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The Polos

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Sep 2020: Terrible experience!!!!!!!!!!!!. They have a very serious problem with roaches even when they sent a company for pest control monthly. Almost 1 year with this situation sending emails and talking with the manager and nobody care.
Aug 2019: Terrible experience so far. Couldn't move in for a week after move in date because of roaches. And they gave me an old rusted microwave on top of all of that. If I could give them zero rating i would definitely. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Probably the worst place I have lived in regards to maintenance. I put in a request about 2 weeks ago for my AC vent falling off of the wall and my living room outlets all of a sudden not working. My AC vent is fixed thanks to the COX internet guy who drilled it into my wall for me which isn’t his job but as far as the outlets go, those still don’t work. Then Sunday night my dryer hose was not attached to the back of my dryer. I only realized this when I could smell the dryer and it smelled like it was going to cause a fire. I called emergency maintenance and they were not even remotely concerned. They said they’d be out the next morning and shocker they never came. I was told that maintenance would be there on Monday last week, they never came. I was told they’d be there Friday, they never came. I was told today that there’s emergency requests, totally disregarding the fact that my dryer isn’t usable without smelling like it will catch fire which sounds like an emergency to me Review from Google
Aug 2019: Very cool lobby, very friendly staff. Was able to find what I needed quickly and staff was useful in my needs. Its welcoming as soon as you walk in the door, and thats a good feeling. Not once did I feel like I was wandering! Had a great time and all I needed was a map! Hah Review from Google
Jul 2019: Hit or miss I guess. Mostly a miss for me. Multiple leaks, electrical issues, followed by AC issues with probably the worst emergency maintenance and awful phone support (difficult to understand the person when they have a phone connection worse than costumer support groups outsourced across the seas). Review from Google
Jul 2019: I signed a lease with Polos and unfortunately had to wind up subletting my room. The front office was soooo helpful with the whole process. I think I must have called them over 10 separate times with questions. Someone always answered the phone and if they didn't know the answer to my question they would call me back with someone who could answer the question. I went on a really great tour of the property with one of the people interested in taking my sublet. We had a really informative tour guide. She made me and the person touring with me feel welcome and answered all of our questions. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Never answers the leasing office phone Maintenance is non-existent Review from Google
May 2019: I’ve had a very pleasant experience overall! Office staff are friendly and helpful, maintenance requests are completed quickly, and they’re consistently trying to improve the apartments/whole complex (ex. Replacing appliances for more eco friendly ones). Quiet location with plenty of parking. I subtract one star only because I’m in one of the oldest buildings and it could use significant upgrading to compete with many of the new complexes in Gainesville. Review from Google
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Apr 2019: I have lived at the Polos for 3 years and have enjoyed the experience. They recently did a multimillion dollar renovation to the amenities which is super nice. Anytime I have ever had an issue, whether big or small, the maintenance technician Josh has always followed through with near immediate assistance and consistently provides excellent customer service as a polite and knowledgeable technician. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I lived at The Polos for five of the six years that I lived in Gainesville. My experience was nothing short of great. It's in close proximity to popular areas in Gainesville and UF campus but also away from it enough that you don't deal with terrible traffic at rush hour times. This was a huge plus for me. It's also a very short drive to Santa Fe College. The different apartments they offer should allow you to find anything that will fit your needs and within your budget. Their amenities offer almost anything you could want in a luxury apartment community, and they're just recently renovated and look beautiful now. Say goodbye to your expensive gym membership. I only moved out because I moved across the country for my job, and would recommend The Polos to anyone. Review from Google
Jan 2019: If the only thing you’re looking for in an apartment is location and price, then the Polos should be just fine for you. It’s close to campus and shopping, and the price is very reasonable. However, we have had almost nothing but issues since we’ve moved in. First of all, we signed for an upgraded apartment. We are paying for an upgraded apartment. We did NOT get an upgraded apartment. Only one of the three bathrooms has any sort of upgraded countertop and cabinets, the countertop in the kitchen is warped around the sink, and the current drawers and cabinets in the bathrooms have paint peeling off of them and just generally feel very grimy. It is an understatement to say that we feel cheated since we are not getting what we’re paying for. When we signed our lease in December of last year, we were told nothing about the renovations tha Review from Google
Oct 2018: My daughter has been at this complex for going on A little over four years as she is in college – I have called the office a number of times to request help with specific matters and have found that the staff have been more than helpful ( Joe and Hunter more recently) I would definitely recommend the complex as it also has been very safe we have had no issues whatsoever Review from Google
Sep 2018: I’ve been living in one of the Collier company apartment for almost 2 years now and ive been treated horrible and received bad service countless times. The recently issue that I have with my apartment complex is that there isn’t no parking near my building, so therefore I have to park my car far. Just the other day I walked to my car to find out that it wasn’t in the same place that I had parked it the night before. I thought my car was stolen, then I looked around the parking lot to find out it was moved due to the repainting of the pavement on the building that I had to park at (which wasn’t where I live so I wasn’t informed). When I got in my car my Brake light was on so therefore someone must had gotten in my car. That was EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL TO MOVE MY CAR WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I also have a parking decal so they didn’t hav Review from Google
Aug 2018: This place does not deserve a star!!!! I moved into The polos April 2018 into a 3/3. On move in day me and my roommates decided to come and bleach the place down before we brought any of our belongings. As we walked into our apartment we smelled this horrible odor. Our refrigerator was leaking and we also found about 10 dead roaches in our refrigerator and maybe 5 dead roaches in the freezer. On top of that my roommate closet shelf collapsed as he was hanging up his clothes. Few weeks later it was raining and my roommate noticed that the roof inside her room was leaking. Took us almost a month to get rid of the roaches completely. Fast forward to now, last week our garbage disposal mysteriously stopped working. Called emergency maintenance and they came right away and fixed it. Today (August 14, 2018) my closet shelf literally just fell down. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Apartment move in was not what was expected. The apartment was not "move in ready" as disclaimed in the lease agreement. In fact it was filthy. Dishwasher after 6 times running still disgusting. Why have a dishwasher if it's so dirty you are scared to put a dish in it. Air conditioner filter never changed, rust stains in toilets, sinks and shower. Bathtubs still black from last tenants, windows filthy, screens with holes, front entry and screen porch never cleaned and pressure washed, fixtures dusty. don't rent from Collier properties. Best of all staff poo pooed it like no big deal. $1000.00 per month is too much money for a filthy, gross apartment. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Visited my son at U.F. Maintained apartment complex. Good amenities. Son is happy and so am I. Review from Google
Jun 2018: We've lived in a house for 32 year's and moved to the Polos in October17. The staff has been so courteous to me it's unbelievable They bend over backwards for me. The location is gr8 the amenities are gr8 when some moron tenant doesn't destroy them. I will be upfront the girl that showed us the apartments misrepresented them because she quit the following week and didn't care. Other then that wonderful experience. Review from Google
May 2018: Has all the amenities you need, the gym is well equipped! It's quiet compared to other complexes I've lived in ! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Well I was going to check the apartments out, but after reading all the reviews I am not. I gave 3 stars because I had to to be able to say something and I want management to know potential tenants read what previous tenants say. They offer a discount the UF Health employees so that's a positive but I can't risk having issues like bugs and noise and broken appliances without fixes, that creates extra stress in a persons life. Also if it is as loud as everyone says on here that will not work when I'm on overnights. The price is good so hopefully things start to get better! good luck Review from Google
Mar 2018: Do yourself a favor and DO NOT move here unless you want to be stuck with a bunch of thieves and horrible maintenance team. Go to places like Campus Edge or Windmeadows. The first day I received my supposedly "clean and ready to move in" apartment I encountered a broken stove, a disgusting carpet full of dog hair and stains, a toilet with evident pee stains all over, a shower full of mold. It took 2 weeks to get the stove fixed because maintenance would come in to "fix it" but would leave and next thing I know the stove still did not work. I had to rent my own equipment from Lowe's to clean the carpet and to be able to live there. Roaches are everywhere, by everywhere I mean; they fall down from your AC vents (had a few heart attack). Also, if you come home after 10pm forget about finding parking anywhere near your building. Oh, but it gets Review from Google
Mar 2018: The price might be OK compared with Lexington crossing or Campus Lodge, however, don't choose this place. I can not sleep without my ear-plugs, I reported the noise outside of my bedroom(generated by the condenser) to the leasing office more than three times this year, and they did nothing. I'm moving out this month, the noise is going to drive me crazy. Bug problem: When I moved in last year, there were fleas in the apartment, I told the leasing office about the fleas, someone came to our apartment after a week, but I was not at home, he said he would be back again, I never saw him anyway. I went to Walmart and bought at least 50 bucks bug sprays and etc., and it took me more than one month to kill all the fleas, flea bites were basically everywhere on my legs. It is really noisy that they would mow the lawn as early as 7:00 am, so don't s Review from Google
Feb 2018: I pick up people here all the time. The complex is clean and have never heard anything bad spoken by their residents. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Nice quiet location, great amenities as well. My 1/1 is spacious and has everything I expected. can't beat the price too. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I am literally counting down the weeks until my lease is up. If you want to keep your sanity and be able to sleep properly while living here, do yourself a favor and avoid a ground floor apartment. You will hear EVERY. SINGLE. FOOTSTEP. As well as all activity from the resident above you, because the walls/ceiling are ridiculously thin. Coupled with this, I had the misfortune of being placed in an apartment next to one of the basketball courts, so I also have to constantly listen to basketballs bouncing on the court, while trying to concentrate on work or just trying to relax. Only way I can have any level of peace and quiet is having to have earplugs or earphones in practically all the time. Plus, whatever genius designed the one bedroom layout when the place was built decided the bedroom window should face the hallway/stairwell, so you also Review from Google
Dec 2017: The place was crappy and don't get me started on the restroom ... I eventually subleased the unit to another person who then ended up paying extra money to them for the transfer to occur and eventually moved out. They are a bunch of liars who steal money from the tenants. They show you a nice suite and then move you to a crappy one. If this has happened to anyone else, please contact me so we file a class action lawsuit against them. Review from Google

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