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Venue at Dinkytown

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Feb 2019: Excellent location for U of M students - only complaint is the poorly constructed building results in excessively high energy bills. The Scion Company (management company for The Venue) has made leaps and bounds in responding to issues with homeless population and drug use/cleanliness in stairwell issues. Parking garage is now more secure and a new on-site security company in place. Glad our daughter will be able to call this "home" again next year. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The Venue at Dinkytown doesn't even deserve the 1 star. Scion Group management is horrible. They keep using the change in management as an excuse. Furniture quality is horrible and management only makes excuses for why they can't fix the situation. Common areas are filthy. Was there to visit my daughter this weekend and the lobby bathroom was dirty both days. The vestibule is littered with trash and there was something splattered on the wall by the keyless entry system that wasn't cleaned off. Management just makes excuses for the problems and then lectures the kids when they put in maintenance requests claiming the kids are doing something wrong that caused the issue. If they would just invest in some quality equipment or furnishings they wouldn't have these problems. They went through ownership change last January and still don't hav Review from Google
Oct 2018: Excellent location for U of M students; however, poorly built building results in excessively high energy bills. Do not believe the website about their 24/7 staff - there are minimal office hours & no after hours contact other than an answering service to help with emergency maintenance issues. Stairwells are filthy - years of dust build up, carpet never cleaned, odor of marijuana on a regular basis. There is an epidemic problem with drug-using homeless population living in parking garage that the acting GM of The Venue, Ranesha, promised on 10/11/18 to have remedied within 30 days. Promise # 1) already broken - phone number for daytime Mpls. beat cop who residents can contact directly anytime (phone is never answered, no voicemail & no response to text messages) Promise # 2) Change from the current offsite, contracted security company to onsi Review from Google
Aug 2018: This place will nickle and dime you on move out day. Tried to charge me for 'lost' keys until I called them and made them look. Way better and cheaper options to live less than a block away. New management is abysmal. Review from Google
Aug 2018: It appears the Venue has new management - who has poor follow thru w/ returning phone calls and emails from/to parents. He is new on the job and it is obvious ! We are parents of a past renter 2014-2015 and potential future renter. He failed to return 3 phone calls to us on 3 different occasions and promised to email us within the hour we spoke to him on the phone and did not follow thru with the email.At what point does one go over his head to his supervisor? Sydney has taken many of our messages and even gave us phone numbers as to where to reach him. She handles information and communication with excellent first impression skills. It is unfortunate she is in the frustrating position of listening to all the complaining parents and tenants. Our past experience with The Venue in 2014-2015 was positive even facilitating a smooth transition to Review from Google
Jun 2018: Sole value: location. Loud, flimsy furnishings (couch cushions never stay, bed was a joke, etc.) and management that does not care about the tenants. Take your money across the street to the Marshall for the same thing for $50 or so less per month if you’re going to live in Dinkytown. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I’ve lived at the Venue for 4 years. For 99% of that time, the Venue was great, until the new management took over. There is no organization whatsoever. I had a friend take over my lease and since then she’s been accused of illegally living there amongst other things. I can assure you that everything was filled out correctly. It’s become a joke. Don’t get me wrong, the leasing consultants are great, but upper management needs to take a look at themselves and get organized. As far as the apartments go, they’re beautiful and I was sad to move out. The furniture is cheap but it looks nice and does the job. Basically, if you can live there without having to deal with the not organized upper management, you’re good. Review from Google
May 2018: This year at the venue has been overall way more frustrating than it had any right to be. The stairwell in the back as well as the main hallway are always filthy by the end of the weekend and once there was a vomit puddle in the main area for over three days. I have only seen one matinence worker there and it seems like he has his work cut out for him. I have had three different months where the venue has accused me of not paying rent on time when I have paid. Not only this but the office is almost never open an hour after their scheduled "start." Multiple days of the week I attempted to rectify my rent problem before classes, the office was still closed and locked. All they can tell me is sorry, but it keeps happening... I have just been thouroughly disappointed with my time here. Lease with extreme caution. Review from Google
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Apr 2018: I have not had a positive experience at the Venue at Dinkytown. I have lived here since august 2017, and plan on moving out as soon as my lease is up. I am a first year medical student at the U. My dishwasher has been out for 2 months (its monthly utilities price is pre-factored into the rent, which I am told I cannot get a refund for) and despite the maintenance crew visiting my apartment several times (usually a week after I put in the request) it is still not working. The building is pretty unhygienic/unclean - the back stairwell always has some vomit and or trash on the carpet (gets cleaned maybe once every few months), and I once found blood smears on the wall outside my apartment. The back stairwell railings are frequently broken off, and the ends have nails sticking out. I also have a long-distance boyfriend of four years, he stayed wit Review from Google
Apr 2018: Charging both of my kids $100 more per month next year than their current published rates. My kids were on top of things and signed early. They then lowered their pricing for new residents, but not for my kids. Review from Google
Oct 2017: The Venue has been fantastic since I have been living here. I was definitely expecting to have the nice furnishings and "luxury" apartment moving into one of the newer apartment buildings built within the last few years. But what stands out the most to me is the service from the employees. The staff in the office are always very approachable and have solved all of my apartment related problems so far. definitely recommend signing here if you are looking to live in dinky town. Review from Google
Oct 2017: The Venue is very cost efficient, clean, and well run complex. I highly recommend looking into living there if you want to live by the U. Review from Google
Oct 2017: The Venue is an exceptional apartment complex! It has a perfect location, nice amenities, a modern style, and a great atmosphere. The leasing office staff are wonderful as well. Jordan is super friendly and always willing to help! AJ is also great. He's very accommodating to residents' needs! Overall a great place to live. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Jordan is very helpful with anything you need. All staff is very friendly. I love living at the venue!! Review from Google
Sep 2017: Living at the Venue was a relatively good experience, all staff were very kind and helpful and the apartments were comfortable. There were a few things I wasn't particularly happy with though. The first is that our lease ended on August 12th which resulted in not having a place to live for close to 3 weeks before my next lease started (even though a full months rent is charged) and second a lot of the stuff in the apartment was poor quality. We were charged at the end of the lease because the couch wears with typical everyday use. Review from 9/7/17 on Google
Sep 2017: The Venue was a good place to live until move out. They will then decide to charge you for things such as damage to your couch from simply sitting on it. If you decide to live here, be wary of possible charges when you move out. Review from 9/4/17 on Google
Jun 2017: I went into Venue to ask a question and XXXX was very helpful in answering all my questions and concerns about the property. I love that the property is furnished and the location is wonderful. I also love that you can get an underground parking space. All the staff that I encountered were very friendly and approachable, I felt very comfortable asking them questions. Review from 6/22/17 on Google
Jun 2017: Lived at the Venue 2 years of college and absolutely loved it. The office staff is awesome and very helpful. Something I really liked is that the apartments are furnished with really nice furniture! Review from 6/2/17 on Google
May 2017: I moved here from California, booked online without even a tour, and I am so glad I did! The rental process with XXXX was so fluid and effortless. Upon move-in the space was clean, modern, well-designed, and had lots of natural light. Anytime I had a maintenance request, XXXX and XXXX attended to it right away. They are such rockstars. I loved being so close to campus, wouldn't trade my experience at The Venue for anything! Review from 5/16/17 on Google
May 2017: The Venue is a great place to live with a great location. The rooms are great, the fact it is furnished is amazing, and the entire staff is wonderful. XXXX was very approachable and always willing to help no matter what I needed! I would recommend this place to anyone that needs a place to live and wants to be in a prime location to get the full college experience. Review from 5/13/17 on Google

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