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The Elysian

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Nov 2018: One of the roommates basically snitched my rent by not paying her portion, and the management did not let me know that the unit balance was negative until she subleased out of the unit. Therefore I had to pay for the missing rent. I also emailed the office twice asking where my security deposit went, and they do not respond to me. It's been three months since I moved out. Very unhappy with this management. Review from Google
Jul 2018: The staff that work in the office are incredibly nice and so good at their job. They reply to any complain nearly instantly and do their best to fix it. They are also just good people that know how to do their job well. The apartment is in an incredible location with pretty okay parking nearby! (Just remember to to not park out front on sundays like me or you’ll get towed( I guess that’s karma though)) All in all this apartment is great for college kids looking to be near dinky and the U campus Review from Google
May 2018: I have lived here for a year and have zero complaints! The staff are always willing to help with any issues that come up. Plus, there is always free coffee, free ice cream on Fridays, and tons of other random days with other free things to give away -- what's better than that! Highly recommend! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Management is very nice, and maintenance responded same day on a plumbing issue we had. If you are a student at the U looking for a place, it is slightly farther away than other options, BUT it is fully furnished and for 5 roommates rent is lower than most other competitors. I found it to be the best choice for me, and I lived here for 2 years. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I live near this building, the tenants are consistently having large parties and throwing food, glass and garbage out of their windows and balconies on to the parking lots, side walks and roadway. There is more than one unit contributing to this issue and Police have had to be notified as it is an ongoing occurnace and a danger to the public as there are many cars, small children, pedestrians and pets that walk or drive by daily. Management has been notified of the issue at least twice so hopefully the issue will be seriously addressed in the near future as several of the tenants here seem to be disruptive and disregard public safety. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I don't live here, but we have been trying to contact management about leasing for about a month now. We've called multiple numbers a dozen times, and no word. They responded once, said they were going to call us back to set up a tour and never did. We left our contact information on their website and nothing. We went to the building when the leasing office is supposed to be open, and it was empty. Review from Google
Oct 2016: It's really a nice place to live in. The management are very polite and helpful. The building is small, so you'll make some friends. The apartments are big and furnished. Plus, there are a lot of available facilities. The building is near from a bus stop and some restaurants. It is also near from the Stone Arch Bridge which is really a nice place. It is 15 minutes' walk from Campus. Also, they provide ice cream every Friday😂👍. Review from Google
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Feb 2016: This is a beautiful building with spacious rooms! Very convenient to campus, downtown, and elsewhere being right off 35! Review from Google

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