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Bierman Place

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Oct 2019: It is really nice to be in the heart of Dinkytown - the location is perfect. It is super super close to all of my classes, a ton of fun restaurants/shops & Target. Other good things... -fast/quick maintenance -study rooms are super nice -affordable rent compared to other apartments nearby -visitor parking when my friends or family come to visit Review from Google
Sep 2019: Quit putting false rent amounts on your craigslist ads! What a sham to get people looking. And dont say it is a mistake. It's done numerous times with numerous amounts. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Beware of this housing complex and read your lease carefully. Leases for students run from September 1 to August 21 leaving students without a place to leave for up to 10 days before they would be able to move into other housing. In addition, leases are pro-rated for 12 months so you will pay the full amount for your last month even though you are being removed 10 days short. All legal because it is in a contract. I would just strongly urge anyone renting to read carefully to have alternative plans made. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Absolutely garbage place. Smells like it too. The lobby and hallways constantly wreak like trash. Heating/AC bills are absolutely out of control and don't work that well anyway. The move out requirements are far too restrictive and probably extort students for extra money because the secret is out that no one wants to rent here. don't come here. Take your business somewhere else. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Lived here for two years and overall it was a pretty good experience. The Good: Management is professional, and maintenance was always completed quickly. Certainly better than most property management companies in the area. Location is great. didn't have any issues with any of the appliances or anything like that. The Bad: You're paying for location. $2500/month 4-bedroom apartments in other areas will be much nicer. Yearly rent increases of $40/month make living there unsustainable. It's ultimately what drove me away. The front patio is not very well maintained, there will be piles of rotting garbage sitting there for weeks at time. I would add that parking is expensive, but that's part of living in Dinkytown, so it's neither here nor there. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I lived here for two years. You get what you pay for. The staff is accommodating and typically leaves you alone. That's all I can say positively for this place. The A/C eats money and doesn't cool anything at all, the heater is even worse. I left my apartment cleaner than I walked into it and they still charged my around 50 bucks and didn't give me my deposit back. Go anywhere else but here. Review from Google
Apr 2018: good price for the location and amenities. the staff are helpful and friendly! Review from Google
Jan 2018: The management at Bierman Place don’t care about the quality of living that their residents experience. My unit has been torn apart due to water damage for the past 18 days even though I was told 2 weeks ago by a repairman that our walls were dry and the next step was to put everything back together. This is 18 days that I’ve been paying just as much as my neighbors down the hall even though my bathroom and pantry are torn apart. My roommates and I have to keep everything that was in our kitchen pantry in boxes. Our living room is full of everything from our bathroom and is unable to be used as well as our bathroom. When I discussed this with management they had no concern for the quality of our living environment and refused to give us a discount on rent. Additionally they avoid keeping us updated on the repairs and tell us to expect repa Review from Google
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Jun 2017: Bierman Place is one of the better deals for your OWN personal room within a 10 -12 minute walk to campus. The management responds quickly to maintenance issues (burned out light bulb, plumbing, etc) typically within 1-2 business days. Rent price is good compared to new student luxury apartments built all around campus. Spacious bathrooms, modest kitchen, decent bedrooms are all within acceptable range for students renting or young professionals. One comment would be the apartment energy efficiency is low so electricity consumption for winter months was very high because of baseboard heating and living room HVAC. Review from Google
Mar 2017: Staff are very friendly and helpful, fairly close proximity to campus. Parking is kinda pricey and I wish they had a hot tub instead of tanning, but overall enjoy living here. Maria is cute! 4/5 would recommend. Also the elevators are slow, but for the price can't beat having your own bedroom + parking in dinkytown Review from Google
Jul 2016: Pros: thick walls, cheaper than other apartments in Dinkytown, for your own room, helpful and responsible management, fast repairs, comes with a TV in unit Cons: paying for laundry is a drag, as well as not having it in unit, parking is expensive (if you have a car), worried about getting my damage deposit back because I asked if I could use some screws in the ceiling and the girl up front said 'yeah sure!' and I have no proof that she said that. Biggest thing is that originally they gave the residents as 'super duper discount' when renewing. Rent went up from $575 to $635. They since lowered it for residents to $605 but that's out of my budget and I signed over in Marcy Holmes (best kept secret of the U!) This is because since I signed they've been doing a lot of remodeling for it to look like a 'luxury' apartment; which of course I didn't a Review from Google
May 2016: Pros: Fast maintenance, Quiet, thick walls between apartment units so you don't hear your neighbors. Nice Dinkytown location. Cons: The $600 monthly rate for your own room and shared bathroom sounds appealing considering the prices of the luxury apartments near by, but utilities easily cost $50 per person a month. The appliances are from the 90's, only 2 small washing machines and 3 dryers per hallway that all cost money per load. Loud and smelly electric heating that melt anything touching it even on the lowest setting and no air conditioning in the bedrooms. Uncomfortable fluorescent lighting in the living room. The community room they advertise is just the lobby, most people try to use it as a study space despite the loud and constant foot traffic. Odd community events that I'd rather they not use my money for. Livable, but it will be hard Review from Google

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