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Mar 2019: My car was parked in the courtyard to unload my bags and when I came back it was towed to a place 20 minutes away and cost me $300 and 3 hours of my time to get it back from a privately owned tow company. I am ashamed to pay this much money to live in an apartment that treats its residents with such little respect. It is difficult to rate this apartment well when they clearly care more about profiting off of young college students than they do about caring for their residents. Review from Google
Mar 2019: There are so many great things about Floco which is why I have decided to live here for 3 years in a row! If I had to pick my favorite thing about living here, it would be the outdoor patio area. Having access to a grill and chairs to layout in makes spring, summer, and fall way more fun! The appliances in my unit are modern and we rarely have issues with them. When there are problems, maintenance is quick to resolve everything! The staff at Floco always makes me feel like I am a priority and are always looking to make things better for residents. With location and amenities, I think Floco is the best place to live for students at the U. Plus, the rent price is super reasonable! I always tell people that Floco is the "best bang for your buck" :)
Mar 2019: FloCo has helpful office staff, reasonably priced single bedrooms, and great amenities, such as: tanning, a work out room, and package pick up lockers. Maintenance is quick and responsive and there are a lot of great resident events that offer free food. I would recommend living here if you are a student at the U.
Dec 2018: Absolutely the worst place ever. A complete rip off at every turn, all management does is overcharge for rent and not take care of the place at all. 350 fucking dollars for replacement keys is absolutely crazy. 0/5, worst place ever would not recommend.
Nov 2018: I was a tenant last year and accidentally sent a package here. Last night I attempted to contact them. I got ahold of someone who promised he would look for it. Then told me they didn't have it because they had a new, more secure, system. I called UPS, they told me exactly where it was delivered. I called Floco back and told them exactly where UPS dropped the package. The person on the phone told me he would call me back either way (if he found it or not). I waited and did not receive a call back. I dreaded having to call them in the first place and when I did had such a negative experience just like the multiple ones I had as a tenant. Luckily, there are a few good individuals working that always pull through but there are FEW. Do not live here. Save your money and time. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The management can be nice and friendly when you talk to them in person, but don't be fooled this is just another scum bag property management company that only cares about making money off of naive college students. During my lease term last summer somebody had reported a gas leak/weird smell in the garage in advance and weeks later they still had done nothing and the fire department showed up and evacuated the building at 9 pm on a week night! In addition, they sold us on our unit with cool amenities and stadium seating for couches. When we moved in there was already a pull out sofa in the unit and lights wrapped around the water pipes, (we assumed this was complimentary of the unit). When we moved out we get charged over $100 for leaving both in there, in addition they offered carpet cleaning because past tenants made a mess of the carpet b Review from Google
Jul 2018: I lived in floco for just about year and honestly there's a lot more complaints than not. Within the first month or so things just started breaking down, closet doors, little floor railings, door locks, bug screens, window blinds. From what me and my roommates have experienced, a lot of the things in our unit were cheap material and we were charged for things that broke just by us living in there. Management for some reason still has not responded to emails sent out months ago. Also they throw fees in your face with ridiculous prices for all sorts of reasons. And when something bad happens the best thing the can offer you is "sorry if this has caused an inconvenience to you". Review from Google
Jul 2018: Had a moped parked in their parking garage. Ended up getting broken into and vandalized. Do not feel safe at these apartments, ever. EDIT: For full disclosure, after this and other reviews of their properties I was contacted by DM Companies to make sure everything is alright. I will leave my review above as it is still what has happened in the past, however, they did make an attempt to make sure everything was going alright at this point in time. Review from Google
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Jun 2018: I honestly have a very hard time even placing one star on this building. I have had multiple leases with them throughout my college years because I thought the pricing was affordable. They do not monitor who pays what, leases are a mess because they do not have individual leasing. They can hardly keep track of their own payments within their system. The staff has in the past purposefully ignored calls from tenants because they do not want to deal with questions about where the issues with payments are coming from. They scam college students and are a really poorly run apartment building. The cheap price-tag and 'flexible' pricing is a gimmick for all the fees and issues to come when choosing to live here. I do not recommend is an understatement. Review from Google
May 2018: Our dishwasher was broken for the first month and our apartment wasn’t cleaned before we moved in. But there is free printing, tanning and food so ya know. Edit: lost my keys and for a simple key and fob its ~350 (175 for each) to replace your keys. Which is absolutely appalling, that's more than half my rent. Every other apartment is around $75-$100 for key replacements. They take advantage of students in every way they can and are extremely rude. (granted this is the management that own floco) Maybe their are attempting (after realizing they are the complete worst management in Dinkytown) to improvement, but personally I wouldn't wait and see. Yes, you get nice sized rooms and closets, but I personally would rather pay $500-$100 more to not deal with them. They also scraped off the ice (or something, it was vibrating my room) on the side Review from Google
Apr 2018: Do not live here. Management has done nothing about the mice that live behind my fridge. They have been here so long I've named them and that is not even the worst part about this place. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I can't respond to a response but I left a review earlier with my dissatisfaction with floco and they replied to me with "Hi Isabel, we’ve made several attempts to reach out to you directly – since you moved in – to discuss any issues that you’ve experienced, and you have still not responded to us." This is completely false my roommates and I have contacted them many times and not received responses or answers a majority of the time, they have never once reached out to us first about any issues. Please do not believe this passive aggressive and false response to my earlier review. **UPDATE: I added a star because finally someone reached out to me and I am grateful for that** Review from Google
Feb 2018: Floco only offeres shared leases which is an easy way for roommates/ floco to screw you over. Really bad managment and bad ground keeping Review from Google
Jan 2018: I am so excited to live here next year! It has such a warm and welcoming environment! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Super duper excited to be living here next year my friends and I just signed our lease and we can't wait!! Review from Google
Dec 2017: Floco has been my home for a semester now and the experience has been terrible the management is so slow to solve problems. The location is great, very close to campus and there is a campus bus stop very close but that is the ONLY good thing about it. Also they bribed all the residents with Pizza and gift cards to write good reviews about them so their google rating would go up. It was at 1.8 stars just a few weeks ago. Also when we signed the lease we were promised free core power memberships and 2 weeks after moving in we received an email saying that was no longer the case and they would be switching to a different yoga studio that was further away and we only had 2 classes a day that were available for us to go to for free otherwise we had to pay $20 a class to go to any other classes at different times. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I have lived here for 2 years and love it! Maintenance is always on top of things & staff does a great job of keeping people engaged! Amenities are great too! Review from Google
Dec 2017: Great experience at Floco. Management is attentive and promotes a sense of community. They also give free food Review from Google
Nov 2017: FloCo has been awesome! They do a ton of resident events with lots of free food. The management is always helpful and accommodating. They have the best prices in the area as well. would recommend it! Review from Google
Nov 2017: Living at FloCo has been a pretty good experience so far! At first we had some problems with repairs but they were done pretty quickly. Most of my roommates and I have renewed our lease since it's in such a convenient location. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Property management does anything they can to screw you over and squeeze every dime out of you. Don’t expect to get anything from your security deposit, regardless if they made a mistake or not because they won’t admit it. Rates for the historic houses are incredibly unreasonable for such crappy living conditions. There’s more mice than tenants and quite possibly incredible amounts of mold and who knows what else. I felt sick the entire time I lived there as was no central air system and the 3rd floor of every unit has only one tiny window that is tucked in a corner where no air exchange can occur anyway. Review from 10/4/17 on Google
Sep 2017: Do not live here. All they want is your money, don't care about anything else. There are plenty of places nearby that are much nicer and similar pricing. Review from 9/22/17 on Google
Aug 2017: Very unprofessional. Looks fancy on the outside. "OK" on the inside I guess. Extremely overpriced for what you get. $145 for a parking spot?? I went in for a tour of a unit, ended up waiting outside for half an hour because no one at the office would Buzz me in. The manager, DeParis, who setup the tour with me was off site so I sat in the lobby for over an hour waiting for him. Along with two other potential tenants who were also waiting for him. I called him twice and finally got a call back stating he was "only 10 minutes away". But one by one we simply gave up waiting and the others left. Now, I'm a fairly patient person so I stuck around for a lot longer than was worth it. Review from 8/15/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I have lived in Floco for 3 years now and I really loved my experience living here. The leasing agents and management are very accommodating and allow for a fun living environment. The grill/courtyard area is amazing to have in the summer. Rooms are a bit small, and tend to have maintenance issues, but the maintenance men are great and work fast. Wish the workout room was more up to date and larger. Overall great college apartment. Review from 4/27/17 on Google

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