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The Quad on Delaware

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Jan 2020: Ive lived here for two full lease terms and have LOVED it. The communitive way its set up its easy to learn neighbors, and even throw a floor party, like mine did. All appliances were new as well as the carpet (given I paid a little more for a renovated room). The gym is great as well as the staff when it comes to helping move, find a package, and set up cool events. I highly recommend living here as its only a 2 minute walk to the train station and a 4 minute walk to the bus stop. Also right off the highway its easy to move around with ease. Right in the heart of Stadium Village as well and the staff even gave me free parking!
Oct 2019: Everything is broken. Prepare to fill out about 15 maintenance requests on move in day. Also they apparently don't check to make sure your room is clean before you move in. When I moved in the entire apartment was a complete mess (although I cant necessary blame the shared areas on the quad because I believe one of my roommates had been living here beforehand). However, my personal bedroom and bathroom, which should have been cleaned was a horrendous. Massive dust bunnies all over the place, stains on the carpet and mattress, hair all over the bathroom shower and sink, dirt and grime all over every surface of the bathroom and some oily substance on the toilet. There was even USED RAZORS and other toiletries left in the bathroom! Not only had the quad not bothered to clean out the unites before having a new wave of residents move in, but apparently they didn't even check to see if the previous tenants had moved their garbage out. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Upon moving in the we were surprised to fine the carpets badly stained, and the fridge: leaking black ooze from the back. In addition, water pools up at the bottom so whenever we open it the water gets all over the floor. We put in a maintenance request the on the 1st day, and after asking the leasing office when we should expect it to be fixed, they only replied telling us to be patient. Overall looks like our main living space wasn’t cleaned or prepared for our arrival. I more than likely won’t be renewing my lese here next year. Review from Google
Aug 2019: DO NOT LIVE HERE. DO NOT LIVE HERE. DO NOT LIVE HERE. Paying $700+ to move into a room that has such great amenities as: A fridge FILLED with moldy food. I’m not exaggerating, this is literally a risk to my health. A kitchen light that doesn’t work. A washer that’s tipped over (??????) A floor that’s stained so bad a mop can’t clean up at all. Carpet with enormous stains. But hey, the bedroom and bathroom I had were okay. Vomit stains and a clogged shower drain, lovely. Thanks previous tenant. If I could give 0 stars I would. DO NOT LIVE HERE. DO NOT LIVE HERE. DO NOT LIVE HERE. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Abysmal, do not live here. Across the street is Stadium Village, which is much, MUCH nicer for very much the same price. The Quad on Delaware never fixed things when they are broken. They send maintenance, but the maintenance doesn't actually fix things. It is noisy as hell because of the way they set up ventilation, so you can hear every single thing your roommates are doing. It is hot as hell in the summer because the ventilation is terrible and the windows do not open. The front desk is hostile and unfriendly unless it is leasing season, they outright lose mail and then try everything they can to brush you off and not fix your problem. Oh, and it's dirty. Trash and cigarette butts strewn all over. I think they clean once a year, in July just before leasing season (natch). And in the winter they never shovel the snow.
Aug 2019: The management is very nice and helpful especially Brianna!! I love the new renovation, and the amenities are amazing. My most favorite is the private room and bathroom for a great price! Review from Google
Jul 2019: My roommates and I are very upset right now. We have not been able to wash dishes for over a week now. I have submitted at least three work orders concerning this problem and while they come to fix it short term it is not fixed properly. When we run our sink water it drains into the dishwasher and fills the dishwasher with dirty sink water. They come and suck out the water but it ends up filling right back up again. The water is dirty, smells and leaks all over our kitchen floor. Hanging out in the living area is almost impossible because of the rotten smell. Last Thursday they came and sucked all the water out.. again. I then noticed a problem on Friday. I submitted a work order on Friday and it was marked as complete yesterday. That was not the case. There was no note left by maintenance and neither me nor my roommates saw any maintenance come try to fix the dishwasher. On top of the horrible living conditions me and my roommates are very dissatisfied that while we have to live in conditions where we can’t even wash dishes Review from Google
Jul 2019: Compared to other apartments, this apartment is not that expensive. It would be a good choice if you just want to find a place to sleep or save money. But it has two main problems, which cannot be accepted by some people: 1. Cannot open window. This might not be a big problem, but for me, this is an annoying feature when I want to get some fresh air. 2. This is the most annoying thing of the Quad: You can hear almost any sound from your roommate's room. The sounds will easily go through walls, and you will hear it as it is happening in your room. don't choose this apartment if you wanna have a relatively quiet environment. Review from Google
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Jun 2019: Do you enjoy living in an active construction zone? Maybe you would prefer that your property manager is reclusive? Or perhaps you really crave the ability to hear every footstep in your apartment? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, The Quad on Delaware might be the place for you! In the time that I lived there, the place was almost constantly under construction. I even woke up to mysterious contractors disassembling my kitchen once! Plus, the property manager was distant- it took about 4 tries for me to be able to speak with him about my living situation! And each apartment comes fully furnished with a sound conducting metal tube that allows you to hear everything happening in the rooms next door! Plus, if you're lucky enough to live in Tower 4, the floors are a nice echoey vinyl- perfect for a complete lack of both privacy and comfort! While the location is hard to beat, The Quad on Delaware managed to treat me with exquisite disrespect for 2 whole years Review from Google
Jun 2019: don't expect any privacy or security if you rent here, thanks to the poor management. The good: Within easy walking distance of the UMN campus and stadium village and prospect park neighborhoods. A green line metro station is just over a block away. Getting a "private" (see below) bed/bath in this area is usually much more expensive. The maintenance team for the building is fast, friendly, and competent. The bad: Ventilation in the bathrooms is atrocious, lots of condensation if you take hot showers. There is a big metal tube for AC connecting all the bedrooms in each apartment which conducts sound extremely well because there's no duct liner, so you will hear every single thing your roommates do. The problem is even worse now in the renovated units since the carpet was replaced with echo-ey vinyl flooring. Paper-thin walls and rock-hard mattresses. Light sleepers beware! The UGLY: New management has decided to renovate apartments while people are still living in them, and will instruct residents to let them get it done faster and cheaper Review from Google
Jun 2019: I've been living here for the past year and management is awful. There are constant water shut-offs and the fire alarm goes off every other week. Recently they've signed a contract with Target to have 150 people move into the complex. As a result, there has been ongoing renovations around the entire building that is loud and obnoxious. The only thing management cares about is money. I'm unable to get a parking spot which I need for my summer job because all of the Target interns have priority over the spots. Despite being put on the waitlist for these spots, the garage is almost always empty. I doubt that there is not a SINGLE spot available in a two story underground garage. I've reached out numerous times about when a spot will be available but the only answer I get is "We're currently doing an audit for those spots and will reach out soon". The only thing The Quad management cares about is turning a profit. Your needs and necessities DO NOT matter here. Review from Google
May 2019: I lived here when it was called Stadium View and mostly different leasing managers. I rarely had issues when it was different ownership. However, the new ownership has been terrible and I don't recommend living here. My roommate and I didn't have smoke detectors for two weeks (I am pretty sure that's illegal). Maintenance would show up whenever and would never give you a notice. This is uncomfortable for being a woman and having maintenance men old enough to be my dad. Lastly, I got some random roommate from China (she only stayed for five weeks) and I was not notified about her. No name or phone number. Do yourselves a favor and don't live here!!! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Hi, it would be cool if y’all would notify your residents if you’re shutting off their water, so they don’t have to come to my apartment and shower. I don’t even live here and I would never recommend it. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Lived here for 2 years. Management doesn't care about you whatsoever and will be hostile when they mess things up. Changing the name of the place once a year is never a good sign. Literally had a manager yell at me when I was scheduled to move in to a new apartment and showed up with the previous residents sleeping in the place. The building is otherwise loud and rooms are tiny. There's a great sound conducting vent between all the rooms so you can nicely hear your roommates whispering next door. The cost is outrageous for what you get. Only up side was private bathrooms. can't recommend looking for anywhere else more. Seriously it's not worth it. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Not a bad place to stay if you never have problem with the management. Window is not openable. Price is good.
Jan 2019: The Quad has really turned things around this year. The renovations to the lobby, game room, and study room look amazing. They are also planning to redo all of the units over the next couple semesters. They also switched to a new maintenance crew, and the new guys, Larry and Brian, are awesome. Very friendly and really care about the residents. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Lived here for three years in college, rent is pretty affordable for the distance to campus, and for the most part didn't have any problems. Typical fire alarms once in a while, only major complaint is that windows don't open! Also was here before name change - was called stadium view, so may not reflect quality of current ownership, but this is what I experience for three years. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have lived at the Quad on Delaware for the past 4 months and I just resigned a lease for the next school year. They have made a lot of new changes that appeal to new comers, and satisfy the residents that already live here. Signing was a quick and easy process. I highly recommend checking it out. Excited to call this place home for another year. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The newly renovated lobby/leasing office area here is absolutely beautiful. The yoga room and workout facility are also very very nice. The rooms are large and comfortable. The staff is also extremely helpful. I came in to renew my lease for next year and Kalvin and Sam helped me get it all sorted out and finished in just a few minutes. They were very nice and answered all my many questions. I have had a very positive experience living in The Quad on Delaware. Review from Google
Nov 2018: This place is really improving. New management has placed a much better emphasis on customer service and the amenities are improving significantly. Great place to live if you’re a student looking for accessibility near the U of M. Intelligent management team. Sam does a great job working for the residents. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Stadium view is improving! The new lobby looks excellent. Also, Mitch at the front desk is the best. I have lived here for 3 years in 3 different apartments and he has always known my name and apartment number of the top of his head when I go to get a package. He definitely makes Stadium View feel like home. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Update: Stadium View or should I say “The Quad on Delaware” has improved some. The fire alarms don’t go off as often and randomly as they used to. That is definitely a pro. Major cons though: The construction has taken forever and I know management always says don’t worry you’ll love the new renovations once they’re done. I mean yeah the floors look nice but water still comes in when it rains and everywhere still smells like trash. Not to mention different enterances get closed off sometimes with notice, but 90% of the time without any notice. Also a lot of doors are either left completely open or are broken so anyone can just come right in without living here which is not secure whatsoever. Also only the gym and computer lab are open during construction. And a lot of the time the printer in the computer room is broken, so I const Review from Google

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