting better at providing excellent facilities to the student community. Review from Google
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Jul 2017: Terrible management, room was dirty when I moved in. They didn't care what you were going through or how you were living as long as they got their money. Washer and dryer shred your clothes so don't use them. DO NOT LIVE HERE WORST YEAR OF MY COLLEGE LIVING EXPERIENCE . Also if I could give this place a 0 I would. Review from Google
Apr 2017: I think this is a great complex as far as student apartments in the area go. The office staff are really nice and helpful and the amenities are great. I like that it's individually leased, so I'm not responsible for my roommates, and how close to campus it is. It's also right off the Bull Runner and Hart line bus routes. I've lived here for years and have enjoyed it! :) Review from 4/26/17 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2017: I average lived here since 2013, and I regretted not switching apartments. This place is a joke. If you have a problem, they will NOT help you. I have a motorcycle parked outside, always under a cover overnight. But the company they hired to blow the dust will destroy the bike every time. The dust just comes into my cover and ruin my bike. Review from 4/24/17 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2017: Place is fine, washer and dryer will eat your clothes, and pool is always dirty because they put a oak tree over it Review from Google
Feb 2017: ice place to live at. I have suggested my friends to live here too. Apartments are spacious and with good amenities. What I love the most about 42 North is its location close to USF. Also, there are two bullrunner stops which makes commute to USF easy. Review from 2/6/17 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2016: There were a lot of initial problems with our apartment as it had been skipped in the cleaning that should have taken place prior to move-in day. The place was gross and left a mess. However, the management did a relatively good job in responding to all of our cleaning and maintenance requests and fixed the most pressing issues. The facilities available are nice - pool, computers/printer, lounge, gym, etc, although the gym equipment is a little lacking and not entirely functional. It's not perfect but is overall nice and convenient - there are Bull Runner bus stops right outside the complex, but it's also very close to the university regardless. Review from 9/16/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2016: don't APPLY ONLINE! THERE IS A CATCH!!! ESPECIALLY INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. Your "Online Application" has a document at the end that they call "Lease Agreement". It basically says that if you sign this document, you are legally binded to take the apartment IF they assign one to you. I applied for accommodation online, and I didn't hear back anything from them for 20 days. After 20 days, I got an email saying that they have assigned me room. During these 20 days, I found a place and had signed the lease so I told them they didn't tell me in time. But now they are threatening me by saying that I am legally bounded by the "online application lease" and they will take legal action against me if I don't take it. Like other housing application, I though applying online was "housing application", and once I am selected, I will sign the lease so I c Review from Google
Apr 2016: Better than The Flats. Lots of parking, work orders get completed quickly (usually), office usually helpful, wifi could use more work. Overall worth the price. Review from 4/7/16 on Google
Mar 2016: For the money, the apartment is not bad. The only problem I find is that the kitchen is way too small and the noise problems. I can not only hear the people that I share a wall with, but I can also hear cars blasting music at stupid hours of the night. Luckily, signal 88 is in place and have helped with these problems. I love the valet trash and the fact that they just put up about 20 hammocks around the complex. My room wasn't cleaned when I moved in and there are weird black marks around the apartment flooring that I can't seem to scrub out. Review from 3/20/16 on Google
Mar 2016: It's college housing so you're going to get ripped off but this place is okay relatively speaking. Keep in mind that if you live here, or anywhere in "student housing" really, you're going to end up paying way too much rent. I leased out a room in a 4 bedroom apartment for $570/month. The apartments are definitely not worth $2280/month, even if it's fully furnished or utilities are included. They're often times dirty, the carpets are stained, laundry machines often work incorrectly and the furniture feels and looks awful. Subleasing, if you choose to, requires a $200 sublease fee and an additional $275 fee for anyone trying to move in making it very difficult to break your lease. Review from 3/17/16 on Google
Aug 2015: apartments are pretty nice however the management here is terrible. super unfriendly unless you are signing a lease with them that day. they aren't very willing to help you fix a problem or act like they cant. lack of communication within the office that causes the resident to suffer. overall RUDE staff! Review from 8/20/15 on Apartment Ratings
May 2015: good location, decent price, TERRIBLE management. The good - Nice location for USF-Tampa student with convenient bus routes and walking distance - Fully furnished - Competitive rent for fully-furnished apt in area - Lots of trees The bad - VERY poor, unprofessional management: miscommunications, double-rent charges, miscellaneous extraneous fees - Terrible internet - Mediocre gym and facilities - Mediocre quality for furnishing Review from 5/6/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2015: I would not recommend this apartment complex to anyone. The leasing office does not care about any of your needs and are very rude. They come into your apt randomly without informing you, and they also wait last minute to let you know about updates or maintenance that has to happen in your apt. It is very frustrating and they are very inconsiderate Review from 4/4/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2015: The leasing office in this community is extremely unfair and unprofessional. They are not at all concerned with the resident issues and are barely of any help. Review from 3/17/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2012: 42 North is not the best place to pick for an off-campus apartment, but then again it has its pluses and minuses like every other place. 3 Bull Runner stops in total, helpful for finding a stop to reach USF without having to drive to and back. Saves a bit on gas. ~ The apartment complex itself is okay. Rent is a bit expensive (payment is made per room, not unit, but does include utilities). Main office has a pool, exercise room/gym, and study room/clubhouse. Both the gym and clubhouse are only accessible by key. ~ I did not mind living here. The only things that were bothersome were having a roommate that was not so friendly, dealing with a relatively high rent, and on the minor side, the occasional cockroach/bug that flies and infests things. Review from 10/6/2012 on Google
Aug 2012: All in all, it's a great place. Yes, there are some bugs, but what place in Florida doesn't have bugs? I put down some Borax and they seem to be at bay. The location is great, with a Bull Runner stop across the street. The gym could use a little improvement, but it's nice enough. The only issue I really have is I wish there was a 2 bedroom option. I really do enjoy it here, and I am very glad I made the switch from on campus to off campus. Review from 8/24/2012 on Google

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