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The Knoll

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Feb 2019: Smaller apartment compared to the Bridges which is owned by the same management. I have friends that live at both and absolutely love their apartments and the new management. Review from Google
Feb 2019: The Knoll has great amenities like a game lounge, study rooms, and a theater room for its residents. Rooms are also very spacious at a low cost. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I love living at the knoll! they have great lounges for hosting get togethers with friends and a fun game room! would recommend to anyone Review from Google
Feb 2019: I love living here because everyone is so helpful and includes great amenities! Review from Google
Feb 2019: Love the Knoll! I live there this year and cant wait to renew for next year. Great amenities and location. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Nice apartments, great location. However the management is ran very poorly. Management struggles to communicate and struggles to response to emails in a timely fashion or even answer there phones. Its clear there is a lack of organization and value for customers needs. Review from Google
Jan 2019: My daughter just moved in this month and I’m really impressed with the cleanliness and how easy the leasing experience was! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Beautiful property!! great community!! and its super close to campus :) Review from Google
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Nov 2018: Multiple promises were made for money to get taken out of my account for the relet fee, and it never was, no apologies were given, now I am required to come up with the next months rent in addition to coming up with another $350 for the relet fee as rent has already been withdrawn ( on 11/27 ) before the lease can be sent over. this is crazy. I had the money in the account 2 weeks ago and it was put in 3 days after I was informed that The Knoll found a potential subletter. After that I received no communication from the Knoll on why the money wasn't taken out. In my email I asked for all the steps in the process and I was just informed that I need to pay $350 . Very unclear and confusing, didn't feel like trying to get straight answers after that. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Would give a zero if possible. No-one who answers the phone or is available in an EMERGENCY. AND- don't APOLOGIZE LIKE YOU HAVE EVERYONE ELSE ON HERE SAYING "YOU DO YOUR BEST TO PROVIDE THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE"--- YOU DO NOT DO YOUR BEST. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. It is a beautiful place to live but the way it is managed is horrible. A future renter may think these reviews are no big deal-- but when there is a problem, it becomes a big deal. There is no accountablity for their lack of follow up and nothing seems to change. It is very expensive to live here-- this needs to change. Review from Google
Sep 2018: honestly a decent apartment, but lack management. maintenance takes forever to fix a request. no one's ever at the front desk, so packages are hard to pick up. phone calls are never answered and "get back to." overall, poor communication and structure. Review from Google
Sep 2018: The spaces are nice, the location is great for students, any attempt at communication with the staff about issues of rent are terrible. My partner was charged additional rent charges and was not informed and then when she asked about them she was informed that she was also being charged late fees. Terrible service, shame too, it's a nice place to live otherwise. Review from Google
Aug 2018: No one ever answers the phone. No one ever answers emails. Does anyone actually run this place? I don't think so. I moved out of Minneapolis and was being charged the wrong amount on my rent for MONTHS. I called countless times and sent emails, but no one hardly ever answered or responded. When I did get through to someone, they would quickly apologize and say that they'd fix my rent right away, but nothing ever happened. I finally had to ask a friend who lived in Minneapolis go to the front desk and tell them to call me. It took them about three months to finally charge me the right amount on rent, all while I was occurring late fees for their mistake, which I am now am forced to pay. Unbelievable. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for a place to live. Review from Google
Jun 2018: This is the worst building I have ever lived in. The Staff never responds to emails or phone calls. All summer no one is at the front desk or answers the phones so you cannot pickup any packages or large mail. They do not give you any information on how to use the facilities or spaces in the building. They charge you a fee to pay your rent online. 0 stars Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have never lived in a worse place in my life. If you need any sort of help or assistance at all, unfortunately they can't help you. Their "24 hour maintenance" does not exist. If you call and leave a message (because no one is ever at the front desk to answer your questions) they might get back to you in a few days, but odds are whatever needs to be fixed won't get fixed. Whenever I need to get a package from the front desk, no one is ever there to help me even when their hours are around 10am-7pm. I have been locked out of my apartment, had the dishwasher break on multiple occasions, my doors of my closet fall off, and when I moved in I didn't have a bed or working blinds. Of the times I called the emergency maintenance number, no one has ever gotten back to me. People pay a lot of money to live here (rooms go for around $1000 a month) to h Review from Google
Oct 2017: I have attempting to reach the leasing office for 2 days. No one answers the phone and my call is dropped after 41 seconds of being on hold. My daughter is a current tenant and they have yet to fix any of the issues related to her apartment after multiple requests. She was locked out of her apartment for >3 hours when her electronic lock failed to work. Again as a parent no ever answered the phone! I will never allow my daughter to lease from them again. Currently she has 10 1/2 months left on the lease and the company is asking them to sign another contract or they won’t get a place for 2018-2019. Who does this to college kids? They have no idea what they will be doing next fall as of now! This management is a joke!!! Review from Google
Sep 2017: Our son loved it there! Great place for any "Gopher" to take up residence. Ryan D was awesome to work with in the office and David B (his manager). Great customer service and follow-up. They genuinely care about the residents and taking care of them. Review from Google
Aug 2016: It's nice looking and great size but just horribly managed. The couches are cheep and ugly. The gym has hardly anything. Review from Google
Feb 2016: The Knoll is one of the most high quality apartments on campus. Everything is kept up and maintenance will come the next day! Review from Google
Apr 2015: The Knoll was a great place to live and I would live there again! I really never had issues with the apartment, and if I did, they were fixed the next day. The apartment rooms are high quality and the amenities (rooftop lounges, courtyard, club rooms, and workout rooms) are great. The management was very friendly and I loved how they have someone at the front desk almost 24/7! If you have a car I would recommend getting a parking permit for the garage. Review from Google
Mar 2014: Excellent and friendly management! We have never had to wait more than a day for maintenance to come. My roommates and I love living in The Knoll because the management makes it easy to be a resident. With students' busy school schedules, sometimes it is hard to worry about the extra little things that come with having one's own apartment. The Knoll is great because we don't have to send reminders and worry about getting things fixed, asking once is enough. Review from Google

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