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Dec 2018: Ah yes, The Marshall. The holy grail of Dinkytown. Right next to campus, a few steps from Target and down the street from Blarneys. Those are literally the only good things about this place. If you’re looking for privacy, this is the place for you! Not only are there construction workers banging outside of your window at 7AM looking right into your room, but maintiance and the rest of The Marshall staff just walks into your apartment unnoticed! Trying to have some alone time with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Too bad! Here comes Marshall! Coming through your window, coming through your door. Oh, you don’t answer after two knocks? That must mean we can come in! The logic they have going on doesn’t quite seem.. professional. Don’t get me started on the water pressure, the security guards, and the trash appliances. This place is practically Review from Google
Dec 2018: My bad experience was with a friend on our tour deciding if we wanted to live there. The worker who took us on the tour was rushing through the entire thing, even though we came in multiple hours before close. They didn't know any information about pricing (which is a standard question that they should know how to answer) and said she would give us a pamphlet at the end of the tour with all of the information inside. She did give us the packet, but it was completely useless and didn't include ANY of the information we asked for. We asked "How is the internet speed?" and she responded "there's wifi." We tried questioning further, and were told that the wifi is free, which completely works around and and ignores our question. We were a bit shocked that we would have to store all of the furniture we didn't want ourselves, and I was even more shoc Review from Google
Nov 2018: The Marshall appeals to students looking for their first apartment with amenities, a unique look, and a well planned tour. Once you pass the facade, the apartment itself is poorly designed, falling apart due to poor initial construction and in desperate need of repair. As many students have noted due to it's annoying obstruction of the Target, The Marshall is doing a major construction project this year in repaneling the outside. Not only were tenants uninformed of this project until move in day, we were also blindsided by an inability to access 6th street by the back exit, drilling as early as 7AM, and construction during break when tenants remaining here are trying to catch up on sleep. The management here fits the normal description of a large management company that is uncaring and simply exists to take your money. If you desire a lifestyl Review from Google
Oct 2018: Poorly managed — probably the worst management team I have ever seen around the U campus. I lived here for one year. Several examples: A sofa was broken when i moved in and was never got repaired for a whole year although the management promised to replace it. The whole unit was charged for more than $1000 for the same broken sofa when all 4 of us had reported it in the move-in checklist. I moved out for more than 2 months already. Yesterday, the leasing office cashed an old rent check that has already been cashed once in July (now is October). The managements team is irresponsible and unprofessional. You can find a much better apartment with the money you pay. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I would put a zero down if that was possible. My son toured last fall and moved in this fall. They were shown an apartment that was 2x the size of the apartment they were placed into. They are in a "4" person apartment with 2 rooms (I suspect this was a 2 person apartment that they decided to cram 4 people into). When we walked in the beds were bunked. Out of the ceiling above the top bunk was a huge vent that the person on the top would have hit if the beds were left that way. The only option was to take them apart. Because the room is so small, in order for the beds to both be on the floor with about 5 feet between them, we had to move out the desks and chairs - I had to store the desks at my house. There is 1 tiny closet in the bedroom. Ridiculous. The washer/dryer is behind a door - it is not a room. The door rams into the kitchen Review from Google
Sep 2018: Fantastic amenities which include a large gym, indoor pool and massive outdoor and indoor lounge space. I love how I feel like a valued resident and above all, I love how clean my apartment is! Love its modernness and the location. Wonderful place to live as a college student. Review from Google
Jul 2018: The building and amenities are nice but the management is horrible. The only major positive is the location to campus. I've lived here for 2 years and they aren't willing to work with you on anything. When asking questions I get different answers from each person I talk to in the office. I've had issues with my lease multiple times and have had to resign it due to mistakes. While switching units for my 3rd year here, they tell you the day of that you have 24 hours to complete the move. The walls are extremely thin so you hear everything around and above you. I moved in and the entire unit was a mess and there were multiple items left by the past residents, including garbage on the balcony. The appliances are not good quality and when maintenance is called, they tell you that it's fine. I pay extra for underground parking which is poorly Review from Google
Jun 2018: I moved out more than a month ago and I still couldn't get my deposit back even though they said they would return it in three weeks. Management is rude and will try to charge you for every little thing. Even when you move in, they will come up with small payments and tell you it's required when you don't really have to pay them. Walls are extremely thin and rooms are just okay for the price. You can definitely find cheaper and better apartments in the area. I don't know a single person who enjoyed their time in here; people mostly go somewhere else after their lease ends. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Very bad management! They’re horrible at coordinating the maintenance... at the end you will never receive your deposit back. If you want to deal with it you are welcome to stay! Review from Google
Jun 2018: If you love hearing power drills next to your head every morning at 7am all summer - this is the place for you. Not to mention paying a full months rent for only 10 days in August. Also, you won’t be placed in a particular room - they can put you wherever regardless of your ranking they have you fill out (this will hopefully be banned soon once the legislation passes.) I also call all their appliances and furniture “ikea outlet quality” because it is bound to break no matter what. Manager on site is of no help. Scam!!!! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I signed my lease Friday and when I moved in Tuesday my apartment bedroom was disgusting. Both the bedroom and bathroom still had dirt from the previous renter. There were used banddaids and cotton swabs left on the floor along with trash all inside the bedroom and bathroom. The staff was fully aware that I would be moving in and failed to take the time to send a cleaning service upon my arrival. Not a good first impression. Not impressed with these apartments at all. Review from Google
Mar 2018: They offer great garage services at affordable price. A convenient stopover point for car checkup. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I LOVE living at the Marshall! The staff is great and really helpful whenever I have a question or need to put in a maintenance request! I also really enjoy all of the amenities that the Marshall offers for its residents. Not to mention, the location is awesome and is right in the heart of Dinkytown! Thanks for all the great memories Marsh! Review from Google
Feb 2018: You pay so much, and everything here is so cheap. The walls are so thin, the furniture is torn up from past residents, and maintenance requests take weeks. The staff in the office, for the most part, is incompetent and when you ask them to do something, it seems like it’s in one ear and out the other. Also, when you go on the tour of the building, they tell you utilities will be pay between $10-15 every month. Ours haven’t been less than $30 each person every month. I would highly recommend going somewhere else with your money. Review from Google
Feb 2018: If you're going to live in an apartment by campus I know this place is way better than any 412 lofts owned complex. It has great amenities like a gym, swimming pool, tanning beds, and free printing. It's also super nice that I've never had a package just left out like I know some other places have happen. The downside is definitely the price though. You can get a town house with 4 people for half the rent here and have your own room instead of bunking with someone else. Another this is that the furniture is pretty poorly made and the walls are pretty thin and rip off with command strips. Like in other comments it can sometimes get messy. There was one time where my floors whole trash room was filled so I couldn't even get the the garbage shoot you're supposed to throw it down. I've never had any problem with management but the few times I did Review from Google
Feb 2018: I have lived at the Marshall for two years and it is by far the best apartment option in Dinkytown. The free printing, optimal lobby study space, and work out amenities cannot be beat! Plus, the staff is always friendly and willing to help. It is the best! Review from Google
Feb 2018: Kitchen is nice and appliances are fairly updated, security of the building is great, the courtyard is great for studying in the warmer months, and there are a few days out of the year where they give us free food!! It is pretty spendy to live here but that's typical for the dinkytown area. The location could not be any better! Review from Google
Dec 2017: one star only because I have to give it a star to post. This place is a joke. I was fined $50 for placing my recycling outside of the recycling container because it was overflowing with garbage. I went to talk to the office and one of the leasing agents gave me the utmost disrespect and attitude regarding this. She told me that "we gave out a ton of these fines and the managers said we are upholding them. There is no negotiation." So I asked to see a manager. It was clear where the leasing agent got her unprofessionalism from because the manager was no better. I was blamed multiple times for "littering" when my recycling was in the trash room, not in the hallways or common areas. I then asked her how having overflowing recycling bins in the trash room reflects on the apartment building. She responded with "it reflects on the tenants because th Review from Google
Nov 2017: Got sexually assaulted by a CA’s “friend.” She made him a key. They fired her and promised me he would never be on the property again. Saw him there twice in the past two weeks. Charged me a ridiculous amount for a door that was not up to standards and cracked. Great place to live if you’re ignorant and have a ton of cash handy. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Very very over priced, furniture and appliances look nice but are very cheaply made. The worst part is the management - You can't have very many friends over in the apartments or common areas or they'll kick you out and/or call the police, no matter how civil you are acting. Room assignments and move in are terrible. You don't get to see what apartment you'll live in, they'll give you a tour of the nicest unit and then stick you in the worst unit for the same price. Only good things I can say about my living experience at the Marshall is that the location is fantastic Review from Google
Oct 2017: Free printing, Target in right underneath which is perfect for grocery shopping, has really friendly security guards, always has fun activities going on like a halloween movie night with popcorn and candy, if you forget your key they are really nice about letting you back in, the apartments themselves are amazing and have really good views, and the best part is that there are a ton of little puppies around :) Review from Google
Oct 2017: This post is for parents looking at sending your child to live in the Marshall. I sent my daughter to live in the Marshall and we have truly had a terrible experience. They have no actual regard for the tenants and just intend on bleeding you dry financially. I only gave them one star because I couldn't go any lower. They make you sign a lease but they do not uphold their terms of it. The leasing office is run by students who have no decision power whatsoever and defer you to management. Wherever that may be. We have moved out August 11 and still have not received our security deposit. AGAIN... parents... stay away Review from Google

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