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University Commons

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Sep 2019: I lived here for one year and I would not recommend it to anyone I know after my experience. When we moved in, our apartment looked nothing like the apartment they showed us on the tour. The furniture was old and very obviously extremely worn from years of use. The hallways and stairs are never cleaned in any buildings except the first floor of building one. They clean this hallway daily. The apartment they show on the tour to interested residents is on this floor, so I’m sure that’s part of it. The air conditioning and heat is all or nothing. Your room will be extremely hot with the heat on or extremely cold with the air. I lived in building four and we had a pest problem. We called the office and they brought in an exterminator. This exterminator told us that he had been in our apartment before, and it was a reoccurring problem. We had to email maintenance multiple times to get them to schedule the exterminator on a regular basis until the bugs were gone Review from Google
Sep 2019: The literal owner of this place told us it was ok that we turned in our keys a few minutes late but then ended up charging us over $200 because our keys were “late”. Not to mention they came in without 24 hours notice and and didn’t clean the apartment before move in. And then they also have the audacity to charge for not cleaning our apartment even though we left it MUCH cleaner then the way we found it. Absolute garbage. I’m sure they’re automated robot will reply with “im sorry you didn’t enjoy your stay” acting like they care but they don’t. They just want to leach money from students who are already financially struggling. Review from Google
Sep 2019: The staffs are not friendly and really UNprofessional. The apartments are old and not clean, but you get what you pay for. Overall, not recommended. Review from Google
Sep 2019: DO NOT LIVE HERE. they over charge for electrical, saying we spent over 200$ a month in electricity. They also charged us for taking garbage bags when we didn't leave anything in the apartment. They also charged me for visitor parking but I always handed them a check when I got parking. Review from Google
Jul 2019: If you are looking for a clean, safe, comfortable, and affordable place to live near campus, University Commons is as good as it gets! I really have to applaud the staff and management. I've lived here two years and the student staff have always been so friendly, well trained and extremely helpful. The management has done a great job of increasing the safety of the complex, especially this year. The amenities are great, and they actual rooms are very affordable but not so cheaply made like most new apartments on campus. I have loved living here and could not recommend it more. Review from Google
Jul 2019: If you are looking for a clean, safe, comfortable, and affordable place to live near campus, University Commons is as good as it gets! I really have to applaud the staff and management. I've lived here two years and the student staff have always been so friendly, well trained and extremely helpful. The management has done a great job of increasing the safety of the complex, especially this year. The amenities are great, and they actual rooms are very affordable but not so cheaply made like most new apartments on campus. I have loved living here and could not recommend it more. Review from Google
Mar 2019: My roommates and I were ROBBED (even though ALL our doors were locked; the thief got in by forcing the lock on our porch open). In the following and preceding days 4-5 apartments around us were burglarized. It got to the point that my neighbors and I went shopping to get wooden blocks to barricade our windows. However, then thieves started to BREAK WINDOWS. University Commons DID NOTHING to help us through this hard time. In fact, THEY TRIED TO KEEP THE ROBBERIES QUIET. It wasn't until a MONTH after the THIRD robbery that University Commons sent a VAGUE notice to ONLY A FEW PEOPLE to stay vigilant. It was dangerous, scary, and terrible. On top of that, our apartment was FILTHY when we moved in (THREE of my roommates and I had to spend 6 hours EACH deep cleaning), there was MOLD, RATS, and just awful customer service. Even after all this had occurred, we were still NOT allowed to cancel our leases, we had to find subletters if we wanted to move out Review from Google
Mar 2019: University commons is a great place to live and has everything I need as a college student! The staff is super accommodating, especially Aubrey and Shanley! They are always willing to help and answer any questions I have!
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Feb 2019: Wonderful place to live. I love the apartment I live in, the furniture that comes with is good quality and made moving in easy. There is tons of storage in the unit as well which is really nice. Kitchen appliances make it convenient to cook for yourself. Kind and considerate staff, and thorough and reliable maintenance. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
Feb 2019: Decent apartment for the price, but don’t expect anything to be shoveled or plowed in the winter. As a resident with a car my only option is to rent one of their shovels to dig my car out. I have worked as a plow driver and any reputable company would not leave the lot looking how it is. I wonder if they ever hire plow drivers or just make residents struggle to even leave the front door.
Feb 2019: Where to start. Carpet in apartment needed to be replaced years ago. Very unsanitary. The apartment was not freshly cleaned when I moved in; dust had collected on most things and the bathroom floor was pretty gross. Also there's only an elevator in the first building and none of the other buildings, making moving in to upper floors even more of a workout. The stairwells are always stinky and the carpet is gross with bits of trash. They keep the paint on the outside looking good, but haven't updated the interiors since they were (poorly) built. The heat options are either too hot (upper 70s to 80s) or no heat (upper 50s). The heat is not well circulated in the apartment, especially in the bedrooms. The top bunk is a constant ten degrees warmer than the bottom bunk, because the vent is near the ceiling. The windows are insanely drafty. My desk is in front of the window and I don't use it in the winter because when I do, I constantly feel drafts Review from Google
Jan 2019: Made the mistake of ignoring the negative reviews on google and thinking "it can't be that bad". You need only look to the generic "response by owner" comments on all of these negative reviews to fully understand the kind of impersonal and money-focused service this company provides. If you're waiting for a wake up call or a sign to not live here, you can consider this review as one. You'll have a roof over your head, but do yourself a favor and find somewhere you'll be happier. Review from Google
Oct 2018: They’re gonna penny pinch you like I’ve never seen before awful place to live Review from Google
Sep 2018: My son just moved in yesterday with following observations. 1. Air condition with very bad performance... 2. WiFi Internet still not installed... I am giving two star based on first impression, Hope fully urgent action will be taken from management and will force me to change my review to 4-5 star... Review from Google
Jul 2018: So far everything has gone smoothly. Office has been easy to deal with and answered any questions I had. Payments are fairly simple to set-up online, but I wish they had an option to auto-ad electrical overages. Any issues I have had they fixed within a reasonable time frame. Pricing is reasonable as well. The people who work at the front desk have always been great too. So, update. I had to move out and sublease my room for the remaining two months. I was charged a fee off like $50 or so to apply to re-let, that's fine, makes sense. But, a $250 fee for re-letting my room is just outlandish and ridiculous. And I found out when I received the bill, they didn't inform me at all. I removed all of my belongings and cleaned up after myself. This sort of fee when my rent was only $419 a month is just wringing me for money. I hope I don't get any mo Review from Google
May 2018: Stayed in few different properties around the campus and this is by far the worst. Bad experience ever since I moved in. Expectations weren’t met from what was promoted when we signed the lease, felt cheated. Had problems with air conditioning throughout the year (both heating and cooling system was off). Called regarding cooling system (whole unit have a temperature of 85 degrees during warm weather), but wasn’t given a solution. Even the hallway is cooler than the unit. -.- Was asked to wait for few days to solve the issue. Can’t wait to move out when my lease ends. The 1 star given is for the students working by the front desk. They are really helpful and great. Would’ve given 0 otherwise. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Seriously don’t consider getting a place here. I just got an email from this place letting me know that the room I had planned to stay in is now unavailable a day before I was to move in. They offered me a chance to stay in a shared room instead, being a 26 year old veteran student it’s important for me to have private space. If you are considering signing a least with these guys are a parent don’t do it. Unprofessional and unreliable. Do this only as the last possible choice. Hope his helped and god bless. Review from Google
Jan 2018: University Commons is a great place! I have lived here for a year and a half now. Great location (close to school & light rail in less than 5 min walk), affordable price (utility fees are very reasonable as well. I only paid about an average of $5), fully furnished with gym facilities, and really nice staffs. Depending on the room you are assigned, it can be slightly noisy at night because of the highway but that also makes your way back home feel safer. No need to walk through a small dodgy roads on your way from school. And compared to other places like Dinky Town, it is definitely quiet and safe. The maintenance staffs are also very nice and respond relatively quick to your orders (compared to some other places I lived in). I'd certainly recommend to others looking for a place in a walking distance from school, fully furnished, with a reaso Review from Google
Jan 2018: This is a great place to live. It is the perfect location- it is close enough to campus and transportation but the slight distance makes it very quiet which is always very nice. The staff is extremely helpful and is very attentive. The gym is convenient and the free printing and other amenities that the apartment has to offer are incredible. I would highly recommend living here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Well-maintained amenities, great student life and atmosphere. Work orders are attended to within a timely manner and the front desk has great hours. Study room is slightly on the smaller end but it provides free printing services (paper not included) which is super convenient and makes all the difference. One thing that would make the University Commons experience much better would maybe be the addition of a bus stop nearer the area. Review from Google
Jan 2018: University Commons is a great place to live if you're a student at any of the surrounding schools! The location is wonderful, being right next to Hwy 94 and the Metro Green Line for transportation, a short walk from campus, and a bunch of food options within close proximity! The management is very helpful and want the best for each resident, I haven't had any issues with them or maintenance. The quality of the apartment is really good for the price I am paying, and everyone is so friendly! definitely recommend. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I’ve lived here for almost a year now and have signed to live here again next year. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and love all the events they plan for us including resident bingo and holiday events! We also have had a great experience with the maintenance staff helping us out with any issues promptly! I also love the gym here compared with other apartments in the area because it is bigger and cleaner. Lastly the front desk staff is always so friendly and willing to answer any questions! 😊 Review from Google
Jan 2018: The apartment is an 8 min walk to the light rail. This is not unreasonable. The internet company was just replaced this month. If you lease giant black stains in the carpet than they are going to charge you.
Sep 2017: DO NOT CHOOSE THEM !!!! Too far from transit station and too close to highways. Noisy and uncomfortable room!! Their internet speed is so slow. Even worse, it gets disconnected at rainy days EVERY TIME !!! Plus, they charge unreasonably. I doubt the carpet would be as clean as new after one-year usage but still they charge me $310 to replace it after cleaning it myself. Again, DO NOT TRUST THEM! WORST APARTMENT EVER !!!! Review from 9/3/17 on Google
Feb 2017: A overall very good apartment with reasonable price and caring staff. easy to get to the light rail station. utilities in the room is fully functioning and useful. would consider renewing but I am moving out of campus next year. definitely recommend! Review from 2/14/17 on Google

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