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The Pavilion on 62nd

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Oct 2019: If I could give this apartment complex 0 stars I would. Since move in there has been issues with management not doing their job and enforcing the lease. The roommate who got paired with us had her boyfriend living with her for a month and management did nothing about it even though they were notified of it countless times due to fair housing laws along with multiple incidents of them smoking marijuana in the apartment being reported and nothing being done about it. Luisa and her team have been an extreme disappointment and have made living here a nightmare. I can not even get a reply to an email about setting up a meeting (again) in hopes to find a way to be able to live comfortably in the apartment I pay for. Review from Google
Oct 2019: This review isn’t triggered by anything. Every day i wake up I think about how terrible the management company is that runs this place. I do not even know where to begin. The apartment was dirty. Fans and toilets were broken, furniture was missing in every room. Our fridge is broken. Apartment does not look like model. Car has been towed multiple times and I am a paying resident. Visitor parking is free yet they still tow. There are always tons of extra parking spaces yet they still tow. Resident parking is free yet they still tow. There are only a few visitor spots per building, and they fill up nightly... yet they still tow. Seriously, though, this place is an absolute wreck and a total mess. Save yourself the trouble and live at a Collier Company apartment. And no, I am in no way affiliated with Collier. I simply live at the Pavilion and regret it daily. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Based on two incidents I've had to deal with in my first month living here, do not move here if you want to live in a safe apartment complex. Incident 1: Upon moving in, I realized there was a foot-wide hole in the roof of my bathroom. How someone inspected and allowed an apartment with a hole in the roof to be leased is beyond me. This is a clear health hazard since bugs and rodents can easily come in through there and moisture from the bathroom can travel up and create mold. I reported this on the first day and was told it was "urgent", but when I came back the next day another worker said there was no report on file. Funnily enough, once they submitted it they incorrectly filled in the report as a hole in the wall, not roof. I had to visit the front office multiple times over the course of two weeks until it finally got resolved, and just in time because a sewage-like smell had started to seep from the hole Review from Google
Aug 2019: I've lived here for 2 years now going into my third. The amenities are cool and the apartment is relatively spacious. However, the front office staff are not helpful at all and never seem like they really want to help. Most of the time it just feels like they can't wait to clock out. Our A/C unit broke in the summer & we put in at least 4 work orders over the course of 10 days before finally getting a temporary window unit to hold us over until they order & install a new A/C unit. With the temporary window unit installed we were still sleeping in 82 degree heat. When I called the office again a few days later to check on the status of the new A/C unit the employee said she didn't know when it would be coming & just kept saying she didn't have that information. I asked if they even ordered the new A/C unit & she said she didn't have that information. We are now going into our third week with A/C issues in Florida summer heat & almost no help from the office Review from Google
Aug 2019: I moved in yesterday because of LOUIS. He was so nice and i signed my lease with him. I will be the first one to renew with him for the next year. Thank you again Louis! YOU ARE THE BEST Review from Google
Jul 2019: a lot of the work that maintenance was doing was illegal. i had my electrical panel off for consecutive days that was removed by an unlicensed electrician. i "upgraded" apartments and got an outdated sink that was so short you couldn't wash dishes. i also had my card towed after they refused to give my boyfriend my decal because i worked 14 hour days. when it was towed i missed work and had to pay 100 dollars to get it back, this had happened after almost two years of living there (where my car had been parked the whole time). my friends car was also towed late one night when she stayed over because she forgot to pay to park her car was towed, so your friends/family have to pay to come visit. my outlet in my firs apartment caught on fire and when i called the office it took them days to come out (thank god i wasn't in the shower). i also had bees all through out my house that i used to step on and get stung all the time, i called the office and they would have someone go out there with raid Review from Google
Jul 2019: Trash everywhere, all over the street. Many of the residents just seem to not care as well as the staff. No appliances work properly. Most of your cabinets and blinds will be broken. Maintenence does not even have the knowledge to fix things. Roaches and other bugs are all throughout the buildings even if you are clean. Other residents are not so you cant do anything about it. don't waste any of your life in this dump. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I can't wait to move in soon. Thank you Louis, you have been a great help with the leasing process. Great Tour, Great staff. Review from Google
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Jul 2019: I had the worst experience living here at the Pavilion. I’ve had water damage which was so bad I had to leave my apartment for a week, when I came back, maintenance left my door unlocked and I got robbed. Filed a police report and everything and they said because I left my room unlocked(which was because maintenance was supposed to be back the next day to remove the large fans blocking my door to where I couldn’t physically shut it). They had zero care in my situation and decided that though it was their fault- they weren’t going to help me out with it. Even corporate and the district manager got involved and they still didn’t want to help me. The only reason I haven’t flipped out on them is because of their employee Louis who works in marketing at the front office. Everyone else there, staff and management are so under qualified for their positions. They have students running the office that don’t know what their doing, and don’t get me started on the manager “Jessica Review from Google
Jun 2019: Louis did an amazing job helping me and my friends get a apartment. Everything looks amazing, and I can't wait to move in Review from Google
Jun 2019: This company is very sad. There are other apartments with just as cheap rent that will treat you better. I don’t even live here and this apartment is sad. They have this new towing system for visitor parking because the company is so poor they can’t keep up. This was their way to prevent increasing rent, which they still plan to do that. You are going to shove more money out of your pocket living here that you think you are saving, don’t do it. The parking was my main personal issue here but believe I can leave you a laundry list of things that this apartment has not taken care of for my friends that live here. Just my fair warning. Review from Google
Jun 2019: DON’T LET THE FIVE STAR REVIEWS FOOL YOU. A LOT of these are from people who are rating the neighborhood simply based on their tour of the neighborhood, which is MEANT to sell a five star experience. In reality, The Pavilion on 62nd sucks, and is a waste of your money. Literally the worst neighborhood you could force yourself to live in. Maintenance takes forever to fix any problems you have: broken A/C, busted toilets, et cetera take weeks to be fixed. Easily. There are roaches, yelling at night, rude security staff, they ignored the debris left after storms for months. I’m certain that most of their budget goes into towing your guests. They started towing people in February and WILL tow all of your guests. Residents fill the Park n’ Pay visitor parking spots, and if your guests park anywhere else, they will be towed, even if they pay the 2$ parking fee. Management isn’t explicit about this policy - it is listed nowhere for guests, and most residents are unaware as well, as far as I know Review from Google
Jun 2019: The grounds were in superb condition for my taste, and the staff was especially friendly and considerate. Louis was an excellent guide and handled all my queries regarding the property in a professional and informative manner. Of all the apartments I toured, The Pavilion on 62nd was by far the best experience of the lot. Review from Google
May 2019: This is a great place to live!!! They really care about the residents and have fun events to go to all the time. The staff is amazing as well. They are so energetic and really get to the bottom of your problem. I recommend this place for any newcomers. Can’t wait to live here again next year! Review from Google
Apr 2019: There is only one reason why I am giving this place a star. Why? because google doesn't allow me to give them none. If you want a cheap place to live... don't live here. Sleep on a bench somewhere, use Publix bathroom, utilize public resources... but, I repeat DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE. Awful is not a fair adjective to this reality, it does not do it any justice. Louis in the front office is pretty amazing and some other members of the staff. They just hired an AC tech (Pedro), who is the only qualified maintenance worker they have. The rest of the staff is pretty much free-riding doing 10-20 work orders per day and having 18 of them returned because they don't know what the hell they are doing. I have never complained during my time here. I literally call the office and tell them, "hey, I am dying but it's fine send someone whenever you can (3-4 weeks from the date most likely). If you are a really complacent person you won't have any problem here, until the day you actually have an emergency and need something done, then, and only then, they'll turn on you and treat you as if you weren't paying to be here Review from Google
Apr 2019: The staff is present and helpful. They do what they can to make things easier and solve the problem. Especially Louis he helped me when I first moved in and was super attentive and had such a high energy I knew everything was going to be done efficiently and effectively. Review from Google
Feb 2019: This is a great place to live. Louis is such a great help with everything. I can’t wait to see what the 2019-2020 year is going to be like. Louis is always so nice and kind! I can’t wait to live here next year! If you haven’t already I would definitely renew today and if you’re new sign today! They have great events in the clubhouse and they are so much fun! The staff are amazing and always on top of things! Love this place!!!!! Tijah in the office is always helpful as well. I highly recommend asking for her if you need any help! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I just came here for a tour with my friend a few days ago and before coming in, we were sure that we’d be moving into Cabana. Our tour guide Louis changed our minds! He was the first person we’d met during a tour that didn’t spend the entire time trying to push us to sign, instead focusing more on establishing personal connections with both of us and explaining why this community would be good for us. We look forward to moving in in the fall! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Thank you pavilion!!! Louis is by far the best of the best when it comes to helping people. He has been helping me with everything I need since day one. Can’t Wait to renew for 2019-2020. I love tp62. Oh and thank you Louis for the extra cookies, so nice of you :)! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Went in for a tour the other day and loved the service i got from all of the leasing professionals ! They weren't intimidating or bland like most offices can be. First time any of my tours even attempted to make a personal connection with me rather than just selling me stuff. Truly felt like a community i could see myself being apart of ! look forward to moving in in the fall. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Love the amazing Nice staff in the office ! most people who complain in the reviews are the type of people who are extremely hard to please or who are expecting luxury housing out of the pavilion, you know what you're signing up for when you pay lower rates! If you want extremely new and luxury like living then you might want to invest into some of the more expensive LUXURY apartment homes. That being said, the pavilion is still a nice place, i moved in with some friends into a 3x3 and we got the same unit we toured for. Only thing i could say is Maintenance could use some improving but other than that i am overall pleased ! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Thank you for all your help today Louis. Much appreciated. You really make this place feel like home away from home. Review from Google
Dec 2018: My name is isis Watson and I have been a resident for two years and that Louis personality is beyond amazing! His good energy transferable to me and I'm sure to multiple other residents here. I am so happy that he works here and his residents are always fun and he is so funny. He is so good looking 😉 Review from Google
Nov 2018: Update: 100 dollars was stolen from my bedroom a few days ago after a visit from the maintenance staff, who had been requested by my roommate and NOT ME. Maintenance entered my room and did work that was not necessary. They entered my room due to an error by the complex in the labeling of our assigned rooms. My roommate has lived here for multiple years so this issue has been present the entirety of her stay. I filed a police report, as requested by the complex, and followed up with management. After speaking with the staff, management told me there was no way to reimburse me for my stolen money or to change my maintenance staff, but that I would just have to be vigilant in my own home against their staff. I cannot emphasize how upset and unsafe I feel in this apartment. The police told me although I had an item the staff had left behind Review from Google
Nov 2018: Louis, is an amazing guy! Anytime I have a problem or I need help with something he's my go to guy. He gets things done to his best ability and done fast!! Review from Google

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