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The Retreat Gainesville

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Apr 2019: I love the retreat, this is my second year living here. I think the amenities are amazing and the staff is so awesome. Dalton is always there to help me when I need it, and offers me good solutions if I have an issue! Great customer service. Ps: I think the visitor parking should be re evaluated for an easier system because my parents never have a place to park when they visit, but other than that, I love everything. Review from Google
Apr 2019: The Retreat is the best place to live! I wish I lived here sooner! The complex is a safe neighborhood with amazing amenities and friendly residents. The cottage is so spacious and feels like a real home. On top of the great living experience, the front desk staff and maintenance/cleaning staff are so friendly and act quick to fix any problems you have and answer all of your questions. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Loved living here for the past two years! Unbeatable homey feel with all the amenities of a luxury apartment including a very responsive maintenance team. I miss the beautiful pool already! Review from Google
Apr 2019: The Retreat in my opinion is the best bang for your buck in Gainesville. With all the amenities it has to offer (resort style pool, gym, sauna, tanning booth, volleyball court, hammocks, golf simulator, etc) you truly can’t beat it. Besides all the amenities, the staff members are very sweet and understanding, and willing to help you out in any way possible. The community is also very pet friendly which is a huge plus and the clubhouse hosts several events throughout the year such as painting, pool party’s, and free breakfast/lunch. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I have lived in the retreat the past two years and I can honestly say I am living in a resort. Everything is always looking super nice, the staff is always in a good mood, and it’s nice to just have everything always maintained. I really recommend anyone that is looking for a place to live in Gainesville to check this place out!
Feb 2019: Pros: -Maintenance staff are friendly and respectful; they clearly work hard to stay on top of any reported issues (thankfully, our unit has not had many major issues) -Spacious closet -Ample parking for residents depending on where your unit is located -Great location for College of Medicine students; it’s about a 15 minute walk to school -Bus routes nearby -Our unit (4/4.5) is very roomy and allows for each of us to have our personal space -Townhouse style is a big perk for me over apartment style! Cons: -Visitor parking fills up very quickly, especially on weekends -Neighbors can be noisy/messy depending on where your unit is located -Difficult to receive packages in a timely manner, so don’t bother paying for Amazon Prime -Expensive early move in fee per resident, so keep that in mind if your program begins before move in day
Feb 2019: Great apartment complex! The apartments are so spacious and have huge closets. I love all the amenities especially the free Starbucks coffee. I love that I never have to worry about parking and can always park right in front of my apartment.
Feb 2019: This place is awesome! Great amenities, friendly and helpful staff, and a great maintenance team. I love the furniture that came with the apartment and all the appliances have been working great. No problems.
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Feb 2019: I am a current resident of the Retreat and have been here for around 7 months. I subleased a unit before moving into a different unit for the fall and they made the transition easy and smooth (and even possible since most complexes have a 2 week period where most residents are homeless.) Their amenities are unlike many other complexes I have been at before. 24-hour access to a great gym, computers and printing in the clubhouse, free drinks and 24/7 study rooms. The pool is incredible and the security on site is wonderful. I know many people complain about the pricing, but you truly pay for what you're getting (walking distance to campus, so many amenities, spacious townhomes and great security.) I know many complain also about parking as well which can be difficult at times, but if that is the biggest worry then most can find a way around it. The staff is super helpful and always friendly Review from Google
Feb 2019: All the positive reviews are lies! The responce to my review by Retreat was a lie! Nothing has been satisfactory resolved. Also, in addition to more fees has been charged! Office staff is completely useless and nobody knows anything. Do not rent from this complex! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Horrible Place to rent from! Be ware, what is promised, will never be delivered. My daughter moved in to dirty apartment, never cleaned prior to her move in. Since she was a returning tenant she was told there will not be a Pet fee charged, but when she turned in a move in sheet and stated all the damages, they immediately decided to charged her pet fee. I have been going around and around, nobody at the office knows or answers for anyone. What she was told is completely not what she is charged. They will nickle and dime you with you with tons of fees so be aware! Will never recommend this place. Everything is cheaply built and nobody takes care of anything. don't fall in to the bright pictures and promises the staff will make you because nobody stands behind anything! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Have lived here for 3 years and staff is absolutely horrible. They don’t do their jobs and do a horrible job when they actually do so. I’d recommend looking elsewhere for housing.
Jan 2019: Be aware if you have a dear member of your family living in this so called: "nice place" you won't be able to visit EVER WITHOUT GETTING YOUR CAR TOWED. The community has at least 750 students and ONLY 10 visitor parking spaces. This is absurd! Knocking on wood, nothing ever happens happens to my daughter because if so, I won't be able to come help her. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Landmark properties owns these properties they are Thieves google “Scott Macak arrest” he is facing felony charges in Tampa for stealing from the retreat. The staff is Rude guess who Scott was ?? Just read last years reviews of the Tampa retreat he was the property manager there having countless students cars towed. He was most likely getting a kick backs from the towing company given his felony arrest in September - just go to the hillsborough clerk of court web site search public records read the arrest report from Tampa police. This place is full of criminals. The last guy working in the office recently stole packages from students , instead of claiming it through the carrier they made an illegal insurance claim . Bunch of thieves !! Landmark properties Owns all these crooked properties Review from Google
Oct 2018: The staff are really friendly! I toured the Lumpikin, one of many great cottages. I loved the community aspect and the living situation. Review from Google
Oct 2018: This apartment is too expensive for what it offers. You pay so much money for one bedroom/bathroom in a 5/5. The apartment looks nice, but they tack on so many charges for everything. It's really not worth it. You could find a nicer apartment for cheaper. Just look elsewhere. I stayed here for a summer sublease and ran into constant additional charges. They tried to charge me $284 to replace a cheap mattress with a small water stain that I didn't even notice on it. In the end they halved that cost, but the stain was so inconspicuous I hadn't noticed it the whole three months I was there. They could have simply removed it if it was a problem, and those mattresses don't cost that much. They are also terrible at responding to the phone, emails, etc. I got a busy signal when I called multiple times and had to go into the office during business hou Review from Google
Sep 2018: I'd thought I'd take out the time to review The Retreat after living here for two years. This is my honest (opinionated) review. I understand my experience are unique and don't reflect the opinions of other current/past residents. If the things I mention don't seem like a big deal to you, then signing here is great. If you are on the fence, I suggest taking a look at what I have to say. I'll try to make it simple and to the point. Pros: *VERY close to campus (bus ride is less than 5 minutes on the way to school and 10 minutes back) *Very nice amenities (Starbuck machine, clean pool, gym, golf course simulator, printing lab, VERY nice study room) *Friendly front desk staff *Size of the rooms is spacious and the common areas are as well *The maintenance team were probably the most responsive I have ever seen. Work orders would get resolved on Review from Google
Aug 2018: Just signed my lease customer service was great I hope I have a great time Review from Google
Jun 2018: Living at The Retreat for my first year of graduate school was amazing. I chose this complex due to the proximity to campus, plethora of amenities, and the nice furniture package. Considering the size of the complex, it is way quieter than one would expect. The reason why I am not renewing is because I no longer want to live with more than 1 roommate, and I know that I can get a better deal elsewhere. Pros: Location. There are 4 bus routes in walking distance and the complex is only about a mile from campus. Friendly, helpful, approachable staff that responds quickly to concerns. Whether it was mail, maintenance, or opening my door when I got locked out, the staff was attentive and available. I never had any maintenance issues, but my roommates did and they were always handled in a week's time. I think the office may have received a staff t Review from Google
Jun 2018: wouldn't stay here. Their promoters were handing out shirts in the Marston library. Not many people were there, but they gave shirts only to the white students. I asked them why they didn't hand out shirts to any other races. They told me they were targeting blonde chicks. Discriminatory and disgusting. Review from Google
May 2018: Nice place with great staff, always improving conditions for residents. Just very expensive and poor guest parking conditions Review from Google
Apr 2018: I had to write this review of The Retreat, due to our Property Manager Sierra with her pleasant attitude and attention to detail. In this fast paced world we live in, The Retreat residents are truly blessed to have her. I have lived at The Retreat for a while now, but, it has improved exponentially since Sierra’s arrival. During the time I have lived here, Sierra is the best Property Manager The Retreat has ever had. Since Sierra’s arrival, The Retreat has undergone a complete transformation for the better. She is a multitasker who has great ideas with a personality to match. Not only is she a proficient Property Manager and individual, she actually cares, is polite and friendly. Sierra is HIGHLY knowledgeable and deserving of her job title and elevates everyone’s rental experience. Before Sierra’s arrival at The Retreat, I w Review from Google
Mar 2018: Front desk staff is super helpful and maintenance workers are super efficient and solve any problem in a very effective, timely manner. The amenities - 24/7 clubhouse with multiple study rooms, multi-tier gym, oversized pool etc - are definitely centered around the needs and wants of college students and are great! All of the rooms and bathrooms in the cottages are super spacious! Review from Google
Feb 2018: I signed my lease for The Retreat when it was still under construction and i'm so happy here that I have renewed twice already. This place is by far the most beautiful complex in Gainesville and offers the best amenities that are all included in the monthly rent. Review from Google
Feb 2018: This place is ridiculous. Have had numerous issues that took months to resolve. Last night my car was towed. My daughter lives here but I pay the rent and am the co-signer. When we signed the lease there was no restrictions on parking. They have now changed the policy twice in 6 months. They have 12 visitor spots for a complex with over 200 people. The office refused to give a special pass for two nights. I pay almost $800 a month but cannot park when I visit. Review from Google

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