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412 Lofts

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Nov 2018: I lived here for 2 years and while the rooms were quite spacious, the management is worse than anything I've ever experienced, not just with housing but possible any customer service experience I've ever had. They had one fantastic property manager in 2016 but now she's gone. I haven't received my security deposit after moving out in August and have been told I'd be called back about 5 times with a solution which still hasn't happened. They never answer the phone. The former landlord Beth was extremely unprofessional and we have had numerous issues with her and the office in the past regarding financial matters. It seems like they cleaned house and are restaffing and as a result nothing is getting done. I'm disappointed of being treated like this after being a resident for 2 years. Maybe someone in management will read this review and help s Review from Google
Sep 2018: UPDATED REVIEW 9/17/18: I have never experienced so much hardship in communicating with someone at a managerial level as I have when communicating with Beth Sauerland, the 412 Lofts Area Manager. Her emails are ridden with grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, and usually do not include a greeting or closing. She has failed on numerous accounts to answer clearly laid out questions and often times seems like she has not actually read my emails and has a boilerplate response. It has been so disheartening to communicate with her. So disappointed by her lack of professionalism and inability to problem solved. Additionally, I have still yet to figure out a proper solution for the charges I received after moving out. They will screw you over. I think that this terrible experience with her reflects my time living at 412. The prices are o Review from Google
Sep 2018: Hands down the worst experience. Management is terrible. 412 Lofts is not fancy. Move somewhere else. The amenities hat 412 Lofts has to offer isn’t worth it for the price. This is a boujee apartment. I moved here subleasing for 4 months. Ended up having to pay utilities from the previous tenant. I never seen or heard of this $80 bill until I moved out and they added it onto my fees. Management lied and told me that she mailed me the bill every month, I had never received this bill from her as I was paying utilities through xcel and centerpoint. Review from Google
Sep 2018: We toured this place for my daughter. At initial tour we were only allowed to view the "model" apartment, but not the specific one my daughter would be renting; we were given a specific quote for a bedroom with a window, and we were told that rent price includes everything except electric; and the building was advertised as having a free guest parking. At lease signing, we were told the quote means nothing and the rent price will be much higher. On the day of moving in (and after paying first month rent upfront), we were told that to move in, a separate renters insurance must be purchased because its now not included into rent price (??!). As we got the keys, the first finding was that unlike the "model apartment' we were shown during the tour, in reality there was no window in the bedroom! The second finding was there was no chairs in the ap Review from Google
Apr 2018: This apartment has been a great place to reside the past two years! The location is great for catching the metro or campus shuttle and I always feel safe. While it is loud living on 4th street at times, it certainly does not keep me up! definitely recommend living here. Review from Google
Oct 2017: If I could give 412 Lofts zero stars, I would. When we moved in, our apartment had bugs from the crusty food under the stove and refrigerator from the previous resident. Our front-load washing machine had mold in the rubber, which smelled all year, even though we cleaned it with bleach over a dozen times. The hallways were loud and always smelled like marijuana. The rent price is ridiculously high, especially for the quality of life you have in the building. It is not worth the money. Then, after moving out, we received over $700 worth of "repairs" needed on the unit, even though we took amazing care of it and left it in better condition than we found it. Rip off! Avoid at all costs. Review from Google
Apr 2017: 412 is conveniently located in the heart of Dinkytown. It is well staffed and there is always complimentary coffee provided. I enjoy using the amenities such as the work out room and free tanning. Review from 4/10/17 on Google
Aug 2016: If you want to spend way to much money and get very little this is the place for you. My neighbors were cool thats the 1 star. But you'll get riped off living here. Your a process and a good ROI for them thats it. Review from Google
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Feb 2016: I love living at 412 Lofts because it's a clean and friendly environment. The management is helpful and cares about each resident. 412 has a security guard at night which makes me feel safe living there as a young college female. Maintenance is attentive to all requests and all of the appliances are high quality! 412 provides free coffee and holiday treats as well :) Review from Google
Feb 2016: 412 is a great place to live! Great appliances and the quality of the apartment as a whole is way better than most apartments in the area. Review from Google

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