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Eclipse on Broad

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Jul 2018: God this place was the absolute WORST!!!! Might look pretty and nice on the outside but BOY is it cheap AF!!!! My room was completely dirty when I moved in, I filed multiple work orders to have certain things fixed like a crack in my bedroom wall and it was NEVER fixed. This place will literally charge you for damages and then just pocket the money rather than actually doing something about it. And whoever paints the doors is an absolute idiot. My friend's door has a handprint on it and she asked if they would fix it but they never did. Everything about this place is overpriced, cheap, and so not worth it. Parking is the absolute worst too. If you can stay away from living here, I highly recommend it. Management sucks and Amber (the woman who works in the office) is the worst human being in the world. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Great manager. Great ownership. Great maintenance staff! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !! Review from Google
Jun 2018: These are nice apartments in a great location. Everyone has been very nice. I am taking away 1 star because management allows residents who are not paying for a parking spot to park in the handicapped spots. It is inconsiderate to anyone who is handicapped may needs those spots. Why should inconsiderate residents get free parking, while the rest of us are paying? Other than that, we love it here and so do all of my friends. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have jumped around from apartment to apartment during my time in college, and I can 100% say that I have had a great experience at Eclipse on Broad. Management is GREAT. During the first few years, I had a friend that lived here and I know he talked about the management being horrible, but now, Amber and Nick do a great job of making sure all of the tenants are taken care of. They even deliver packages MWF! There are snacks in the leasing office, along with a printer and tanning bed. While the apartment does not have many amenities, it is still very well kept and the kitchens are beautiful and spacious. My only complaint is the parking situation, but there is not really much that can be done about that. Just ensure that you secure a parking spot earlier rather than later and it will not be a problem. Eclipse is a short walk to the bars and a Review from Google
Dec 2017: This is one of the worst apartment complexes to live in in the Athens area. The cost is so pricey for what you are getting. The only good thing about this entire complex is the location, which is decently close to downtown with just a 10 minute walk up a giant hill- hey at least you can work up a sweat while heading downtown!! If you choose to live here, get ready for one of the worst experiences of your life. I regret my decision to live here till this day. On move in my apartment was so gross, I almost vomit now just thinking of it. I was so embarrassed having my parents see it for the first time (especially since they were the ones paying the $735+ a month for it). My mom so graciously wanted to help me move in......... we walked in and WOW. The apartment was a mess. The walls were covered in black marks- obviously no painting had been done Review from Google
Dec 2017: The "new management" guy named Nick is a JOKE. We moved in & our apartment was disgusting- other people's hair, body hair in bathroom, dirt, paint completely scraped off the walls, the vacuum had so much disgustingness in it, etc. This Nick character said he'd have a crew come up in the next week to clean it. Well...... THREE MONTHS LATER he came up with a bucket of paint and a broom himself. Like????? can't my $735 a month pay for a legit cleaning crew for my tiny apartment? Secondly he towed my friend's car, boyfriends car, and my PARENTS car. These all had notes on them saying I lived here yet he completely told them to tow the cars...... I would have had them park in my assigned space however someone was illegally parked in my space that I PAY FOR every month!!!!! Get ready for lots of noise by the busy street and construction across the s Review from Google
Apr 2017: My first year living here, management was horrible, as seen by the bad review below. However, last summer they switched to a new company and the new management is wonderful. I do not have enough great things to say about Nick and Amber. They are kind, friendly and would go out of their way to help you in any way they can. If you put in a maintenance request at 12, Nick will come up before the end of the day to check on it and get the other guy to come out or fix it himself, we have never had any maintenance issue that has lasted more than a week (so they could order the part). The rent is a little on the expensive side, but the location makes it worth it, and it is a smaller community which is a huge plus to me. And the rent includes utilities(power, water, cable) and our overages are never more then $5-$7. I have lived here for 2 years and Review from Google
Dec 2016: They have recently gotten new management, the new management has made a point to not only get caught up on all the work orders, but also know all of us personally. I have really admired the huge turn around here and am excited to live here another year
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Sep 2016: My first year living here was slightly below average, simply because of the old management. Thankfully, this year brought a change in management, and it's been significantly better. The new staff is so friendly and clearly wants to improve our living arrangements in all possible ways. I now love living here! Great location - close to downtown, close to campus, and right next to a UGA bus stop. Spacey living area and good quality appliances. It really is a great deal too, especially when comparing it to other downtown living options. If you're looking for a downtown apartment, definitely check out Eclipse. Review from Google
Mar 2016: Management issues. don't live here. You'll move into a dirty room and you'll wait weeks for things to get fixed. The manager is a joke and talking to Premier Properties about any issues won't get you anywhere (you'll talk to a rude and disrespectful representative). There are better downtown Athens housing options for sure. Save yourself the headache and don't move in here! Review from Google

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