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Stadium Village Flats

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Sep 2019: I renewed my lease for a second academic year because the first year was pretty smooth, but right off the bat, there have been a lot more issues. Despite higher rent in the renewed lease, the maintenance standards have dropped. The dishwasher in my unit has been completely broken since the very beginning of the renewed lease (over 4 weeks) and still hasn't been fixed. Over a month without a working appliance is ridiculous, especially given how much rent I'm paying. I also recently had to make an emergency maintenance request at night because the one and only toilet in my unit stopped working, and the maintenance supervisor that responded had a major attitude, claiming it wasn't an emergency that I had no working toilet, and whining about having to do a repair after-hours. He also berated me for not knowing how to fix it myself, as if it's my job to fix maintenance issues in their property! Review from Google
Aug 2019: Beware of this scam of an apartment building!! We were swindled into signing a lease for a unit without windows in the bedrooms (which is illegal in most places!!). They did absolutely nothing to help us try to find another unit, even one that was within the same property management company. Upon move in they had no carts to help you move in/out and you cannot park in the garage, unless you have a spot, so you have to street park and take everything on the road by hand. The people that work in the office are very clueless and multiple times packages never got checked in with them. Further, the apartment was dirty upon move in and we were charged a ridiculous amount even though those damages were on our forms, and the apt was cleaner than when we moved in. Overall a horrible experience. I would recommend trying a building with management that actually cares instead of Jeremy the Grouch! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I rented a studio for a whole year and I never faced any problem whatsoever. The studio was very spacious for one person and the management is very cooperative especially Jeremey, the manager. I recommend this place. Review from Google
Apr 2019: The leasing office is pretty nice and approachable, the property management is responsive. Great location on campus. Love this place and I've already renewed for next year.
Apr 2019: Good Property, Super Convenient Location, Nice Staff at Leasing Office, CVS Right Downstairs. Awesome Movie Theatre and Stadium View
Apr 2019: Very good property, convenient location!
Apr 2019: Nice building quality, management is helpful. Maintenance can be delayed at times due to body limitations. Great location, good value.
Mar 2019: The living condition is not bad, but the package delivery management sucks. They have tried hard to make it perfect, but the processing is inefficient and inflexible. Review from Google
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Nov 2018: The apartments are nice and well kept. However, buyer beware, they WILL CHARGE YOU when you check out for things you cannot prove you didn't do such as carpet stains and wall marks. Not only will they charge you, they will send you to COLLECTIONS WITHIN A MONTH of moving out. This is a slum lord situation so keep that in mind when you agree to sign the lease. Be super careful about finding EVERY possible mark/stain/problem when you move in and make sure to note it with management BEFORE signing. In addition, you cannot park anywhere for move in or move out. My bedroom had no window - scary fire hazard. good luck. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I lived here before. The move out was nightmare. The company has been changed and I decided to move out because of their attitude. Even asking simple questions was very determined and impossible to communicate. The contract was expired on August 10, but no occupants were allowed to park after August. So in the end, I had to find another parking lot. Move-out was also embarrassed by the fact that the resident's car was not allowed to be parked underground. The apartment itself was okay but their new manager was not a good guy to talk. Review from Google
Oct 2018: This building is deceivingly attractive with the amenities and modern decor, yet the people skills of the management are absolutely dismal. Dealing with the manager has been a constant uphill battle just to complete simple, everyday tasks. Every request for simple things (like keys that allow you to enter your own apartment after paying rent) are met with extreme exasperation and arguing from management. The whole process of simply living here has been confusing, frustrating, and downright enraging. Definitely don't sign your life to a year of this experience. Review from Google
Sep 2018: So far so good. The front office staff had a lot to deal with upon taking over the place. They have all been very helpful. Maintenence requests are completed very quickly and the staff is always friendly and willing to help. The building itself is very nice and the apartments are in good shape. Review from Google
Sep 2018: This summer, SVF transitioned to a new management company, so please consider that when reading reviews that are from 2017 or earlier. Overall, our experience here has been great! Helpful, responsive management with maintenance orders fixed within a few business days or earlier. Quiet residents make this a good building as well. would recommend! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Ok building quality, management is helpful. Maintenance can be delayed at times due to body limitations. Great location, ok value. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Such a great place to live! Love it here! Recommend to any U of M student Review from Google
Nov 2017: Originally when I was looking for a place I called in and they said they didn't do tours. But after living here they obviously do... Printer doesn't even work half the time, and when upon moving in I was very disappointed in the cleanliness of the place 0/10. Counters were greecy, floors were badly worn, and room still had trash in it from the previous junk rat who lived there. They also promised a gift card visa but you know... Never got it and when asking they pretended as if I never did even though they said so on the phone. Review from Google
Oct 2017: I think it has been a great experience thus far! SVF is a great place to live and has many benefits such as in-apartment laundry and wifi! There are many other things such as the lounges and different accommodations on each floor that make relaxing or getting things done easy. Review from 10/7/17 on Google
Sep 2017: Seemed like a nice place to live! When we toured rooms they showed us some nice units. Be sure to ask specifics about your unit though. We have almost no windows in our entire apartment and the 1 (yes, only one!) hardly even opens. It's a nice building and the staff are friendly enough but I feel that they weren't completely open about what we were actually signing a lease for. Overall slightly disappointed. Review from 9/20/17 on Google
Aug 2017: On the whole the apartment building is unwelcoming, overpriced, and pourly managed. Moveing in, every piece of furniture was caked in a think layer of dust. The amenities, pool room, movie room and so on, lacked regular maintenance. The maintenance equipment was rarely fully functional. The pool room lacked any sort of cues which you were supposed to check out at the lobby, but we're conviently checked out the entire 12 months I lived there. The lobby was only open during regular daytime hours during the week and there was no one to call when the lobby was closed, which happened to be just about any time you might need anything. Review from 8/17/17 on Google
Aug 2017: The quality of the actual apartments are far lesser than what you are shown at a tour or when signing the lease. Though they may look nice, the actual quality of everything from the furniture to the kitchen to the amenities provided are cheap and poor. The apartment is overpriced for what you pay, and I was charged many extra fees throughout the year for things like electricity from before I moved in and Comcast, which is supposed to be paid by the building, not to mention the ~$700 they required for me to sublease for the summer. They also tried to take auto payments after the lease term ended. Review from 8/14/17 on Google
Aug 2017: Honestly the best apartment complex I've ever lived in. The staff is genuinely helpful and caring. Free cable// internet. Furnished. Everything in the apt was kept in working order, located right on the green line with a ton to do and eat nearby. Only cons are there are no grocery stores nearby and the couches that come with the apartments are not very comfortable. I would live here again. Review from 8/4/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Not only was this place convenient for class but the management here creates such a great environment. The fact that there are amenities and in addition to super friendly staff just paints the full picture. would recommend!! Review from 4/26/17 on Google

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